The Story of the Kitchen God

If, for some reason, you missed New Year’s you have one more chance to celebrate. Chinese New Year falls each year on the New Moon between January 19th and February 23rd and this year it’s happening on January 23rd. It’s a great day for clearing out the clutter of the last year, setting your intentions for the new year and doing activities to bring luck, love, fortune and good health.

There’s a story connected to one of the Chinese New Year’s traditions. It’s said that a rich farmer named Zhang left his devoted wife for a young and greedy mistress. Soon the excessive indulgences of Zhang and the mistress exhausted all his wealth. Seeing he had no more money the mistress left him and Zhang became a homeless begger. He wandered through his village so weak from starvation that one day he collapsed in front of a small house. When he awoke hours later in the garden there was a feast before him. He ate and days passed and every morning he woke to the most wonderful food in front of him. Now feeling nourished and healthy again and feeling such gratitude he wanted to thank his benefactor and so he snuck into the kitchen of the small house. There he recognized his wife and he was so ashamed he jumped into the hearth and fire. His wife tried in vain to douse the flames but Zhang’s ashes flew up to the heavens.

It is said that this tale was told to the Jade Emperor who declared that Zhang would be “the kitchen god”. Many Chinese families have a paper image of the kitchen god in their kitchen. A week or so before Chinese New Year they smear honey on the lips of the kitchen god so he will give a good report of them. They burn the image to send his spirit to heaven. And then on New Year’s eve they hang a new image of the kitchen god to watch over the cooking and household budget for the year.

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About Donna Stellhorn

Author and entrepreneur Donna Stellhorn has successfully combined a variety of metaphysical tools and practical skills in the course of building her successful career. She is a dynamic speaker, a thoughtful and supportive personal coach, a practical business consultant, and a creative adviser with more than 20 years of experience. In addition to building three successful businesses of her own and logging more than 12,000 hours of consultations with clients so far, she lectures, teaches a variety of classes, offers apprenticeship programs, leads workshops, and continues to write on a variety of topics. She believes in encouraging others to achieve success in their careers and in their personal lives. Donna has written eight books. One of them, Feng Shui Form, is a collection of many of her best and most popular concepts to help her readers create a supportive and comfortable living and working environment. Her best-selling booklet of more than 10 years, Sage and Smudge: Clearing Your Personal Space shares the concept of how to cleanse and clear space, objects, or environments. Her first Feng Shui book was published in Europe in 1996, where she introduced the concepts of Form Feng Shui to thousands of eager readers. A welcome guest on radio shows across the country (and on the internet), Donna has been seen on NECN's New England Dream House, and was invited to speak at the prestigious Build Boston Architectural Conference three years in a row. Donna is a Red Ribbon Professional and the former Director of the International Feng Shui Guild's Boston Chapter. She is a board member of NCGR, ASA, and the Professional Astrologers' Group. When she takes a moment to relax, she enjoys her home in Laguna Niguel, California, spending time with her friends, her pets, and a good book on any subject. Donna is available for personal and business consultations with individuals living in any time zone. Appointments can be made to meet in person, via phone, or Skype.
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