11-11-11: How to Tap into the Energy

11/11/11. We haven’t had a day with all elevens in a thousand years. So is it special? Every day has a certain energy. Saturdays, even if you work on Saturdays, feel different than Mondays. And a few days, like Christmas or Halloween, have a stronger energy because so many people recognize the day as being special or significant. So when a day like 11/11/11 comes along we wonder if it has a special energy?

The strongest energy for a specific day would be a national or religious holiday. Chinese New Year might come and go and you may not notice it, but a billion+plus Chinese people do. If you’re in the United States or countries with a Christian foundation in the West, Christmas is pretty hard to ignor. As we grow older we might even find ourselves comparing how special Christmas felt in the past versus now in the present. Christmas is a day with lots of “Christmas” energy (giving, sharing, eating, opening gifts) because so many people in the world have set aside this day and called it Christmas. The belief people hold and express infuse the day with energy.

Your birthday is special to you, but it’s probably not a national holiday. And so, while it has special energy, that energy is only supported by you, your family and your friends. It’s not felt outside your circle, and so the energy of your birthday is not as strong in the Universe as that of a holiday, for instance.

The days of the week each have a different energy. Originally the days of the week were named for the five known planets and the two luminaries. So Sunday is named for the Sun, Monday for the Moon (which you will recognize even more in Spanish, Lunes). Tuesday is Mars’ day (the Spanish is Martes), Wednesday is Mercury’s day (Miercoles), Thursday is Jupiter’s day (Jueves) and Friday is Venus’ day (Viernes). Each of the planets has a specific energy and their days do, too.

So when we look at a day with numerological significance, such as 11/11/11, we ask if it has special energy? The answer is…it may have. But it won’t have the strong energy of a holiday or the personal energy of a birthday. There are fewer people in the world who understand the energy of the number 11 and so they don’t access it. But you can learn about this energy and activate it. It’s up to you to use this energy to your benefit, or you can just let it pass you by.

In Renee Maas’ book, “Your Personality Code” (ETC Publishing, Carlsbad, California) she breaks down the significance of the number 11 for each sun sign. While the book talks about combining your birth number with your Astrological sign, you can use this information to activate the new energy starting on 11/11/11. Here are some ideas I have adapted from her book:

Aries: “Your greatest desire is to live according to your ideals – and to do that, you are willing to risk everything”. Are you not living the life you want? Are you spending time with cautious individuals who are not giving you the freedom to create and develop? Are you having trouble believing in yourself and your abilties? Here’s your day to start living your life the way you wish, no matter what others may say or think.

Taurus: “You are very powerful; you have lots of vitality and are unwavering in your determination to see things through”. Are you experiencing career success? Do you do work that is absorbing, meaningful, and financially beneficial? Does the world recognize your talents and reward you for them? Here’s your day to reset your aims and goals, to allow yourself to achieve what you are truly capable of.

Gemini: “You are a skilled communicator, and can exemplify all the character traits in which Gemini’s excel”. Do the people around you realize how talented you are? Do you know that you radiate kindness along with strength of character? Do you know that you give truly insightful advice? Here’s your day to push yourself past your blocks and start journaling your creative genius.

Cancer: “You have original ideas, come up with creative solutions – and, one way or another, find the courage to step forward and present your findings to others”. Do you have a solid home base to return to after a long day at work? Do you have people in your life you feel comfortable sharing your feelings? Do you want to play a more active role in the world? Here’s your day to start being seen as the powerful, rational, logical person you really are, by taking the time to nuture and care for yourself.

Leo: “You have the power to inspire others and you can make a determined effort to build a world based on your ideals”. Are you surrounding yourself with people who are as dedicated as you are? Are you finding the balance between your professional life and your personal life? Are you taking on more stress than you need to? Here’s your day to start embracing your idealism and to find others to follow your great ideas.

Virgo: “You are goal oriented, you think highly of efficiency and you may come up with very resourceful and original solutions to tough problems”. Are you wanting to strike out on your own for your career? Are you holding yourself back because of financial security concerns? Are you unsatisfied because your daily life is not challenging or stimulating? Here’s your day to start working the way that feels good to you and find that brings you much more material success.

Libra: “You are capable of becoming anything you can imagine you want to be and there are many worthwhile and nice things you could do or be part of”. Are you unable to decide on a direction for your life? Do you show enthusiasm and conviction for the goals of others but waiver on your own goals? Are you afraid that you’ll look back on your life and regret not making the right choices? Here’s your day to start creating a satisfying life by picturing all the possibilities.

Scorpio: “You are ready to take on responsibilities and willling to work with great dedication on anything you consider important”. Do you have brilliant ideas for others but are plagued by personal insecurity? Are others intimadated by your power? Do you see into the hearts of other people and yet feel separated and cut off from others? Here’s your day to start nourishing your inner self by recognizing that you are powerful and safe.

Sagittarius: “You have the ability to startle the world with your visionary qualities”. Do you feel isolated from people because they don’t listen? Do you feel you spend most of your day doing things that don’t support your great ideas? Do you have dreams of the future, but don’t have the people around you to help you make it happen? Here’s your day to get back in touch with your vision and send messages to the Universe for help and opportunities.

Capricorn: “The word “honor” means a lot to you, and you always strive to do the honorable thing”. Do you keep making sacrifices yet still are not seeing results in your standing in the world? Do you sometimes lack confidence in your abilities? Are you faced with risks you need to take in order to achieve the status you want? Here’s your day to start accessing the power within you by taking bold actions, promoting yourself and taking charge.

Aquarius: “You will exercise enormous personal power and forcefullness, and this can apply to your whole life experience in many ways”. Do you need to destroy something that exists to bring in something new? Do you need to fight for your convictions and commit yourself to a cause? Do you need to test the boundaries in your life? Here’s your day to expand your life by breaking down the old barriers and clearing room to create a new life.

Pisces: “Among all of your dreams and visions are truly impressive achievements that are ready to become part of reality”. Are you unsure about your life path? Are you bored or depressed and often find yourself dreaming of worlds that don’t exist? Do you spend a lot of time escaping from the mundane world through televisions, video games, or mind altering substances? Here’s your day to begin to find your real purpose in life by asking yourself what you are truly dreaming about.

About Donna Stellhorn

Donna Stellhorn helps people read the map of their future, gain deep insight into who they are and helps them create personal spaces that support their goals.
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