About Donna Stellhorn

25 things about me – in no particular order

  1. I grew up in Burbank, California, home of Johnny Carson and Burbank Studios (now Disney Studios). Despite this, I’m completely “celebrity blind”. I never recognize celebrities even when I’m seated next to them. Unless Rutger Hauer has in his LadyHawk costume and is riding his Friesian horse I don’t recognize him.
  2. I wrote my first book at 11 years old. I was supposed to be setting the dining room table for dinner instead I was finishing up a children’s book. The book didn’t go anywhere. I did get a very nice rejection letter from a publisher who said, “we don’t publish children’s books but keep on writing”. That encouragement was what I needed to keep going.
  3. I’m not musical. I don’t play any instruments. I have no music apps. The same CD has been in my car stereo for the last two years.
  4. One of my first jobs was in computer programing (back when computers took up entire rooms). Currently, I can code the most basic HTML websites, nothing fancy but this skill has been very handy in my life. I also learned Desktop Publishing back before it was popular. Having these skills has helped me know that, given a little time, I can figure almost thing out.
  5. I studied Astrology and Feng Shui with private teachers.
  6. I wrote a column on Feng Shui for the New Mexico Light for eight years.
  7. My first book on Feng Shui was published in Switzerland in 1996. I don’t speak German. The book was translated by the publisher.
  8. My first best-seller was a booklet I wrote in 2000 on space clearing called Sage & Smudge: Secrets of Clearing Your Personal Space. So many people had asked me how to use a smudge stick I finally sat down and wrote the booklet. It’s since sold more than 100,000 copies.
  9. I owned both a spiritual bookstore and a wholesale company that sold Feng Shui cures to companies like Whole Foods and Harrah’s Casinos. I designed most of the products we sold. I won the COVR award in 2004 for product design. I sold both companies so I could focus on my clients and writing.
  10. One of the reasons I’m drawn to Feng Shui is because I’ve struggled with keeping a tidy house. I know my environment affects my emotions and my ability to get things done but I’m a creative person and creativity (the Fire Element) causes messes. In my Chinese Astrology, chart I’m also the Metal Element, which loves organization. These two elements are in conflict hence my struggles. I would love to say I’ve found the balance and my house is neat as a pin but as with any balance, it’s easy to get off balance.
  11. I love public speaking and teaching. I had severe stage fright through college but one day it just shifted and I was no longer afraid of being on stage. That’s how it works in my life. I’ll be stuck for a long time while my brain is working on the problem in the background and then one day it just clicks over and the problem is solved. This is how I lost 45 pounds after carrying the extra weight for decades (that book on Feng Shui for Weight Loss is coming out soon).
  12. As of 2017 I’ve written 12 books. I have two manuscripts about to go to my publisher and two more I’m working on. My lastest book is Chinese Astrology 2018 Year of the Earth Dog. This was the #1 selling annual Chinese Astrology book according to Amazon. And I’ve been hired by Horoscope.com to write their Chinese Astrology reports for both their website and their app.
  13. I love dogs and cats. Currently, I have a Standard Poodle and a cat who hates poodles.
  14. I have a black belt in Aikido and a blue belt in Kempo Karate. I’ve studied Tai Chi.
  15. I’ve done Standup Comedy and regularly do Improv. Improv is wonderful practice for being on stage and it also gives very important life lessons about listening, engaging with others and saying YES even when you’re uncomfortable. I recommend everyone try Improv.
  16. In the last few years, I’ve lectured on Feng Shui at Warner Records, Western Digital, Syneron, Brion Jeannette Architecture, Vision Solutions, the Rancho Santa Fe Water District, Room & Board and the San Diego Airport Authority. In 2018 I’ll be lecturing on Chinese Astrology at the United Astrology Conference in Chicago.
  17. I’m on the boards of the International Feng Shui Guild and the National Council for Geocosmic Research – San Diego Chapter and I work with amazing people on both these boards.
  18. I make my bed every morning so that at the end of the day I can at least say one thing was accomplished.
  19. I don’t have a TV but I do watch YouTube videos (probably more than I should).
  20. I talk to 2-4 clients a day and clock in nearly 1000 hours of consultation time every year.
  21. I’m not good at taking vacations. I am really passionate about Astrology and Feng Shui. Every day I’m excited to work with people and work on my projects so I don’t schedule a lot of time off.
  22. My favorite color is blue. I have a capsule wardrobe of mainly black, gray and blue. I used to spend hours shopping and still not have anything I wanted to wear. Having a capsule wardrobe has been wonderful. I’ve saved thousands of dollars and countless hours. I get dressed in under three minutes and always feel put together.
  23. I’ve been married once. My husband, Dannie, passed away in 2009 of leukemia. I’m open to marrying again but currently I’m not in an exclusive relationship.
  24. My favorite places I’ve lived are in Orange County (where I live currently) and Boston. I haven’t traveled much but I hope to do more in the future.
  25. I’m absolutely convinced that the best way to a happy, prosperous life is through self-knowledge. Astrology provides the most detailed and direct way to know yourself, your talents, your struggles and what’s ahead. It’s a hundred times more precise than any personality test you can take. Feng Shui tells us going on inside you by what you’ve placed in your personal space and by shifting what’s around you can bring in new opportunities. More than any other tools, these have been the most helpful in my life and the lives of my clients. I’m so excited to share these every day.

