Number Three

Visually the number THREE is like an EIGHT cut in half. And it can be drawn to have a loop at the midpoint or not. Universally we see the THREE as cooperation and growth (two has become three). There are lots of spiritual connections to the number THREE; body, mind and spirit, the Christian trinity, father, mother and child, Maid, Mother and Crone, birth, life and death, past, present and future. It also represents sexual creative power, the powers of observation, and versatility. In Feng Shui it’s a Yang number and connected to the Wood element (growth and feeling alive). It is considered lucky because in Cantonese it sounds like the word ‘alive’.

When we write we can consider that there are three zones to our numbers. You may remember this from early school when we had to practice our letters on large lined paper. The base represents earth; the physical and material portions of our lives. The upper part is the spiritual and intellectual aspects of ourselves. And then there is the part in the middle that either connects these two aspects or separates. The THREE rocks on a rounded base indicating that it is not stable but changeable. It’s not closed off like an EIGHT so it has an openness for new information. If your THREE is written with a loop in the center then you are drawing attention the connection between your spiritual and intellectual side with your material and physical side. But it also can mean that it takes more time for the different areas in you to integrate. Too much THREE energy can make you irritable, easily angered and very outspoken.

About Donna Stellhorn

Donna Stellhorn helps people read the map of their future, gain deep insight into who they are and helps them create personal spaces that support their goals.
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2 Responses to Number Three

  1. David Numero says:

    Thanks for this info. Number 3 is my favorite number. I learned a lot from your post.

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