Moon Signs: 4 reasons why you want to know yours

Your Moon tells you more about yourself than your Sun sign: In fact, your Moon sign describes your needs and wants more deeply than any other single point in your chart.

Here are four reasons why knowing your Moon sign is so very helpful… almost crucial.

Moon Phases

  1. Your Moon sign describes what makes you feel safe, what brings you comfort, how you connect with others and what makes you happy. Your Moon tells you how you like to “nest”, what makes a place feel like home. The Moon describes your upbringing and the connection you have to your past. It’s key to discovering the skills and blocks you carry from your childhood.
  2. Your Moon predicts how things will go. Your Moon sign is a better predictor of how things will go on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. If you read your daily horoscope, try reading your Moon sign instead of the typical Sun sign. You’ll find not only the predictions will be more accurate, but the information will be more helpful to your growth and happiness.
  3. Your Moon motivates you to take action. Your Moon sign is often the point of motivation as it’s the center of fight or flight. While Mars is the planet of action it’s often an emotional need, the Moon, that gets us off the sofa. The Moon points us to what we need and away from things that we perceive bring pain. Understanding your Moon and how it’s guiding you will help you stop banging into blocks. The Moon tells you instead, how to move forward in your life with ease.
  4. Your Moon helps you find compatibility. Your Moon sign is the main factor in connecting with another. While you may not know the other person’s Moon sign, if you know your own Moon then you will be able to see how compatible your Moon sign is (your needs) with their Sun sign (their ego or sense of self). Have you been in a relationship before where your needs weren’t met? This is often caused by a lack of understanding of how your Moon and their Sun are interacting. Once you have this information you can work with the energies to help bridge the gap between what they want and what you need.

Want to know more about your Moon sign? Check out the webinar on this very topic. The Magic of Your Moon


About Donna Stellhorn

Donna Stellhorn helps people read the map of their future, gain deep insight into who they are and helps them create personal spaces that support their goals.
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1 Response to Moon Signs: 4 reasons why you want to know yours

  1. Great Blog Donna! It’s always interesting to think about all the ways our Moon and the sign it’s in influences our life.

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