You can also see videos about Feng Shui and Astrology on my YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/c/DonnaStellhorn



Donna Stellhorn

25 Responses to About Donna Stellhorn

  1. shiramarin says:

    HI Donna,
    I need to develop my cultural leadership and wealth areas of my home. Any thoughts you wish to share? With gratitude,

    • fengshuiform says:

      Hi Shiramarin, I have lots of ideas. First check out my post from September 2010 for wealth cures. Also consider signing up for my free Feng Shui Form newsletter and you’ll get 30 free Feng Shui tips. And if you need more help we can do a Feng Shui consultation via Skype. Let me know if you’re interested in the details. In the meantime I wish you lots of prosperity. Donna

  2. renato perlas jr says:

    good day. can you send me of my prediction for the year 2012? my birthday is 14 march 1972. thank you

    • Hi Renato, You’re a Wood Tiger and we’re entering a Water Dragon Year. The water is very compatible with your wood nature. On the other hand powerful Tigers can get stressed wrestling with mighty Dragons. My new eBook on 2012 Year of the Dragon is available now with all the predictions and feng shui cures you’ll need to have a smooth, prosperous year. Go to http://www.fengshuiform.com to check it out.

  3. Patty Rock says:

    Hi Donna,

    Could you tell me what my address numbers mean? 5641
    Thank you for all of your help! Patty

    • Hi Patty, This address number means you are needing to balance your energy between family, work and yourself. With this number if you give all your energy away and neglect yourself bad luck will follow. But if you divide your time equally you will prosper. Happy New Year. Donna

  4. Sha says:

    Hi,I would like to ask the meaning of,if u took a photo and comes out no head in the picture? Is there any cure?thanks

    • Hi Sha, I would need to know more about the circumstances. If this was a person who’s health you’re concerned about it could be a sign of their health, if this was a person you’re in a difficult relationship with this could be a sign of the future of this relationship, if this was a stranger it could just mean you need a new camera.

  5. Sha says:

    This person was in the mall with the their friends so they took a picture each of them.then there friend told to her friend that she don’t have head in the picture when they saw in the camera so they deleted it…what is the meaning for that and what is the cure?thanks

    • Hi Sha, I think because they deleted the pix that your friend will be fine. If it happens again to him or her let me know. But for now I think your friend will not be affect by the photo.

  6. Chitra says:

    Hi Donna
    My house no is 4G. Is this house suitable for me and for my husband? Pls reply

    • Hi Chitra, It can be. While this home does start on the 4 the overall energy is about a relationship that is a real partnership with responsibilities that are equally shouldered by each person. You can mitigate the negativity of the ‘4’ by choosing furnishing that are very angular, tables with stout legs, and chairs that are lower than normal. Be careful not to argue about religion or politics in this house. If you have philosophical differences place a musical instrument in the living room or family room to soften the energy. Feng Shui crystals would work well in this home. You can see an example at http://www.fengshuiform.com/products.htm

  7. Hughes says:

    Hello Donna,
    I’m considering opening a Café at 3164 N. Broadway. Will it be a good place for my business?
    Thank you for your guidance.

    • Hi Hughes, Of course there are a lot of factors that go into choosing a business location but if we are only considering the number then this number would read, “a group coming together and working hard to take care of customers needs and wants”. The hardest thing here will be cash flow. There will be such a desire to serve customers needs that profits may not be the priority. I suggest that the owners pay themselves first. If at the end of the month the cafe needs to borrow from the owners then so be it, but if the owners do not give themselves a salary up front the cafe will use all the money for the customers and none will be left over.

