AZ to CA: When to let go of a bedroom set.

AZ to CA: As I’m letting go of stuff I’m weighing the options of where things should go.  Of course, selling or donating top the list, then recycling. and finally, if there is no other option, trashing the item.  I’m selling a lot of the furniture on Craig’s List.  I sold the bedroom set I had for 14 years.  14 years is a Saturn opposition, a very good point to let go of something.  And for the Feng Shui. getting a new bedroom set when I get to my new home will really stimulate my relationship energy.  I sold my CD racks to someone who still owns CDs. I sold off some tools to someone who is handy. And my filing cabinets went to someone who has a lot of paper to organize. It’s been great meeting all these people.

About Donna Stellhorn

Donna Stellhorn helps people read the map of their future, gain deep insight into who they are and helps them create personal spaces that support their goals.
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