Desk Lamps: The Feng Shui of Lighting Your Cubicle Work Space

When you think about it, your cubicle is a private area that is public to all the people you work with. This means others will derive an impression of who you are by what they see in your work space. One glance and they will decide whether you are organized, effective, and efficient. They will see if you’re family-oriented, whimsical, ambitious. Your space will show if you are a team-player, open to new ideas and innovative. Your decor could also give people impressions you don’t want them to have such as that you don’t like your job, that you don’t work well with others or that you are lazy and don’t care.

This is more than just whether your space is neat and tidy. When we enter any office space we quickly assess the surroundings and make a judgment. This impression is not always conscious but affects how we see and interact with the person on a deep level.  Noted authors such as Tim Ferriss and Gary Keller talk about the importance of having an environment that supports what you want to achieve. In this series of posts I’ll be talking about public work spaces and how to create an environment that helps not only your own mindset but helps other people support your goals.

Desk Lamps: Adding light and focus

Even though most cubicles have adequate overhead lighting, a desk lamp can literally put the spot light on an area.

Desk Lamps can be functional, decorative or both. A functional lamp is best placed to illuminate your work surface. Decorative lamps can add positive energy to the space (and are especially good when placed in the Wealth Area of the cubicle).

Mini Lamp with Round Base

For example, this mini lamp has a round base. Circular shapes represent wealth. The color white is associated with the Metal Element which also indicates wealth. This would be a good lamp to place in the Wealth area of the cubicle.

Minimalist Lamp

Here’s an example of a desk lamp that is very utilitarian. This gives the impression that a person is efficient, no nonsense and ready to get down to work. This lamp would be placed on the desk to illuminate the current project.

Old Fashion Desk LampThis vintage-inspired desk lamp gives the energy of one being more rooted in the past. If your company has been around a long time and values tradition then this would be a good a choice. This would give the impression that you’re practical, methodical and follow the rules.

Ball Lamp with Himalayan SaltIf you want to give the impression that you’re innovative, fun and creative then this lamp would be the answer. Here the combination of the modern shiny surface with lights and the Himalayan rock salt interior pulls together to different concepts into one focal point. Place a lamp like this in the Wealth area of the cubicle.

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Cubicle Feng Shui: 4 Guidelines for Success

So you’ve landed a great job and have a brand new cubicle (or you’ve been in your job a while and you’ve decided your cubicle decor needs to be updated). This post is for you. Today we’re focusing on cubicles. If you want know about office Feng Shui or the Feng Shui of open concept work spaces let me know in the comments and I’ll put together the information on those topics.

Simple Career Life: Love Your Creative Space: 8 Uplifting Cubicle Ideas. Love the air purifier idea and the hooks.

Here’s a cute cubicle design

Cubicle Feng Shui – the main points.

  1. You must have a view to the door (or entrance, since here is no door). Feeling vulnerable is a great cause of distraction, poor concentration and interrupted work flow. It’s ideal if you sit so you can swivel your chair to see the entrance. If your back is to the entrance place a mirror or picture framed with glass (so it creates a reflection) in a position so you can see behind you. You don’t have to see the person’s face. It will be enough just to be able to detect movement behind you.
  2. The things at your eye level will have the most influence on your behavior. Since the majority of time spent in a cubicle is seated this means the things eye level when you’re sitting down. If those things are pictures of your family (their happiness is a great motivator for success) or your goals or a dream destination then you’re more likely to take action that lead to a positive outcome. This means your collection of Dilbert cartoons may be counterproductive even if they are hilarious.
  3. The things at everyone else’s eye level influences how others see you.  Most visitors to a cubicle stand and so the things at their eye level tell them who you are.  So your collection of Hello Kitty dolls or empty beer botttles from local breweries may not be telling the story you want. Instead things like a neat bulletin board (which shows organization skills) or a picture of your doing charity work with others (which shows ability to work with a team) can help your reputation in the office.
  4. Clutter can be a strategy. If clutter is everywhere in your cubicle you appear to be disorganized and ineffective. However, if your cubicle is neat and tidy but a portion of your desk is covered with papers, files, prototypes or other project-related-items you look busy and productive. This is even more effective if the pile changes from time to time either in location or contents.

