More Do’s and Don’ts for Mercury Retrograde.

Back in August I did a very popular post about some of the things you can do during Mercury Retrograde and I listed a few things to try to avoid doing. And because you asked, here are some more do’s and don’ts.

Going back to school: If you are signing up for a school program that will cost you thousands of dollars then it’s best to avoid the Retrograde period. You could end up regretting your decision. If, however, you are already signed up and the classes begin during the Retrograde that’s fine…but go early because you will have trouble finding a parking place.

Moving from one apartment to another: If you move your residence during a Retrograde then you will feel compelled to move again on a subsequent Retrograde. Retrogrades happen three or four times per year so you could end up moving once a year for several years, or worse just wishing you could move but feeling stuck. There are a couple of solutions to help you feel more settled. First try to write the initial lease so that it ends when Mercury is moving forward (i.e. not Retrograde). And also when Mercury does go Retrograde spend a little time redecorating the apartment and moving furniture around. This change of the energy in the apartment may keep you from moving.

Changing banks: Whenever you do something involving paperwork and your money it’s best to avoid Mercury Retrograde. If you must then I recommend making photocopies of everything that you give to them, have the bank give you a copy of anything that you have signed and go through your first bank statements carefully. Also make a note of when you are supposed to received ATM cards to make sure they come.

Paying off a credit card: This is a positive thing to do on Mercury Retrograde because the energy of releasing yourself from debt can be repeated on future Retrogrades. And if you can’t pay off a debt during the Retrograde it is still beneficial to pay extra to reduce the debt.

Seeing a dentist: Sometimes you just have to see a dentist during Mercury Retrograde. Usually this is because you have been putting it off and now the pain is too intense. Mercury Retrograde is notorious for bringing us what we had been avoiding. If you’re in pain then you must go to the dentist during the Retrograde, and most likely two visits will be necessary. If you are going for a regular cleaning try to schedule it away from the Retrograde period so the dentist doesn’t find another reason to have you in for a second appointment.

Getting a traffic ticket: I had a client who received four traffic tickets in one day. It was Mercury Retrograde and the loud voice of the Universe trying to guide my client to pay more attention while driving. If you get one traffic ticket during Mercury Retrograde you have a very strong energy around you for getting a second ticket within just a few days. So drive carefully.

Getting your contract at work extended: If you’re a contract employee and the company extends your contract during the Retrograde it is quite likely they will extend it again. But I had a client who was extended but didn’t get the second extension because she had received an extended contract a year before at a different company. So she had two contracts and two extensions and that satisfied the Retrograde energy. If that’s your case then it’s best to polish up the resume because Mercury Retrograde brings things in even numbers not odd.

Doing a mailing to clients: Despite all the things that can go wrong during Mercury Retrograde it is worth the risk to do promotional mailings during Mercury Retrograde. Because Mercury can double things, if you get a new client you will get a second. Also new clients who start with you on the Retrograde are very likely to come back as repeat customers.

Let me know if there are more questions you have about Mercury Retrograde.


About Donna Stellhorn

Donna Stellhorn is an Astrologer and Feng Shui Expert with more than 20 years’ experience. She wrote a monthly column on Feng Shui for the newspaper, The Light, for 8 years. (Just to clarify; a newspaper is a blog they used to print on paper and throw on your porch). Donna's first Feng Shui book was published in Europe in 1996. Since then she has written 12 books, including Feng Shui Form and the best-selling booklet Sage and Smudge: Clearing Your Personal Space. Her annual Chinese Astrology series, which includes Chinese Astrology 2017 Year of the Fire Rooster, is the third best-selling Chinese Astrology series in the World. Her upcoming book, Plate Size Matters, combines Feng Shui with weight loss where she describes how she used Feng Shui techniques to lose 35 pounds and keep it off. This book will be available in 2017. She has been heard on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory and been seen on NECN’s New England Dream House. She spoke at the Women of Wisdom conference in Seattle and the prestigious Build Boston Architectural Conference three years in a row. In 2016 she lectured at Western Digital, Syneron, Brion Jeannette Architecture, and the Marriott Corporation. In 2018 she will be speaking at the United Astrology Conference in Chicago. She is a Feng Shui Red Ribbon Professional and on the board of the International Feng Shui Guild. She is a board member of NCGR—San Diego. Donna Stellhorn successfully combines a variety of metaphysical tools and practical skills in her coaching business. She is very interested in helping her clients grow spiritually and financially and she loves to motivate people with positive ideas. She has logged more than 20,000 hours of consultations with Astrology and Feng Shui clients. Donna is a geek girl at heart. She built her own websites in HTML, she is active on social media and has a popular YouTube channel, Little known fact about Donna: She has done stand-up comedy on stages in California and Arizona and actually got a few laughs. Donna currently lives in Orange County, California with her standard poodle Giles.
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  2. rooster says:

    Good day donna!528 is the number flat that shows outside my.door.what does it says?is it lucky?i have 1 daughter but separated with my husband fr 8 yrs nw but contented.thanks

  3. rooster says:

    Good day!528 is the number of my room outside my ut lucky?if not what should i do?what does it says?thanks

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