      • Hughes says:

        Hello Donna,
        Thank you for your reply. We’ve dropped that location, and looking at this address 133 S. Oak Park Ave., Oak Park IL for the Café. Do you think it’s a good location for my Café? Furthermore, I was born August 1968, what’s in store for me in 2013?
        Thank you very much!


  8. Mary says:

    Hi Donna,
    Im a Tiger (July 1962) and while reading information on what this year can be like for me, I got conflicting information. The Robbery Star is flying in one of my sectors, but the solutions provided were conflicting. The both said to use ‘Anti Burglary Plaque – Rhinoceros and Elephant’, but in different locations. One said Northeast the other in the west. Do I used it in both locations?
    I also have the Three Killings and the Yearly Conflict Star, Grand Duke in the SE too. Can you suggest options for these issues? Good news is the Star 8 (will be enhancing that!).
    I have to make some repairs to the back of my house (southside), will that be a problem?
    Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Mary, So sorry for the long delay. I have been so busy lecturing about 2013 Year of the Water Snake that I’m just now getting back to my routine. The “Robbery Star” is in the West this year. My suggestion is to burn a black or dark blue candle in the West part of the house to call in protection. The Grand Duke is in the South so when you make repairs in the South you do risk disturbing him. How this manifests in real life is when you start your repair projects things can go wrong so it’s important to deal with reputable repair companies who offer money back guarantees. Feng Shui is here to add to our lives, not dictate to us so while you are very wise to take precautions with the different stars you can make repairs whenever they are needed. Also enhancing a positive star will bring you much benefit, so that’s where to focus your energies.

  9. Neha says:

    Hi Donna,

    We have just booked a flat in an apartment which is only availability.The flat no will be 213 in block B, 2nd Floor,west facing entrance with east facing utility and balcony on the road side.The building has 2 blocks – A and B
    The sum of numbers is coming to be 6 but I am afraid as some of my friends simply told me that 213 is not a good number and it has 13.
    It will be our very first home.Could you please interpret the energy of this house number for us?
    Your help is greatly required and appreciated.Thanks in advance.
    My DOB – 3-12-1984
    My Husband’s DOB – 14-01-1984 or 15-01-1984 Actually his parents are not sure of his DOB.
    Mostly its 14-01-1984.
    Waiting for your reply.

    • Hi Neha, The number 13 is only unlucky in some cultures. In the US it’s considered unlucky despite the fact that we started with 13 colonies, the Great Seal of the US has 8 instances of the number 13 and the flag has 13 stripes. So your #213 is actually quite a good number. It will allow you to have a good relationship, time to yourself, time where you will care for the needs of others and times when others will care for you. Since this number is more about relationships than money I suggest you add prosperity cures to bring wealth. I suggest you add things like metallic gold candles, coins, and lucky objects like money frogs to your entrance. This will attract money opportunities that will bring you prosperity. You can see more Feng Shui cure suggestions on my Chinese Astrology website, 2013ChineseAstrology.com

  10. Sri Karthik says:

    Hi Mam,

    I and my husband were born on 28th Apr 1984 and 28th Apr 1980 resp. My son was born on Mar 8 2013. We have recently purchased a house no #314 and are facing challenging situations since move (maybe our bad time- I have no clue). Can you please the energy of #314 for all of us?
    I highly appreciate your feedback.

    • Hi Sri Karthik, The number 314 starts out difficult. It’s about three people coming together as one to overcome struggles and finally having a positive outcome. To reduce the time of struggles this house would benefit from some Feng Shui prosperity cures. In my book, Feng Shui Form, I recommended a Dragon-Headed Turtle. He combines the power of the dragon with the prosperity protection of the turtle. Dragon Headed Turtle
      If your struggles continue consider having a private consultation with me. Prices are very reasonable and we can find solutions to your troubles. Donna

  11. Joyce says:

    I am living in a house number 9440 and am looking to sell and buy a new house numbered 13865. Could I know the meaning of these two numbers?

    • Hi Joyce, 9440 is a challenging number that can bring happiness and prosperity over a long period of time. Initially however there is a lot of work, loss and growth-causing-lessons. Living in this house you’ve become a better and stronger person. 13865 is a number that brings together many diverse energies. This means you will have opportunities from unexpected sources and people. There will be lots of creativity, business ideas, family connections and social gatherings. Overall this will be a much happier time than your previous house. If you find difficulties it will be due to poor Feng Shui within the house itself. So make sure you look into what you can do to balance the energies in the house.

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