How to Interpret the Energy of House Numbers

Numbers, like house numbers, can be read in combination by reading the numbers across and constructing a sentence with the meaning of each number such as the number 432 could be interpreted as “hard work focuses the cooperation of husband and wife”. While a Feng Shui interpretation would be “the end of easy growth”. Numbers can also be interpreted by adding together the numbers and continuing to add the results until you have a number between one and nine. So 432 would be 4+3+2 which equals 9.

Good news! Not everyone is negatively affected by the number FOUR. So how do you know whether to use the Universal, Western or Eastern interpretation of numbers? Universal number energies are always going to be the strongest. Plus the sum of the number will give you more of an overall energy and it will have more of an affect than will each number have individually. And a number on your door (like an apartment number) will be stronger than the number for the entire building.

Then to determine if the cultural energies of numbers is affecting you first consider your experience with past house numbers. Most of the houses I have lived in have added up to a number EIGHT and I have experienced prosperity in those houses. When I lived in a FIVE house we did renovations from the first day we bought it until the time we sold it, so the house was under constant change. My current house adds up to a ONE and my husband was still living when we took this house and this house made us more of one mind. However the entire number 4321 has the Feng Shui energy of “reducing down to the core” which would mean that we would let go of a lot of stuff and clutter and but it also had the profound effect of reducing my relationship as my husband passed away while I have lived here. Numbers don’t rule our lives, cancer would have taken my husband no matter where we lived, but we gravitated to this house because on a spiritual level we knew all that was to take place and these numbers mirrored the experience we were going to have.

With all this in mind there are a lot of special numbers, some lucky, some unlucky. Here’s an abbreviated list.
10—Western interpretation is that this is the number of creation, a combination of the male phallic and female womb energies from which all things come. This is a lucky number.
11—Universally it’s seen as a number of enlightenment. When used for it’s higher purpose it is morally courageous and humanitarian. If not used for the higher purpose it reverts to a TWO.
12—Feng Shui interpretation is “all things will be easy”
13—Western interpretation is unlucky. The 13 people at the Last Supper implied that there was one too many people. The 13th card of the Tarot is Death. On the other hand there were the original 13 colonies of the United States, the eagle symbol of the US has 13 feathers on each wing and there are many more instances of the number 13 being used in American history. The Feng Shui interpretation is quite different. It is “sure to grow”.
14—Feng Shui interpretation is “must let go and let things pass away”. The ONE represents unity and certainty and the FOUR represents death.
22—Universally is another master number like 11. It is the luminary, a powerful energy to help one achieve greatness. In Feng Shui this is not a lucky number, it is considered too Yin to be lucky or powerful.
23—In Feng Shui this would be “easy to grow”.
25—In Feng Shui it’s an auspicious combination of yin and yang. In the West it is the mirror image of the written number which shows balance.
44—In Feng Shui this number is unlucky and could cause a loss of job, health or relationship.
45—In Feng Shui there are ways to mitigate the energy of the unlucky FOUR. This number is lucky because it’s a combination of yin and yang and adds up to NINE. So what is lost through the FOUR is balanced and harmonized by the FIVE.
48—This is a Feng Shui lucky number meaning “sure to prosper”.
54—In Feng Shui this is “shall live forever and will not die”. This is a lucky number.
63—Here’s another lucky Feng Shui number meaning “wealth that grows”.
84—In Feng Shui this is a very positive number for business meaning “very prosperous forever”.
100—In Feng Shui it means longevity.
114—Feng Shui has some very unlucky numbers like this one meaning “very sure to die”. This may not be a literal death but the loss of something that you were trying to hold on to.
128—In Feng Shui this means “smooth and auspicious”, and is a good number for a business as well as a home.
239—In Feng Shui this number means, “sure to be lively and lasting”, and would be great for a marriage.
314—A universally lucky number, pi, it is considered a magical number since it’s digits go out to infinity.
453—In Feng Shui terms this is a very unlucky sign meaning “die and will not live”.
455—Don’t be fooled into thinking that a number like this meaning, “will not die”, is always be good. This will be a difficult house to let anything go; old toys, old boyfriends, old emotional hurts, etc.
548—In Feng Shui this is another unlucky number meaning “will never prosper”.
1000—This means “very much” or “forever” in Feng Shui terms. It would be wise to make sure you are happy with what you are going to be holding on to in this house because you are going to have it for a while.
1132—”Sure to grow and run smoothly” is a great Feng Shui number for a business. In a home you may just end up having more children.
1136—In Feng Shui terms this is a very lucky number meaning “sure to make profits”.
1138—”Sure to prosper” is another very lucky Feng Shui number
1148—Not all FOURs are bad. In Feng Shui this number means “very sure to prosper to the end”.
1414—In Feng Shui this is an extremely unlucky number meaning “very sure to die”.
2324—Feng Shui has some numbers that have a mixed energy like this one meaning “easy to live, easy to die”
10,000—The symbol of 10,000 is on the sign that the Lucky Money Cat holds as he calls wealth. In Feng Shui it means “plentiful” or “more than you will ever need”.
142857—A universal sacred number that you get when one million is divided by 7. You can add as many zeros as you like to this number and divide by 7 and you will get the same number

