How the Lucky Money Cat Became Lucky

The Lucky Money Cat is an example of a cultural symbol that is very effective in shifting the energy of a home and bringing in prosperity opportunities.

The story of the Lucky Money Cat.

Once there was an impoverished priest who spent his days looking after a small temple that stood at the side of a seldom-traveled road.

The priest spent each day polishing and cleaning the little temple, preparing it for passersby, and each night he would eat his meager supper of rice and fish outside the temple door by a little fire.

One evening, as the priest ate his supper, a little golden cat with yellow eyes came up to him and sat right down. The priest was a good man and welcomed the cat and shared his small supper. Each evening the cat returned, sat down before the priest and happily shared the priest’s supper.

One day a rich nobleman was traveling and got caught in a great storm. Torrential rains washed out the road, lightning lit up the sky, and thunder rumbled overhead. Soaked to the skin, the nobleman took shelter under a tree on the temple grounds.

In the flashes of lightning, the Nobleman saw the temple and he noticed a golden cat with yellow eyes staring at him from the door of the temple.

To his great surprise, the cat suddenly sat up on his haunches and waved his paw, beckoning to the nobleman.

It was such an odd sight that the nobleman moved closer to see the beckoning cat and as he reached the door to the temple there was a tremendous crack behind him.

He spun quickly at the sound to see the tree he had been sheltering under come crashing to the ground, burning with tall flames sizzling in the falling rain.

He realized this little cat had just saved his life. He went into the temple and found the priest and saw the good work he was doing. From a heartfelt sense of gratitude, the nobleman gave generous amounts of money to help support the temple, the priest and the lucky golden cat.

What Kind of Lucky Money Cat Should You Get?

There is a wide variety of Lucky Money Cat designs and colors. While each one is a good symbol for prosperity and abundance the gold ones are the best for attracting money opportunities.

There are also solar powered ones that continuously beckon money opportunities.

And you can find ones that are coin banks. Just remember to feed the cat with coins, a few each week. When the bank becomes full empty it and take the money and deposit it into your account. Then start feeding the cat again.

Placing Your Lucky Cat

When you place your lucky money cat you want it to be across the room from the door. It should be sitting on a shelf or table facing the door. If you can see it from the door, it’s in the right place. Right now I have two lucky money cats, one in my living room on the fireplace mantle and the other in my home office.

Make sure your dust your lucky cat regularly. If the waving arm is battery powered then replace the batteries when they are spent. If possible find rechargeable batteries or even better, get a solar powered cat.

If you notice you’re no longer receiving money opportunities like you were at first then try moving the cat to another shelf or table. Your lucky money cat can live in your home office, living room or dining room.

Let me know if you have a lucky money cat and what opportunities you’re wanting to attract.

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Reunite with Someone From the Past

Timing gives you an edge. Doing something is great but doing the right thing at the right time is best. Currently, it’s Mercury retrograde and that means it’s a great time for doing some very specific things.

You’ve probably heard about Mercury going retrograde. It does this 3-4 times a year. You may have read some of my past blog posts about it or maybe you’ve read a book on it (here’s a great booklet on Mercury retrograde if you’re interested). You’ve probably heard about all the things to avoid doing on the retrograde such as optional dental work, signing contracts, or driving long distances when your car isn’t in the best working condition. But there are some great things to do on Mercury retrograde where the energy of the retrograde actually benefits the process.

One of the best uses of Mercury retrograde is to bring two people back together. The retrograde energy is all the “re” words (I checked and there are 1965 pages of words in this category on wiktionary) and one of those words is reunite. Mercury, which rules communication, and retrograde motion which brings things and people back, gives you the perfect opportunity to reunite with someone from the past.

So here’s what to do. First, write out on a small piece of paper what you would this meeting to be like and what you hope it will accomplish. Then place the paper where you charge your phone. Then reach out to the person just to say “hi” or “like” something they’ve done on Facebook. And that’s it. Let the Universe do the rest. By doing this during the retrograde you set the process in motion. Then be open to what happens. Things don’t always work out as we expect but there’s always some positive learning we can gain from every process. Let me know if you’re going to try this during this retrograde period.

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How to let go of Grandpa’s table – the decluttering challenge of family heirlooms.

It’s sitting in your garage or attic or maybe it’s in your dining room right now and it won’t fit into the new house (or the new design for this house). But it’s not so easy as just picking up the phone and calling “got junk” to haul it away. You see, it was Grandpa’s table.

This can apply to any number of things; photos, crystal vases, silver-plated silverware, hand crocheted afghans (I’m just mentioning the stuff in my garage). They’re things you know you won’t use…ever. But how can you get them go without dishonoring your family member’s memory (and ticking off the rest of the family)? Here are the steps for letting go.

