Year of the Dragon – Midyear Update

We’re about half way through the year of the Dragon. We still have time to tap into the power of this year and harness the dragon energy for ourselves and our families. Here are a few tips for catching and riding your own dragon based on your personal Chinese Zodiac Sign from my book, 2012 Year of the Water Dragon. If you don’t know your sign you can look it up at Feng Shui Form

If you’re born year of the Rat then you’re probably always open to making more money and the solution is a frog. In Chinese history there are stories of Lucky Money Frogs, ones that traveled to the moon and helped important members of government. Place a frog figurine in your garden near your front door to welcome money. You can place a few coins under him for luck.

For those born under the sign of Ox you’ve been working really hard and need a break. Hang a brass or gold-tone wind chime on your front porch to call in prosperity and peace. The color gold represents money and the pleasant sounds of the wind chime are soothing.

If you’re a Tiger you may have spent the last few months impatiently waiting for stuff to happen. You can attract positive energy and wealth to your home by hanging a picture of the ocean. Have the water of the waves flow into the house to keep money flowing in rather than out the door.

Those born in the year of the Rabbit may be feeling stuck these last few months. You can un-stick the energy by removing clutter especially from your kitchen and entryway. If things are hard to part with collect items in a box and put the box in a closet or garage. Sprinkle salt on the box. It’s said that salt removes attachment energy. This will help you let go and free up the energy to move forward.

If you’re a Dragon this is your year but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy one. This is a seed planting year. The new things you do this year will bring rewards in future years. Find a figuring or stuffed dragon to put in your living room to help remind you that you have power. There’s no need to be cautious this year, if your intuition says jump then jump and you will find you can fly.

Snakes get their big year next year so this year may be one of waiting and more waiting. I suggest the symbol of the elephant who is both patient, wise and can remove any obstacle in his path. You can use a picture, figurine or even a stuffed animal just make sure his trunk is up. Place him in your living room or family room to bring you good energy.

If you’re born under the sign of Horse things are on the verge of growth…you just need to add water. Place a table top fountain in your home office or business office to stimulate wealth and financial gain. The bubbling water will symbolize the flow of money (cash flow, liquid assets, etc.) into your life.

Those born in the year of the Ram (or Goat) may be feeling like no matter how much money comes in there always seems to be more going out. For Rams I suggest placing nine coins on a window sill in the kitchen so the house can attract more money. Use dollar coins or silver coins if you have them. Like attracts like and more money will soon arrive.

If you’re a Monkey looking for career advancement or a better job entirely, hang a single bell outside from a tree or from your porch. Make it a sweet sounding bell that you can ring as you walk by. When you ring the bell think of it calling opportunity to you.

If you’re born a Rooster you’re probably doing your usual and taking the responsibilities of others on to your own shoulders. Consider getting an angel key chain or pendant to remind you that you’re not alone in this. You can call for help and a helping hand to get you through.

Those born under the sign of Dog have had to work very hard through all the craziness around you. Place some sea shells in your dining room or breakfast nook to represent stability and the safety of home. Sea shells also represent wealth as they were used as currency in many countries.

And if you’re born in the Year of the Pig (or Boar) you’ve spent your year taking care of everyone one else and not yourself. For you to attract some ease into your life and prosperity into your home add fish. Gold fish represent wealth. The fish can be wood, metal, glass or the ones living in your fish bowl (as long as they stay alive they’ll bring money).

Want to know more? The 86 page book, 2012 Year of the Water Dragon comes in PDF form and Kindle.

About Donna Stellhorn

Donna Stellhorn helps people read the map of their future, gain deep insight into who they are and helps them create personal spaces that support their goals.
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