Lucky and Unlucky Numbers – Number ONE

Today I’m beginning my blog series on numbers, their meanings and how to read house numbers to find the energy you are living with. I will be posting a new number every day or so and then at the end there will be more about combining numbers to read more complex energies. But first take out a sheet of paper and write the numbers from one to nine. Write as you normally would, don’t stop to think about it. And set this aside. As we progress we will talk about how to interpret the numbers you have written.

The meaning of numbers can be expressed two ways; universally (think of the number 2 which represents a relationship in any language) or culturally (like the number 7 which is considered very lucky in the US but unlucky in China). When you are delineating numbers first consider the universal meaning and how that applies to your situation before you add any culturally specific influences. I personally only have experience with how we view numbers here in the US and how they are used in relation to Feng Shui, which would be the Chinese perspective, so if you have information about number meanings from other cultures I would love to hear about it. Please email me at

We begin with the number ONE. ONE can be written two ways. It can be just a vertical line, simple and straight or it can have serifs (semi-structural details at the ends of some strokes…basically a vertical line with a little hat and a big foot). Some of the universal keywords for ONE are self-reliance, new beginnings, and independence. ONE is considered powerful because it can be divided into any number leaving both numbers unchanged. It represents pioneers, explorers and innovators along with tenacity, authority, and dynamic, decisive leadership. In Feng Shui the number ONE is a Yang number (indicating strength and energy), it is associated with the Water element (representing flow and communication).

Take a look at how you wrote your number ONE. Did you make the simple vertical line indicating the straightforward, unadorned individual. Or did you add the top and base to the number giving it added stability and flair. The serif ONE says I want to be noticed for my individuality and leadership. And the solid footing indicates an unwavering conviction of one’s authority.

I don’t think I have ever heard anyone name the number ONE as their personal lucky number however the number is considered positive in Feng Shui and in the West. If there is too much ONE energy though then it can manifest as aggression, intolerance, and a person who is domineering and obstinate. It’s also a difficult number if you are looking for relationship as the number ONE can be so self-reliant that it doesn’t need anyone else.

More coming soon…

About Donna Stellhorn

Donna Stellhorn helps people read the map of their future, gain deep insight into who they are and helps them create personal spaces that support their goals.
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5 Responses to Lucky and Unlucky Numbers – Number ONE

  1. fengshuiform says:

    Hi Nicolette, I also write the unadorned ONE unless I’m trying to distinguish it from a lowercase letter L. But I will change it to the adorned ONE when I really want to make a point. Thank you so much for your comments. Donna

  2. Janet Galante says:

    Does it matter if mixed demoninatons in money bag. Dimes nicked quarters to achieve 9?

  3. Keira says:

    I’m buying a house (Number 37) which feng shui house numbers equal 1. Do I judge the overall energy by number 10 or number 1? Thank you.

    • Hi Keira, It’s a good idea to consider all of it, the 37, the 10 and the 1. This is a place that will really help you get a vision of what you want and put the people who will help you achieve your goals right in your path. It’s a lot of odd numbers so you’ll need to balance the energy with a little softness in the decor inside. Check out my YouTube channel for more ideas.

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