When Your Feng Shui Prosperity Cure Falls on the Floor

I opened the front door and there it was on the floor – my coin string. The string of Chinese coins strung together with a bright red cord, topped with an intricate knot was now prostrate on the floor. The loop at the top didn’t fit around the door knob and so I had hung the coin string with a rubber band. The band had broke and it lay dried and torn on the floor along with my prosperity cure.

Feng Shui Coin String

This is a sign.

Yes, rubber bands get old and they break. But also energy cures get weaker and need to be reenergized every once in a while. When something happens a Feng Shui prosperity cure, one you’ve placed specifically to attract money, it’s time to take action.

It doesn’t matter what caused the cure to fall. The cat could have been playing with it and knocked it off the door knob. Or the child of a friend could have removed it when they were over visiting. Or sometimes the fairies just take things. It’s not important HOW it happened but that it happened.

Chinese Feng Shui Coin String

It’s on the floor now to get our attention.

Now is the time to revive the prosperity energy in the house. Feng Shui cures are like an acupuncturist’s needles, they stimulate the flow of energy. But in our homes, neighborhoods, and towns energy can move, shift or dwindle.

If this happens to you and the item is undamaged (which in this case it is, just needs a new rubber band) then clear the item by smudging. (Here’s my website on how to smudge if you want information).

Then set your intention. Feng Shui cures are not magical on their own. They trigger energies within us to attract what we want. So we set our intention by hanging coin strings and stating to the Universe what we want.

If the cure falls several times over a short period of time then I know there’s a bigger issue at hand. I have a client who was lighting a candle in her wealth corner every day for prosperity but over the course of a week her husband blew out the candle one day, and then because he was seen doing it, the kids copied him and blew out the candle whenever they saw it lit. This tied in directly to my client’s prosperity issue. She wants to bring more money into the household but is feeling stressed about leaving the kids and husband to fend for themselves. She realized her best solution is to find a work-at-home opportunity. And it didn’t take her long. Next week she’s starting to do marketing for a small local restaurant chain and will be working almost entirely at home via video conference.

Of course a cure doesn’t have to fall to the ground to need your TLC. If you’ve had a cure up for many months, if it’s covered in dust, it probably needs a reboot. Clean it, clear it and set the intention.

Let me know if you’ve had some interesting experiences with your Feng Shui cures. Leave me a message in the comment section below.

About Donna Stellhorn

Donna Stellhorn helps people read the map of their future, gain deep insight into who they are and helps them create personal spaces that support their goals.
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