First, deal with the living, i.e. your family. Send out an email or text to all the local relatives and see if anyone wants this item. Let me them know you are going to be letting this item go if no one else wants it. Let them know there’s a deadline to respond. You may give them until the end of the month or a few weeks.

If they say they can’t take the item AND it must stay in the family then you let them know, gently, that if they can’t take the item and they don’t have an alternative place for the item it will be leaving the family.

Second, take some time to show your respect for the ancestors and this item. I’ve had many a conversation with relatives who’ve passed on. Take a moment while sitting near the item. Think of a happy memory of the person who owned this item. This memory may involve the item also but it doesn’t have to. Thank this person for the gift of this item and let them know that you no longer need it.

Third, take a picture of the item. We often keep items we don’t need because of the memories they invoke. But pictures can bring back those memories also. So take and store (either by printing or digitally) a good picture of the item.

Now you’re ready to release the item. You will find your conscience is clear. The item finds a new life with someone else. And you’ve successfully decluttered a little bit more.

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Using Chinese Coins to Attract Money Opportunities

Chinese Coins are a great Feng Shui cure for bringing in money opportunities. In this video I talk about using coins and coin strings according to Feng Shui principles.

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6 Feng Shui Tips for Getting Pregnant

Sometimes when we are looking for a solution and we’ve tried all the conventional means we have to do something – anything to get the energy moving again. You may have tried everything to get pregnant, here are some unconventional tips you may not have tried.

1. A Bowl of Rice: Feng Shui folklore says to place a bowl of uncooked rice under the bed. This is to stimulate the fertility energy of those who sleep in the bed above. You can use a decorative bowl of fine china or just a plain ceramic bowl, I recommend against plastic or paper bowls. Long grain or short grain rice is fine just make sure it’s uncooked.

2. Let the Dust Bunnies Roam: Tradition says that you should not clean under the bed while trying to get pregnant. It’s said that the child’s soul comes to visit the prospective parents and this soul hides out under the bed. If you clean under the bed the soul is disturbed and leaves to find other parents. So don’t fret about how much dust is in your rice bowl just leave it be.

Bunnies carved from gemstones

3. Speaking of Bunnies: Rabbits represent fertility so displaying pairs of rabbits will increase baby making energy. You can use ceramic rabbit figurines, pictures of rabbits, stuffed rabbits or rabbits made of stone. The pair should look similar (so don’t try to match a stone rabbit with a stuffed rabbit). Place them in the room and move them to a new place in the room every week.

4. Plant a Seed: In Feng Shui we use representations of what we want to attract energy so in this case we want to plant some seeds and watch them grow. Grow a plant or two in the bedroom from seeds. Choose a plant that’s easy to grow and place it in a sunny window. You can also use cuttings to grow your plants but seeds are best.

5. Display an Egg: Eggs represent the potential for new life and babies so having an egg in the room helps stimulate the fertility energy. You can get egg-shaped stones like Jasper and Agate, there are petrified eggs, glass eggs and Faberge-style eggs. Display the egg on your nightstand and keep it polished and shiny.

6. Get a Figurine of a Family: Small statues like three turtles standing one on top of the other, a family of three deer figurines or three stuffed animals in varied sizes all create the loving family energy. Place these on a table or chair (for the stuffed animals) in the bedroom so you can see them from the bed.

Sometimes the energy of the room itself is off but also sometimes there’s just some doubt from one potential parent or both. It’s important to clear any negative energy to allow the fertility energy to fill the room. These simple tips have helped others. Let me know what your experience is.

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5 Unusual Tips for Getting a New and Better Job

Design a better job for yourself. It’s hard to manifest something you’re not clear on. Get a clear picture of what a better job looks like before your job hunt. Do you want a shorter commute? Do you want to work at home? Do you want to be part of a team? Do you want to make more money? Put together a picture of the job you want keeping to positive thoughts. It’s easier to manifest a job when you say “I want to work in an office that’s close to a park where I can walk at lunch” rather than saying, “I don’t want to work at a place where I have to leave to go to lunch”.

1. Figure out your pitch. Find the reasons you will benefit the company by having what you want. As you’re out in the world job hunting you can suggest aspects that will make the job better for you but these aspects will only be considered if you think of the company’s position as well. For example: How will working at home help the company? Will it save them office space? Will it mean you’ll be available to take calls from Japan at midnight? Do statistics show it will cut down on in-office illness or absenteeism? Does it save the company relocation expenses?

2. Call in the energy. In Feng Shui the front door of your house is where all new energy comes in. The back and side doors bring in familiar or expected energy. So when manifesting a better job you are looking to enhance the front door and this is the perfect time of year to do so. One of the best ways to call in energy is by using bright colored or shiny objects and you can do this easily by decorating for the holidays. Decorate for Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then Chinese New Year. With each holiday you can decorate your door and front porch to attract energy.