There are a million more numbers (literally) and I will be adding to this list periodically. If you want your numbers interpreted send me an email. And if you think you are affected negatively by numbers and want to discuss how to mitigate the energies we can set up a consultation, email me at

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Donna Stellhorn helps people read the map of their future, gain deep insight into who they are and helps them create personal spaces that support their goals.
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601 Responses to How to Interpret the Energy of House Numbers

  1. Deeya says:


    Currently I am living in house number 20 and moving to another house whose number is 174. I would like to know what would be the effect of this house in terms of relationship, money and career wise. My kua number is 1 and my husband’s kua number is 6.

    Please advise?


    • Hi Deeya, As you suspected, this new house number is a little difficult. Make sure you do a space clearing when you move in. This is a better business number than relationship. It says individual effort, vision and hard work combine to bring success. But it warns that you need to keep the clutter out of the house because clutter in this case will really block the money. For romance this is a little more difficult. Everyone in the house may be so focused on career or school they don’t notice or appreciate the family around them. You can live in this house happily by having a weekly or daily family meeting. Bring everyone together to help prepare and serve the evening meal and that will bring you all closer together. If you’d like more information I do phone and Skype consultations. Just email me at

      • Shalini says:

        Hi there we are looking to move to a house number 59. Please can you advise if this is really bad?

      • Hi Shalini, 59 is often about choices and having opportunities come that can take you in very different directions. Overtime, finances and health improve and this can be a happy place. This is a good place to have parties and get together with friends. The challenging part of this number is that members of the family can go in different directions. To create family togetherness use Feng Shui remedies such as family portraits displayed in the living room. Let me know how things are going.

  2. DR says:

    My house number is 1905, which I read as 6.

    • Your house number is indeed a six. The whole number reads as ‘an individual’s journey to find what’s important and to release what’s not important results in many opportunities for the future’. In this house if you hold on to clutter you will block opportunities. If you hold on too long things will be taken from you (that’s the zero in the number) so regularly remove clutter and toss excess stuff and many positive things will happen in your life.

      If you want to know more about your home and how it affects you and your family I do phone and Skype consultations. Just let me know if you want more information.

      • Kim OLiver says:

        My future house number will be 5250. What will this mean for me? This is the home I grew up in with my parents. Thank you for your response.

      • Hi Kim, If I understand you correctly you have already lived in this house before so you already have an idea of what’s in store for you. This house has a strong social energy and potentially could be a meeting place for friends and family. However a house number than ends in zero can be a problem, there could be financial losses and disappointments. I would suggest you hang a wind chime on the back porch to call back opportunities and money that has been lost. And if you would like to make more Feng Shui changes I offer phone and Skype consultations. You can see more at

  3. Stuart says:

    My house is No. 14A and I’ve had a lot of bad stuff going on here – lots of turmoil and unhappiness. I’m looking at a potential house with a number of 46 and wondered what could be read into this, by birthday is 5/7/1974 if that helps.


    • HI Stuart, 14A is difficult, there is often a lot of loss which it sounds like you experienced. 46 is somewhat better though my favorite choice for you. It indicates that hard work will be the key to achieving your goals. I recommend having some sort of home business, that will compensate for the difficult energy and allow prosperity to come more easily (even if the business does not make a profit). It is also necessary with a 46 home to work on relationships together. Keep the lines of communication open so there can be harmony otherwise one may accuse the other of selfishness.

