2011 Year of the White Rabbit

After a year of the Tiger jumping out at us at any moment bringing job losses, market ups and downs, and an economy dipping in and out of danger we enter a place of calm. We’ve been trying to outrun a Tiger. And then what pops out of the bushes on February 3rd, 2011 as our protector; a little, white, fluffy Rabbit. The little peacemaker. It is said that the Tiger conquers by force and Rabbit does it by diplomacy. And now we have a year to catch our breath before the Dragon wakes in 2012. Imagine that between two of the most powerful forces in the Chinese Zodiac, the Tiger and the Dragon, stands a little Rabbit keeping them in balance. Don’t let that soft, white fur and those big brown eyes fool you. Clever Rabbit uses his gentle, persuasive words to sooth the Universe into rest and relaxation. He is the diplomat, weaving plans together so the other animals drop their fighting stance and start working together. We are in the eye of the storm, where nothing moves, no wind, just calm.

We think of Alice’s white rabbit and her trip down the rabbit hole. Was that an expansion of her consciousness, like in the Matrix when Neo was instructed to “follow the white rabbit” and his life completely changed or was it an escape so Alice didn’t have to deal with the stresses of the real world? This year we need to listen to advice and be open to receiving instructions. Be aware of danger and follow rather than lead for now.

Rabbit years are a time for family and getting reconnected with what’s important to you. It’s a good year to turn back to the home and create a better place for you and your family, possibly through moving, renovations, decluttering and rearranging. This is a year of rest and recuperation because the Tiger has gone back to his den for another 11 years and the Dragon hasn’t yet awoken.

The Rabbit is also like Bugs Bunny; clever and quick and able to elude predators with his wit and charm. But he has a thin skin and while he can dish it out he can’t really take it. We want some peace, some time to ourselves and if we don’t get it then we may just have a tantrum. While the Rabbit may seem docile on the outside he has a very strong will and a strong desire to have his way.

He’s fast thinking on his feet but he’s also a planner. The Chinese say that a Rabbit always has three ways out of a burrow thus he escapes disaster. So in this relatively calm year it would be good for you to find your back-up plans for future years. This means reviewing insurance, adding to the savings account, updating the resume, stocking the larder in case of storm. Think this year of three alternatives as each situation arises and write them down as action plans. Think to yourself, “what has me worried about the future” and think of three ways you can benefit if your worries come to pass.

This is not a year to stand and fight. You’re a bunny for goodness sake, what are you going to do ‘cute them to death’. So avoid confrontations with bosses, lovers and family members. Instead look for common ground in which to build understanding or at least a temporary détente while you high-tail it for the hills.

Our Rabbit this year is white representing a Metal year. Rabbits are happiest with the Wood element like having a tree to hide behind. Metal and Wood are in conflict, Metal is an axe that can chop down the tree. So this year the Rabbit feels the pressure of being hunted. 2011 is Wabbit Season. So he is more determined and focused that in other Rabbit years. We will see people either of using their words and cleverness to talk their way out of situations or they will find an escape in shopping, fantasy games and romantic movies trying to avoid reality all together. But Metal gives Rabbits more strength, resilience and determination. Metal Rabbit years cause us to be more intense in actions, whether they’re work-related or romantic.

Rabbits are associated with three stars; Virgo, Libra and Spica. Virgo represents work and health and creating daily routines that support you. Libra is about balance and diplomacy and relationships; all types of relationships, friends as well as enemies. Spica is a white binary star that has the energy of protection from danger, good fortune and a love of the arts.

There’s an old Chinese folktale that tells of a farmer who was working in his field when a rabbit ran by him and straight into a tree. Unfortunately the little rabbit broke his neck and died instantly. The farmer took the dead rabbit home and cooked him for dinner and it was the best dinner he had eaten in a long time. So the next day, instead of tending his crops, the farmer took a seat under the tree to wait for another rabbit. Day after day he waited but no rabbit came. In time the crops died and he became destitute. From this story comes the Chinese idiom “guarding the tree awaiting the rabbit”. The moral is waiting for providence to provide for you will be a long wait and it’s best to take practical steps for your future. Don’t sit around this year waiting for rabbits.

