Wealth Cures for the Front Door

The first principle is that the front door brings in all the new energy of the house. Side doors, garage doors, and back doors welcome old energy, energy you were expecting to show up. Think of it in these terms, when the important guest arrives you welcome them at the front door, but the neighbor kid who is always in your kitchen, snacking on your food, he comes through your back door.

So if you’re looking for new job you enhance the front door. If you are looking for a promotion that is long overdue you would enhance the back or side door. If you want your business to have more clients you enhance the front door. If you want your existing clients to pay on time you would enhance the back or side doors. If you want to you find new stocks to buy or a great real estate investment you would enhance the front door. To have your existing portfolio perform better you would enhance the back or side doors.

There are several kinds of enhancements you can do. You can remove things, move things or add things.

You can attract energy by creating a void. That means that you can attract energy by removing something. When you create a void energy rushes in to fill the space. Because it’s a void you’re not directing what type of energy comes in, the universe will decide what energy you need the most. I call this technique an “energy reboot” and its ideal when you feel really stuck.

There are two points near the front door where you can do an energy reboot. You can do outside the front door, on the porch or doorstep, or you can do inside the front door in the foyer. For outside you would remove any potted plants, chairs, art, and the welcome mat. Clean up the whole space so it looks bare. Or inside you would remove any furniture, plants or art in the entry area so it would look like you haven’t moved in yet. Take these items and put them aside, storing them in a closet or garage for 24 hours. Now you want to be cognizant of what occurs. Notice anything new comes to you. Notice that any new opportunities, new people, new money and notice if what comes is in harmony with what you want. Here the Universe has a chance to send you a message with the new energy.

After 24 hours cleanse each item before you return to where it was. Even better, examine each item and make sure it’s in harmony with the energy you’re trying to attract. To cleanse each item wash it thoroughly or smudge the item. (For information on Smudging check out my book on Smudging).

Another type of enhancement is to change items on a regular basis. You can take wealth cures and move them from the wealth area to the front door and back again at regular intervals to stimulate the energy. In doing this the energy you’re attracting changes. Think of this in terms of an athlete who moves forward to handle the ball for a short period and then steps back to allow others to handle the ball so he can rest briefly. So the wealth cures by the front door bring us opportunities that need our attention to capitalize on, whereas wealth cures in the wealth area bring a general sense of prosperity.

The third type of enhancement is the one we are all familiar with, that is to add items. The items need to represent the energy that you’re trying to attract. Choices based on “that’s so cute”, “but it was on sale” or “my aunt Mildred made this for me” are not appropriate in this area if you want to focus on attracting wealth. There are of course thousands of choices of wealth enhancements and we can’t cover them all here but here are a few quick ideas. Coins are the universal symbol of wealth so any art, wind chime or decorative objects that incorporates coins would be ideal for attracting wealth. Shells are a symbol of protection and great for protecting finances. Shells can be placed on windowsills or in potted plants. And finally brass items have the shiny gold color that symbolizes wealth. Brass wind chimes, brass pots with flowers, or brass accents such as door bells bring wealth energy.

Here’s how to put together. Take some time and find a special object that symbolizes what you want to attract and set it aside. Then a few days before the new moon do an energy reboot my removing all objects from that area. On the new moon cleanse each of the objects that you are returning to that area and place them there with the new item you found. Then keep careful watch in the next couple of days for your results as the wealth energy rolls in.


About Donna Stellhorn

Donna Stellhorn helps people read the map of their future, gain deep insight into who they are and helps them create personal spaces that support their goals.
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