      If you would like more information I do phone and Skype consultations. I also have some upcoming webinars which you might find interesting,

  4. Ria says:

    We are considering a move to house number 165. My kua number is 7 and his is 9, child’s is 2. I would really appreciate your advise on this move with regards to health, finances, relationship and growth. Thank you!

    • Hi Ria, With a 165 home there may be at first a lot of scattered energy, everyone doing their own thing with little regard for the others in the house. This scattered energy is pulled together by one person, probably you, bringing everyone back together into a cohesive family unit. I recommend lots of meals together and dinner parties in this house to encourage the energy of joy and prosperity. This is also a good house for writers and creative types. Overall this is a good house number unless one person, again that might be you, shoulders the all responsibilities of the whole family.

      If you would like more information I do phone and Skype consultations. I also have some upcoming webinars which you might find interesting,

  5. Marie says:

    Hi Donna,

    I have been looking into foreclosures and found this house that I really like with a street number “1414”. I was wondering if this is a bad number for me, my fiancee and my 83-yr old father. I was born on 01/14/1972. My husband to be is born 8/15/1948. I do understand the meaning of 14 in Chinese but I am not sure if Feng Shui is affected by the pronunciation of the street number. Is the number really bad and is there no remedy to it?? Thank you!!

    • Hi Marie, I find it interesting that you’re looking at a house that is 1414 while you yourself were born on the 14th. You are clearly used to the energy of 14, you have lived with it all your life and therefore drawn to this number. So to answer your question, you are the remedy for this home. As long as you live there the others of your family should be fine there.

  6. katie barker says:

    We are looking to move to house number 63… I shake the feeling of the 3 threes …. what do you think? Any advise would be appreciated! My birthdate is 22.2.82, my husband’s is 29.6.84 and my daughter’s 8.5.11. Many thanks!

    • Hi Katie, This is actually a pretty good number despite the fact that all the ‘3’ energy will keep you in constant motion. This number indicates that you need to remain a cohesive family unit, a united front, when tackling the challenges the world brings you. It also indicates that when you need more money in your life the best way to stimulate the energy is to remove clutter. The more you get rid of, the more that can flow in.

      Let me know if you would be interested in a Skype or phone Feng Shui consultation. Blessings to you and your family. Donna

  7. mamta says:

    We are considering a move to house number 22. My date of birth is 08-06-1981 and my wife’s birth date is 05-08-1983 ad child’s birth date is 11-march-2012. I would really appreciate your advise on this move with regards to health, finances, relationship and growth. Thank you!

    • Hi Mamta, With a 22 we have the different interpretations from the Western and Eastern schools of thought. In the West we would say this is a master number, a grand architect who can build a wonderful life. In Feng Shui we would say this number will bring strong partnerships but lots of hard work. It will be important to both form and release partnerships so have lots of friends and business associates along with your love relationship so when it’s time to let go you can let go of a minor partnership rather than a major one. It will be easy to collect too much stuff in this house (everything will come in 2’s) and that will stop the money flow. So releasing and letting go of stuff will help prosperity as well as health.

      Let me know if you would be interested in more information. I do Feng Shui consultations by phone and Skype. Blessings to you and your family, Donna

  8. Toni says:

    How about house number 606? I moved in here January2010 – leaving a bad relationship. Have done lots of painting and removing dark, old wallpaper. Any ideas? Thank You -Toni

    • Hi Toni, This number brings a mix of blessings and challenges. When things seem to be going your way they will suddenly dry up and disappear only to reappear in a different form. That will be the secret to prospering in this location. Realize that if you miss an opportunity another will come along (that includes relationships). To gain benefit in this house write down your list of goals and wishes and place them near the front door. Try not to hold on to opportunities that seem to be disappearing but allow them time to reappear.

      And let me know if you would be interested in a Feng Shui consultation by phone or Skype to find out more. Donna

  9. lina says:

    My husband and i plan to buy either one of this house but don’t know if it good or bad.
    I want to know which one is best can you please help? Here are the two house number
    1587 and 2158.
    Thank You- Lina

    • Hi Lina, House number 1587 is an energy of the two of you coming into this house as individuals and changing that relationship into a stronger couple. This will result in increase partnerships for both business (perhaps a home business) and spiritual growth. So while there maybe some bumps in the beginning this is a good house for you as a couple and good for kids if you choose to have them. House number 2158 shows the two of you in a strong partnership going in and becoming more individual as time goes on. This house will have more of a focus on fun and business than family (which could work if you are planning no kids or if kids have already left the nest). This house has an underlining energy to focus you both spiritually, giving you a sense of your beliefs and a desire to stand up for your faith or your political leanings.

