How the Lucky Money Cat Became Lucky

The Lucky Money Cat is an example of a cultural symbol that is very effective in shifting the energy of a home and bringing in prosperity opportunities.

The story of the Lucky Money Cat.

Once there was an impoverished priest who spent his days looking after a small temple that stood at the side of a seldom-traveled road.

The priest spent each day polishing and cleaning the little temple, preparing it for passersby, and each night he would eat his meager supper of rice and fish outside the temple door by a little fire.

One evening, as the priest ate his supper, a little golden cat with yellow eyes came up to him and sat right down. The priest was a good man and welcomed the cat and shared his small supper. Each evening the cat returned, sat down before the priest and happily shared the priest’s supper.

One day a rich nobleman was traveling and got caught in a great storm. Torrential rains washed out the road, lightning lit up the sky, and thunder rumbled overhead. Soaked to the skin, the nobleman took shelter under a tree on the temple grounds.

In the flashes of lightning, the Nobleman saw the temple and he noticed a golden cat with yellow eyes staring at him from the door of the temple.

To his great surprise, the cat suddenly sat up on his haunches and waved his paw, beckoning to the nobleman.

It was such an odd sight that the nobleman moved closer to see the beckoning cat and as he reached the door to the temple there was a tremendous crack behind him.

He spun quickly at the sound to see the tree he had been sheltering under come crashing to the ground, burning with tall flames sizzling in the falling rain.

He realized this little cat had just saved his life. He went into the temple and found the priest and saw the good work he was doing. From a heartfelt sense of gratitude, the nobleman gave generous amounts of money to help support the temple, the priest and the lucky golden cat.

What Kind of Lucky Money Cat Should You Get?

There is a wide variety of Lucky Money Cat designs and colors. While each one is a good symbol for prosperity and abundance the gold ones are the best for attracting money opportunities.

There are also solar powered ones that continuously beckon money opportunities.

And you can find ones that are coin banks. Just remember to feed the cat with coins, a few each week. When the bank becomes full empty it and take the money and deposit it into your account. Then start feeding the cat again.

Placing Your Lucky Cat

When you place your lucky money cat you want it to be across the room from the door. It should be sitting on a shelf or table facing the door. If you can see it from the door, it’s in the right place. Right now I have two lucky money cats, one in my living room on the fireplace mantle and the other in my home office.

Make sure your dust your lucky cat regularly. If the waving arm is battery powered then replace the batteries when they are spent. If possible find rechargeable batteries or even better, get a solar powered cat.

If you notice you’re no longer receiving money opportunities like you were at first then try moving the cat to another shelf or table. Your lucky money cat can live in your home office, living room or dining room.

Let me know if you have a lucky money cat and what opportunities you’re wanting to attract.

About Donna Stellhorn

Donna Stellhorn helps people read the map of their future, gain deep insight into who they are and helps them create personal spaces that support their goals.
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4 Responses to How the Lucky Money Cat Became Lucky

  1. Maureen says:

    This was very interesting, I was just doing research after I saw a post on Facebook and wanted to know the origins of the ‘lucky’ cat. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. serap says:

    how can ı buy cat and what is it price?

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