Colors for the Bathroom

Bathroom Painted the Color Orange Bathroom Painted the Color Green

Cindy, a client of mine, is looking perplexed. She’s heard that guest bathrooms are important for a houses’ prosperity so we are standing extra close together in her compact guest bath and she’s holding tiny paint swatches against the wall. I turn to get a better look, banging my knee into the commode. The walls currently have dark patterned wallpaper with splashes of deep red, a kind of Mediterranean Spanish look, like something you might see after a really bad bullfight. To attract energy and people we need to lighten this up.

Guest bathrooms can bring more money to a house. It’s said that if a guest washes their hands in your home you’ll receive money. So you want a really welcoming guest bathroom and while color choices will vary based on the location of the bathroom in the home here’s a suggestion.

The color blue has been shown to relax people, even bringing down their blood pressure. And because blue is the color of water it, in itself, reminds people to wash their hands. Add a few metallic gold accents to represent wealth. And put it together with an attractive piece of art that will cause people to linger – at least long enough for that important hand washing part.

James is a client who perpetually has a cold. I’ve never seen him without a tissue in his hand. He’s redoing his lavender master bath. But James is currently channeling his inner “artist formerly known as Prince” and wants to use a shades of purple going from lavender to blue violet. He has me in to say whether the gradient should go from top to bottom or from the door inward. I have bad news for him.

The master bathroom energy affects our health and so the colors chosen needs to support our health. Since the master bathroom is so close to the master bedroom, often the colors are influenced by that room. But when you are recovering from illness it’s important to have bathroom colors that support your physical self over just matching your bedspread. Consider when you’re injured (like when you bang you knee really hard onto a toilet) the bruise is purple. This means for people with health issues, no purple.

Higher vibrational colors like purples and violets actually pull us out of our body and there we are, floating along, completely unaware of what’s going on with us physically. This is a huge temptation for someone who’s been dealing with long term illness like James. They don’t want to be in their bodies and yet they can’t heal until they are physically present. Earth tones are a better choice. Greens, browns, and tans focus our attention on the physical. Add some red or orange accents for the energy to take action and James will feel better in no time.

Of course James isn’t pleased with my assessment and is lamenting that he’s going to have to get rid of his beloved purple. But at this point he’s willing to try anything, even listening to me. A few months and a few cans of paint later, James’ master bath looks like a sunny day in the rainforest, a ton of green and even a red parrot. And James is feeling better, “who would have thought that a change of color would clear up my sinuses.”


About Donna Stellhorn

Donna Stellhorn helps people read the map of their future, gain deep insight into who they are and helps them create personal spaces that support their goals.
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