Five Feng Shui Tips for Attracting Friendships

Great friends are a gift in this world. Those who have friends are happier, healthier and live longer. When you were young and in school finding friends seemed easier (though still had its challenges) but now in our busy lives how can you find and keep good friends?

Here are five Feng Shui tips for attracting friendships.

Add the color yellow to your living room. Many friendships are based on shared history and experience. Yellow is the color of memory and history. Look at adding the color yellow to the living room. This could be done through cut flowers or something more permanent like bright yellow throw pillows on the sofa. Consider hanging a picture that has yellow as a prominent color.

Display a picture of you with friends. Like attracts like and so even if the friends in the picture have moved away and you don’t see them often you can attract new friends by displaying a picture of you with old friends. These pictures remind your brain to seek out potential friendships when you’re out in the world.

Get a piece of turquoise. Turquoise is an opaque, lovely blue/green mineral often used in jewelry. It’s a healing stone that is said to attract friendship. You can display to the stone in your living room or you can find a piece to wear. Real turquoise will be stronger than imitation turquoise. So look for the good stuff.


Write a friendship bucket list. Make a list of activities you want to do with a friend. Perhaps you want to travel and you want to have someone go with you. Or maybe you want someone who you can phone up and talk about the events of the day. Maybe you want someone to go to the movies with. Make your list and then tape it to the back of a picture you have on display near your front door. When you see the picture you will be reminded of your list.


Get a friendship bracelet or necklace. Friendship jewelry are usually matched pairs or some interlocking symbol. Find a pair of friendship bracelets (or if you’re not a jewelry person look for matching key chains or a couple of special coins or other things that could be carried in a pocket). Place the two items on the table near your front door to remind your higher self that you are looking for a new friend.

Be ready. Feng Shui really works. And when someone suggests coffee or a movie consider saying “yes”.

About Donna Stellhorn

Donna Stellhorn helps people read the map of their future, gain deep insight into who they are and helps them create personal spaces that support their goals.
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