Desk Lamps: The Feng Shui of Lighting Your Cubicle Work Space

When you think about it, your cubicle is a private area that is public to all the people you work with. This means others will derive an impression of who you are by what they see in your work space. One glance and they will decide whether you are organized, effective, and efficient. They will see if you’re family-oriented, whimsical, ambitious. Your space will show if you are a team-player, open to new ideas and innovative. Your decor could also give people impressions you don’t want them to have such as that you don’t like your job, that you don’t work well with others or that you are lazy and don’t care.

This is more than just whether your space is neat and tidy. When we enter any office space we quickly assess the surroundings and make a judgment. This impression is not always conscious but affects how we see and interact with the person on a deep level.  Noted authors such as Tim Ferriss and Gary Keller talk about the importance of having an environment that supports what you want to achieve. In this series of posts I’ll be talking about public work spaces and how to create an environment that helps not only your own mindset but helps other people support your goals.

Desk Lamps: Adding light and focus

Even though most cubicles have adequate overhead lighting, a desk lamp can literally put the spot light on an area.

Desk Lamps can be functional, decorative or both. A functional lamp is best placed to illuminate your work surface. Decorative lamps can add positive energy to the space (and are especially good when placed in the Wealth Area of the cubicle).

Mini Lamp with Round Base

For example, this mini lamp has a round base. Circular shapes represent wealth. The color white is associated with the Metal Element which also indicates wealth. This would be a good lamp to place in the Wealth area of the cubicle.

Minimalist Lamp

Here’s an example of a desk lamp that is very utilitarian. This gives the impression that a person is efficient, no nonsense and ready to get down to work. This lamp would be placed on the desk to illuminate the current project.

Old Fashion Desk LampThis vintage-inspired desk lamp gives the energy of one being more rooted in the past. If your company has been around a long time and values tradition then this would be a good a choice. This would give the impression that you’re practical, methodical and follow the rules.

Ball Lamp with Himalayan SaltIf you want to give the impression that you’re innovative, fun and creative then this lamp would be the answer. Here the combination of the modern shiny surface with lights and the Himalayan rock salt interior pulls together to different concepts into one focal point. Place a lamp like this in the Wealth area of the cubicle.

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About Donna Stellhorn

Donna Stellhorn helps people read the map of their future, gain deep insight into who they are and helps them create personal spaces that support their goals.
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