Full Moon on February 19, 2019 – Astrology Predictions for All Signs

There is a Full Moon on February 19, 2019, at 7:53 am PT. Here’s what’s in store for us for the next two weeks. (You can listen to the podcast or read the article below).

What is important to know about this Full Moon?

This is the Virgo/Pisces full moon, a time of healing and spiritual reflection. The Sun and Moon along with Chiron are at zero degrees. This is all about healing. It’s good to try different healing modalities whether they are for physical healing (like acupuncture) or spiritual healing (like journaling). Mercury has just slid past Neptune but is still under the influence. This can bring interesting dreams and visions. Consider doing a vision board now or updating the one you have. Venus sits between Saturn and Pluto. This can bring some challenges. You might feel some alone-time is needed. This is also a signal to be disciplined to achieve goals. And finally, Mars is in early Taurus, guiding you to take slow, deliberate action to bring comfort and prosperity.

How can you best work with this energy?

This is a good time to look at the Feng Shui of your home, especially your bedroom. The bedroom should be set up to promote sleep, rest and recovery and to be a place for intimacy with your partner. Consider putting these in order of priority. If rest and recovery are most important then the color green should be prominent. You may add plants to bring in more healing energy and oxygen. If sleep is important you can consider soft, pastel colors and play ambient sounds or nature sounds. If your sex life is what you want to focus on consider adding the color red and remove clutter to make the bed the main feature of the room.


There’s emphasis for the next two weeks on alone time. Look to spend some minutes in meditation. Actively reject negative thinking and allow yourself to envision a wonderful future. This will bring opportunities. Career improves when you focus on getting a finished project in front of managers or important people. Financially this is a potentially strong month when you take deliberate, focused action. Love relationships can be a bumpy as you are caught in the middle of a disagreement not of your own making.


The focus during this period is on friendships especially making new friends and finding new groups to consider supporting. Speak positively around coworkers and only give advice right now when asked. Contracts can be considered and signed after a careful reading. Don’t hesitate to negotiate for better terms, luck is on your side. This can be a period of high energy for you. Check important things off your list with deliberate action. During the next two weeks you may learn a secret about your love partner that reveals more about who they really are.


For Gemini natives the emphasis is on home and family. You have new energy here and you may be moving or someone may be moving in or moving out. It’s a good idea to spell out the terms of any agreements so there’s no doubt of intentions. This will stop misunderstanding later. Careful attention to finances and investments pays off. This is a good time to stick to a budget and to look for passive income sources. You also would benefit from more sleep. Review your nighttime routine and make adjustments. Relationships of all kinds, improve in the next two weeks.


Cancer natives will feel this energy in communications. You may have to tell someone something you’ve been holding back but if you envision a happy outcome it will go much better than you expect. People in your life, especially a romantic partner, are asking you for more. You may feel you’ve given plenty already. But look to see what they are really asking for and give them that rather than what you feel they need. Some work on your goal-setting or future plans is beneficial now. Just the action of writing down the results you want and the path you plan to take will help bring opportunities.


You can make more money by focusing your energies towards creative ways to generate income. This is a good time to change passwords on bank and investment accounts. You can ask for a raise at work during this period. Build a case for it by listing all your accomplishments and contributions. But also know this may bring you more projects and work as management feels you must “earn” the increase. This is a good period to look at habits and routines and edit them to only ones that support you and your goals. A relationship brings you a surprise and a smile to your face.


For the next two weeks self-care is what’s important. Look at who is supportive in your life and spend time with those people. This a good time to get a massage or do other health-promoting activities. Children are asking for more attention now and may cost you extra time and money. A creative project can be completed with satisfying results. This may be related to school or something you’re studying independently. Misunderstandings are possible now but can be cleared up with a few well-chosen words.


Rest, recovery and sleep are very important during these two weeks. Your busy schedule is keeping you hopping but you are much less effective if you’re overly tired. There is a lot of activity around the home. You may be moving or doing a deep declutter. This is a good month to sell off excess and make a little side income. A healing is taking place with an important relationship. Look to forgive first rather than waiting for an apology. And then let it go.


The energy of friendships and your place in society is highlighted now. Think about what mark you want to make in this world. A misunderstanding can lead to a disagreement with a child but this can be remedied by finding a win/win option. This is a good period to do writing and other creative work on a schedule. This will bring you a strong sense of accomplishment. If you’re looking for love, this is a good time to be out in the world. Those already in a love relationship benefit from spending quality time together.


For you, Sagittarius native, there is a lot new energy around career. You may have the opportunity to start a new job or a large new project. There’s some confusion possible at this time. Get instructions in writing and you’ll find success later. Your money can grow when you give your finances some attention. A written budget is helpful now as well as reviewing reoccurring expenses. You may find a renewed interest in exercise or a physical activity. There’s a visit possible from someone you care about to your home.


Your spiritual connection is strong now and you benefit from adding practices into your daily life to keep it strong. This could be prayer, meditation or lighting candles. Let go of negative thinking and insecurities. instead trust yourself. This is a good time to focus energies on self-care. Eat healthy and exercise daily if possible. Raise your standards of what you’ll accept in your own behavior in this regard. That said, do something fun now. Find a loved one and look for pleasant activities to do together. If the weather allows be out in nature.


Finances can improve. Money owed to you may be repaid. You also have the opportunity to have a secondary source of income come through. But keep an eye on your dollars now. There can be some confusion in a payment that end up costing you money. You are perhaps being too hard on yourself. You need to balance discipline with celebrations of success. Make sure you take some time off during the next two weeks. A project for the home is a good idea now. A small investment will pay off big later. Notice that someone close to you really does value what you do for them.


Relationships are the focus now. If you’re looking for love you need to be clear with others and the Universe about your goal. A person may be offering what you want while you run in a different direction. Your future is bright and yet you may be feeling dark clouds on the horizon. Don’t spend too much time watching negative events in the world that are far away from you. A day trip or going to a favorite local spot is good for you now. A happy encounter with a neighbor or sibling is possible and it really makes your day.

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Donna Stellhorn helps people read the map of their future, gain deep insight into who they are and helps them create personal spaces that support their goals.
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