Let me know if you want help with the Feng Shui of your cubicle.

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Halloween – The Best Day for Releasing a Bad Habit

Halloween is a day of letting go.On this day we have an opportunity to let go of an aspect of ourselves that no longer serves us. This could be a bad habit, a bad choice that still haunts us, or some difficult memories.

For this, you need a black candle, a fire-proof bowl, some scraps of paper and a pencil.  Light the candle and write what you wish to let go of on a piece of paper.

As you write really feel how much you want to let go. You might write “I want to let go of the need to eat junk food” or “I want to let go of five pounds” or “I want to let go of blocks to money” or “I want to let go of the painful memory of me messing up at work”.  And then burn the piece of paper in the candle flame. As it burns and the smoke rises feel a sense of relief and peace.

Continue until you run out of things to let go of or you run out of paper.

Afterwards have a little food, preferably something traditional like an apple, pomegranate or some cooked squash. Happy Halloween

Xander at Halloween


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There’s No Such Thing as a Neutral Office Environment

Time to clean up your office? If you have papers stacked to a dizzing height, cluttered shelves behind you and sitcky notes attached all around the screen of your monitor it’s all screaming at you with the message – you’re ineffective.

A somewhat messy office

Stop the negative feedback loop of the messy office.

You office space either supports your productivity and success or it depletes your energy and zaps your confidence. Time to clean things up.

Sell, toss, donate or shred the excess and open up opportunities for money to flow in. Want more information about Feng Shui? Check out my website at

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Why You Need an Astrology Calendar

I probably reach for my Astrology calendar a couple times a day. So I encourage anyone who is studying Astrology or even just interested in Astrology to get one.  Here’s why I think it’s so vital.

Here’s a link to check out the calendar for 2018. Let me know if you have questions.

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Move Your Bed Away from the Window

There are a lot of rules for bed placement in Feng Shui and most of them have really sound reasons behind them. Here’s an example of poor bed placement.

Head of bed placed up against a windowThis is a perfectly lovely room but the bed is placed incorrectly.

When a window goes all the way to the floor it can leave the sleeper feeling vulnerable. Someone outside could just stand at the window, staring down at you in the bed. Even if you’re not thinking it (and now you are) your subsconscious mind knows this position feels uncomfortable and your sleep won’t be as restful.

What if your bedroom is on the second floor? The rule still applies. Windows that go all the way to the floor should not be the “headboard” for the bed.

Want more Feng Shui? Check out my book, Feng Shui Form.

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Rose Quartz will not help you find love

There is a lot of information out there on gemstones and particularly Rose Quartz. Much of this has morphed over the years into some really incorrect information.

I’m here to help straighten out the confusion when it comes to the powerful stone, Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz Heart

Rose Quartz is a form of quartz that has a soft pink color. You can find it in it’s natural state, carved into many shapes (hearts being one of the most popular) and incorporated into jewelry. Rose Quartz is usually reasonably priced and easy to come by.

There are some important things to know when using Rose Quartz in your home.

Rose Quartz should not be used to attract a love relationship.


It’s true. Rose Quartz is a fine stone for helping your existing relationship. It can make the interation between the two of you more peaceful and pleasant. But for attracting a new love, Rose Quartz is not your best choice. The quiet, peaceful energy of Rose Quartz will attract a passive partner, one who waits for you to make all the moves.

Rose Quartz

And another thing, if you’re recovering from illness keep Rose Quartz out of your bedroom. Rose Quartz is a stone ideally used for meditation and to bring peace of mind but that means it can pull you out of your body. When you’re not in your body you can’t focus on your healing. If you’re recovering from illness then remove Rose Quartz from your bedroom.

So what is Rose Quartz good for?

Rose Quartz is fabulous for deepening meditation. If you meditate, want to meditate or even just like the idea of meditating then having some Rose Quartz around is great. It helps you still your mind.

Rose Quartz is good for sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep this is the gemstone for you. Keep some in your bedroom on your nightstand.

And as mentioned above, it promotes a peaceful, loving relationship with your current partner.

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments about this powerful gemstone. Let me know how you use Rose Quartz in your home.


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