3. Focus the energy. Now that the holiday decorations are bringing in the energy now you want to focus it towards your goals otherwise they’re just like anyone’s holiday display.

Halloween is a time of letting go so focus the energy on what you’re wanting to let go of. For example if you have a tombstone set up in the yard then place a piece of paper underneath it that states what should be dead and buried in your life like “my past beliefs that good jobs are scarce is now dead” or “gone are my feelings of unworthiness”.

Thanksgiving is a time of abundance and gratitude. If you have a cheerful holiday wreath on the door add wishes written on small pieces of paper to the back of the wreath things like, “I welcome an abundance of job offers” and “I’m grateful for the interviews I’m about to receive”.

Christmas is a time of joy and sharing. Consider decorating some of your bushes and trees in the front yard with ribbons. And on the ribbons you can write your desires, things like “I’m open to the joy of receiving more money for less work” and “I’m looking forward to sharing my skills with a new company”.

Chinese New Year falls on February 10th 2013 and represents a new beginning. You can decorate for Chinese New Year using red paper lanterns, melodious wind chimes and gold-tone bells. Most decorations for Chinese New Year are already designed to call in prosperity energy. Just hang them and welcome in the new money.

4. Take action. Now that we’ve stacked the deck in your favor it’s time for you to make the calls, submit the resumes, and ask for the interviews. Update your profile on LinkedIn. Check out the job hunting sites. Call a headhunter or two. Put your foot on the job hunting path and the rest will happen.

5. Determine the quality of your results. This may be the most important step of all. When the offers come in compare them to your better job design. Will this job bring you what you’re looking for? Are the working conditions to your liking? And if not, is there room for negotiation? Is this a situation that will improve in just a few months? How does this job compare with other opportunities you’ve received?

Manifesting takes some practice. If you’re been a person who has just accepted whatever was handed to you in the past and haven’t negotiated for better you may find that the you get offered the same old thing… at least at first. If this is the case try for baby steps. Are they willing to come up in salary by 25 cents an hour? Are they willing to let you work at home one day a week? If you can negotiate even some small aspects of your better job you will be able to manifest better and better things in the future.

Want to know more about what 2013 has in store for you?


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Colors for the Bathroom

Bathroom Painted the Color Orange Bathroom Painted the Color Green

Cindy, a client of mine, is looking perplexed. She’s heard that guest bathrooms are important for a houses’ prosperity so we are standing extra close together in her compact guest bath and she’s holding tiny paint swatches against the wall. I turn to get a better look, banging my knee into the commode. The walls currently have dark patterned wallpaper with splashes of deep red, a kind of Mediterranean Spanish look, like something you might see after a really bad bullfight. To attract energy and people we need to lighten this up.

Guest bathrooms can bring more money to a house. It’s said that if a guest washes their hands in your home you’ll receive money. So you want a really welcoming guest bathroom and while color choices will vary based on the location of the bathroom in the home here’s a suggestion.

The color blue has been shown to relax people, even bringing down their blood pressure. And because blue is the color of water it, in itself, reminds people to wash their hands. Add a few metallic gold accents to represent wealth. And put it together with an attractive piece of art that will cause people to linger – at least long enough for that important hand washing part.

James is a client who perpetually has a cold. I’ve never seen him without a tissue in his hand. He’s redoing his lavender master bath. But James is currently channeling his inner “artist formerly known as Prince” and wants to use a shades of purple going from lavender to blue violet. He has me in to say whether the gradient should go from top to bottom or from the door inward. I have bad news for him.

The master bathroom energy affects our health and so the colors chosen needs to support our health. Since the master bathroom is so close to the master bedroom, often the colors are influenced by that room. But when you are recovering from illness it’s important to have bathroom colors that support your physical self over just matching your bedspread. Consider when you’re injured (like when you bang you knee really hard onto a toilet) the bruise is purple. This means for people with health issues, no purple.

Higher vibrational colors like purples and violets actually pull us out of our body and there we are, floating along, completely unaware of what’s going on with us physically. This is a huge temptation for someone who’s been dealing with long term illness like James. They don’t want to be in their bodies and yet they can’t heal until they are physically present. Earth tones are a better choice. Greens, browns, and tans focus our attention on the physical. Add some red or orange accents for the energy to take action and James will feel better in no time.

Of course James isn’t pleased with my assessment and is lamenting that he’s going to have to get rid of his beloved purple. But at this point he’s willing to try anything, even listening to me. A few months and a few cans of paint later, James’ master bath looks like a sunny day in the rainforest, a ton of green and even a red parrot. And James is feeling better, “who would have thought that a change of color would clear up my sinuses.”


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