The Mercury Retrograde Monster

I chat with clients everyday who tell me how busy they are but four times a year, for about three weeks at a time, that list of things to do seems to triple.  It’s the dreaded Mercury retrograde.  It’s that period of time where the pleasant little planet Mercury grows into a computer-crashing, car-stopping, shipment-crushing monster.  But instead of fleeing for the hillsides or gathering the neighbors and chasing it with torches I want to suggest a different approach.  Let’s have Mercury work for us. 

Mercury retrograde can help us establish good habits.  When something is started on a retrograde then during a future retrograde you are more likely to go back and work on that thing.  So exercises programs and healthy eating on the personal side and putting finances in order on the business side are all good uses of the retrograde. 

Mercury retrograde can help us increase our prosperity.  When Mercury is in retrograde it tends to double things.  So if you get a new customer or client you will get a second.  If you sell an item on Ebay you will sell a second.  If you suddenly win the lottery you will win again.  Things that benefited you on previous retrogrades are likely to come back during this time. 

Mercury retrograde gives us an opportunity to go back and finish what was left undone previously.  Sometimes we have trouble getting to the daily tasks of accounting, getting the car’s oil changed, updating the website.  Mercury in retrograde makes us feel compelled to get these things done. 

By focusing on doing things you want to repeat (vacations, regular health routines, buying jewelry) and avoiding doing things you don’t to repeat (root canals, engine rebuilds, divorcing) you can tame the Mercury retrograde monster.  Mercury will be retrograde from April 18th to May 11th, Aug 20th to Sept 12th and Dec 10th to Dec 30th.  Just remember to back up your computer before Mercury goes retrograde.

There is a great booklet on Mercury Retrograde by Diane Ronngren, click here for the link.

About Donna Stellhorn

Donna Stellhorn helps people read the map of their future, gain deep insight into who they are and helps them create personal spaces that support their goals.
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2 Responses to The Mercury Retrograde Monster

  1. Lindsay says:

    We’re back in it now! But it doesn’t have to be ALL bad. Let’s take the time to reflect and relax!


    • fengshuiform says:

      You are so right Lindsay, the retrograde is not all bad. It’s best if we all go with the flow. And when that’s not possible, when Mercury does cause havoc, we can always say “it’s a transit, it will pass”. Donna

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