Love Cures for the Front Door

Even though the front door is associated with the energy of career, it’s still the front door and therefore it’s the portal that all new energy comes through. This makes the front door the most direct energy flow for attracting a new love. The relationship area and, of course, the bedroom are also very good places to set love energy cures but since they are so far from the front door you can give the energy an extra boost by placing romance cures on the front porch, on the front door, or in the foyer.

As with all Feng Shui cures for more in harmony the cure is with what you are trying to attract the better results you will receive. For instance if you are interested in attracting a lover then finding pairs of things that are intertwined will more symbolize that energy. You could take two climbing plants and weave them together on one lattice. You could enhance the front door with an herbal wreath decorated with a braided ribbon. Or in the foyer you could place a statue of a couple in embrace.

If you are more interested in attracting a friendship that grows into love then you want pairs of objects that sit side by side or pairs that touch. Objects don’t need to be identical pairs. Using identical pairs indicates you’re looking for someone who really understands you and thinks like you. Contrasting pairs indicate you’re looking for someone who is very different than you are but is still very compatible. Contrasting pairs can be the same object in different colors or can be two objects that fit together as a puzzle. You can also use pairs of objects that have energy of harmony between them such as the figurine of a small rabbit with the figurine of a deer. You would not want to pair a little rabbit with an eagle because the resulting energy is one animal is powerful and the other animal is lunch.


About Donna Stellhorn

Donna Stellhorn helps people read the map of their future, gain deep insight into who they are and helps them create personal spaces that support their goals.
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