More Mercury Retrograde Things to Do and Things to Avoid

Mercury retrograde is back and causing its usual havoc. It will be retrograde between March 12th and April 4th. I’m often asked what’s okay to do on a retrograde. Here are few additions to my ongoing list of do’s and don’ts for the retrograde.

Breaking Up – breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend is a painful shock. When it occurs for the first time during Mercury retrograde very often you will have an opportunity to get back together to try to work through the issues. However, if the issues persist then on a future Mercury retrograde you could break up again and stay apart.

Fertility Treatments – if you’re begining treatments then the retrograde is not the best time. Retrogrades cause us to repeat actions and so it will take more than one treatment for success. However if you have already started the process than it’s fine to continue during the retrograde.

Changing Stock Brokers – when dealing with anything that requires agreements and lots of paperwork Mercury can throw a wrench into the process. If you need to change brokers during a retrograde make sure you make copies of anything you sign and double check that electronic transfers go through. Also note that you may want to change brokers again on a future retrograde.

Buying a Car – because Mercury rules cars buying a car during Mercury retrograde can be very problematic. If you must by a car during this period consider what warranties the dealer offers. If you’re buying from a private party take particular care to make sure the title is transfered properly.

Foot Problems – Mercury retrograde can bring back symptoms from previous injuries. When foot problems surface it’s a reminder to go back to caring for feet with good shoes and foot massages. If this is the first time the pain has been a problem take particular care of your feet or the pain may return on future retrogrades.

Buying Cookware – while Mercury retrograde does affect appliances it doesn’t affect kitchen items like pots, pans, plates and utensils. Giving yourself a new soup pot or frying pan during Mercury retrograde is a good thing. It will inspire cooking in the house at this time and again at the next retrograde period.

Traveling Out of the Country – while in retrograde time you can travel however Mercury can cause you to misplace important papers like passports. If traveling on the retrograde consider one of those security passport wallets.

Making a Mistake at Work – there’s never really a good time to make a mistake at work but when Mercury is retrograde we have opportunities to review areas of our life where we may need to pay more attention. Often when you make a mistake during Mercury retrograde you will be given a chance to remedy the situation. If you don’t, the problem will return on a future retrograde.

There is a great booklet on Mercury Retrograde written by a friend of mine, Diane Ronngren.

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