Finances: In business the Rabbit is supremely lucky. His eye and judgment are unmatched. But in a Metal year we could feel a knife in the back and so extra care is needed in reading contracts and negotiating deals. The economy will have some slow growth but in some cases it will be much less perceptible than in others. Be conservative and don’t take risks that you can’t afford.

For the US economy that is so consumer driven a Rabbit year is a good year. We tend to shop in Rabbit years and like to buy clothing, jewelry, perfume and toys. And we will tend towards luxury items when we can. We will upgrade to a better car model, a nicer handbag, a newer computer. We’ll want cultural and outdoor experiences this year too. Trips abroad or at least a hike through a national park, a trip to the theater or a museum and dining at new restaurants.

In investing, Rabbit years are conservative years without much speculation. Rabbits have to weigh the risks because there are a lot of bigger, meaner animals out there. So in Rabbit years investments into commodities that are always needed like water and oil and land are usually the most profitable.

Rabbit years in the stock market—the years in Bold are Metal Rabbit years.

1891—stock market starts to decline and continues to decline until 1896

1903—stock market starts to rise and continues to rise until 1906

1915—stock market continues to rise slowly until 1919

1927—stock market continues to rise sharply until 1929

1939—stock market rises for the first 9 months and then starts to decline in Sept 1939

1951—stock market continues to rise sharply until 1953

1963—stock market continues to rise sharply until 1966

1975—stock market continues to rise slowly until Sep 1979

1987—stock market continues to rise slowly and then sharply until 1990 but during this period we did have the “crash” of 87 so the market ended the year up just 23 points.

1999—stock market continues to rise sharply until 2000


Relationships: In Chinese the character for the Rabbit year of the Chinese Zodiac is a “mortise”, not a rabbit as you would expect. A mortise is the female side of a dove-tail joint used in woodworking to form a strong connection without nails or glue. In this we see the Rabbit’s tendency to be both connected socially but easily separated at will, moving towards what would be better for the Rabbit at the moment. So this is a year when it will be easier to date many rather than to feel like you want to commit to one. On the other hand Rabbits are sentimental and romantic, they love to be in love. So our movies will have lots of love and passion and sex to inspire us.

In relationships the Rabbit symbolizes both fertility and flirtation. You may find a friend turning into a lover and as you make more friends you have more potential to meet that special one. This year take the time to get comfortable with the other person. There is no need to move quickly, in fact quick movements can send a bunny fleeing. Keep the communication flowing but watch the other person for cues of when to move forward and when to wait. Also remember that though this is a year when we may feel intense emotion it is a year where we might be less outwardly affectionate and this may confuse potential lovers. So if you can’t show how you feel at least say how you feel.

For conceiving this is a good year, Rabbits are known for their fertility. Chinese folklore says that Rabbits could conceive just by licking each other’s fur or by gazing at the moon. If you are into population control then take precautions. Babies born in the Rabbit year will be happy and lovable with ambition and virtue.

Health: For health in general the stomach and intestines are weakest during Rabbit years. Rabbits are sensitive and can react to chemicals in the air, water and food. This is a good year to consider organic foods and to increase your intake of veggies (which Rabbits love). Rabbits enjoy the pleasure of food and so rich foods can be eaten if done slowly, really tasting the food. Don’t bolt down your carrots even if they’re in a white truffle sauce.

In old tales of the rabbits in China the rabbit was often found making herbal remedies so we need to consider more natural remedies this year and to try healing ourselves with good, nourishing food. There was an old story in China of a rabbit who’s back was hurt accidentally by the farmer and the farmer watched as the Rabbit painfully hopped into the garden and nibbled on an herb. The next day the Rabbit was healed and the farmer learned this herb was good for backaches. This is a good year to study about herbs and health and how food can be used to heal.

Flying Star: Each year the energy changes and “stars” fly into a new locations. Some directions that may have been positive, lucky energy last year become weaker and unlucky and some areas that had been weak, unlucky energy become strengthened and more positive. In other forms of Feng Shui we may be concerned with directions in the house based on the front door but not with flying star, with flying star we are concerned with compass directions.

The general principle is to increase energy in the directions of good stars and reduce energy in the direction of bad stars. If you live in a giant mansion and can choose a new bedroom to sleep in or a new dining room for dinner and then you can avoid all together doing activities in the direction of bad stars. But for the rest of us we use “cures” to mitigate the negative energy and to increase the positive energy.

The unlucky 7 star flies to the center this year (after February 3rd) and brings the very unlucky energy of robbery, legal troubles, fire, injury and arguments. Most houses don’t have a room in the center or if they do it’s just a closet. So in these houses this unlucky energy will probably be in a hallway or as part of the living room or dining room. To decrease bad luck add the Water element, that could be a fountain, fish tank, pictures of moving water or decorative objects made of glass. To protect from robbery, legal problems, injury and health issues it’s best to burn off excess negative energy by burning black or dark blue candles once a month or so. And because this is the robbery star adding exterior lighting or putting in an motion detector the porch light wouldn’t hurt.

The somewhat unlucky 3 star flies to the North. This is the star of quarreling and disputes but it also can help you keep a job and pay your bills. It’s important to balance this energy. If you have problems with career, lawsuits or arguments then burn off the excess negative energy by burning a blue or yellow candle once a month on the full moon. If you need a job or to preserve a source of income set a small pile of coins (choose an odd number of coins) on a window sill facing North.

Another somewhat unlucky star, the 2 star, flies to the South. I say this star is somewhat unlucky because years ago in China this was a lucky star for those people working in government. If you have a government job you can have some benefit from this star. For others this is a star that can cause health problems, especially digestive and intestinal problems. To protect from illness and loneliness reduce the negative energy by adding live plants, bundles dried medicinal herbs or pictures of flowers to the South part of the house. You can also encourage and protect pregnancy by adding a six-rod metal wind chime outside of the South part of the house.

More trouble comes as the 5 star flies to the East and this year East will also house the Grand Duke. Those of you who are born in the year of the Rabbit, Boar, Ram or Dog this area will not be so unlucky but you still may want to take some actions for protection before February 3rd. To protect from accidents, illness, and lawsuits remove stone and heavy objects from the East side of the house. Start with heavy objects that are inside the house. If heavy objects are attached to the house, like a stone fireplace then channel some of that energy away from the East side by adding objects made of wood, like a wood bowl, wood furniture or a picture of trees. To balance mental energy and to have happier children place pictures in metal frames in this area. The Grand Duke lives in this area this year and he doesn’t like being disturbed. So no construction or renovation in this area this year is recommended.

West brings us finally, some lucky energy. The very lucky 9 star flies to the West this year. This is your success area for the year. Try to do things like goal setting, meditation, beginning new projects or making important contacts by phone from this area. To increase achievement and growth add wood like a green, healthy plants, pictures of forests and greenery or add a new wood floor. To have good luck add fire by burning purple or gold candles about once a month. This area sits opposite the Grand Duke so we should avoid making major repairs in this area.

Luck also moves to the Northwest as the 8 star finds it’s home there for the year. This is a place to enhance the energy for happiness, wealth and family unity and you do so by adding fire. You can add fire by adding red pillows, art that has a distinct triangular shape or by burning white or gold candles. To balance career energy and have good relations with kids add earth by placing a clear quartz crystals in the windowsill of a Northwest facing window.

More luck finds it’s way to the Northeast corner with the 1 star. This is another star whose energy has changed over the last few thousand years. It has become more lucky though it’s history should be kept in mind as you increase the energy of this star. If you find, after placing the cures, that things are not going as well as you hoped switch from increasing the energy (adding water or metal) to reducing the energy (adding wood). That being said to increase wealth and fame and improve career add earth by adding granite, marble or citrine. To balance spirituality and thinking add metal in the form of a music box or Ipod/radio.

The 4 star lands in the Southwest this year and with it brings some mixed luck. This star is both associated with positive romance and career but also it has been called the six curses. Like the 1 star in the Northeast as you enhance the energy in the Southwest notice how your luck is. If you find that things in the area of romance are not positive then add fire (burning candles or wood in a fireplace) to reduce the energy. Also be cautious about doing games of speculation or signing off on risky investments in this area. To have romance add the color red and pairs of ducks. To protect against bad investments add silver or Chinese coins. And for better education and career choices add green plants with round shaped leaves.

The 6 star flies to the Southeast this year and luck comes with it. To increase success in career, military, science or technology add large crystals (over 2 inches) like citrine, amethyst and smoky quartz. To balance energy of health and wealth add brass vases or bowls. You can place messages and wishes for your family’s health and prosperity in the bowls each New Moon.

To see predictions for each sign go to

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