  10. Rob says:

    My house number is 171. Please interpret it for me. Thanks.

    • Hi Rob, This house is an energy of individuality expressed through writing, art, speaking and teaching. This house will help you solidify your beliefs and you could do well in business if the business involves information, ideas or teaching. Overall this is a lucky number however there is a sense of separation in relationship, not meaning that you will lose your partner but that each person in the relationship will have very separate lives, only really feeling togetherness when talking and sharing ideas.

  11. j eannie salazae says:

    Hey Donna … what about 1444 n 3rd street?

    • Hi Jeannie, This is a hard number, a number where you have to work really hard to get the results you want. Living here you may find you have to get a second or even third job. And relationships may blur into business partnerships draining the romance from the relationship. For you I would recommend clearing as much clutter as possible (this will let money flow in more easily) and have a lot of wood in the house; wood floors, wood furniture instead of metal or plastic furniture, have lots of plants, and decorate in earth tones. This will offset the energy of 4 and ease your work load.
      Let me know if you want to know more and we can do a consultation by phone or Skype. Donna

  12. tinh says:


    my wife and i are looking at building a home but our assigned address is number 42. we have spoken with the city in regards to changing the number but the only numbers available would be 40 42 and 44.

    which would you recommend?


    • Hi Tinh, The number 40 is very difficult because it’s hard work and loss that ends in a greater loss. And 44 is hard work that leads to more hard work and nothing is gained from all this work except by your descendants who will inherit from you. So you are right, of the three, 42 is the best choice. There is still hard work ahead and there will be a need to offset loss by getting rid of excess clutter. But you will find that you and your wife grow closer in your relationship. You will become more united in your goals and ultimately feel happy with the results. Always remember with this number to be ready to release and let go of anything you have, for as new opportunities come in something will need to be let go. If you want to have more information we can set up a consultation by phone or Skype. Good luck in your new home.

  13. Rob says:

    What about 10145 and 500. These house numbers belong to my our respective parents. Many thanks.

  14. Michelle says:


    I currently have moved into a 22a house with my family from a 120b. From the start I have not liked the house for some reason, there are corners & doors everywhere, we feel like were constantly on the go all the time and have felt quite fatigued most days from who knows what.

    Please any advice would be great.


    • Hi Michelle, Both houses add up to a 5 (A = 1 and B = 2) but the energy is different because of the different numbers. There is much more an emphasis on partnership in your new house. If you have the brunt of the home care on your own shoulders it can feel like the house and you are not in harmony. Because the house adds up to a 5 it is quite possible you will be renovating this home and then you can take care of some of the corners and doors. In the meantime you can connect better with this home by dividing up the chores and once the chores are done everyone sitting down to family game night (games are also 5). Then you will feel the partnership energy of this home.

      This house sounds very interesting. Let me know if you would like to do a consultation by phone or Skype. Donna

  15. Cindy says:

    I am thinking about buying a home with 323 or one with an address of 707. Which one is better?

    • The energy of the 323 is two people in a partnership in creative or communication fields and both making money. Sounds pretty good. 707 is two people on opposite sides of an idea or ideology (like one democrat and one republican) with no meeting in the middle. This would be okay if you live alone but it could be very difficult for a couple. Donna

  16. Laila says:

    Hi Donna please help me we present living in lot number 4 at the same time T junction .do you think we still have to stay here or better transfer to another place? It is true lot with number 4 is very hard or in auspicios? Please advise us thanks

    • Yes, the number 4 can be difficult to live in but there are ways to improve the energy. And living at the top of a ‘T’ junction is also difficult. For the ‘T’ you can add a wall, fence or trees to block the on-coming energy. In the meantime hang a mirror to reflect the on-coming energy (like a Bagua mirror, 4 or 6 inches would be fine). 4 houses can cause you to work hard and still have loss. You can mitigate that energy by having a home business. Also remove any clutter in the house regularly. Discard broken things or repair them right away. Add the color green to the decor so there is good growth (that will also improve finances). If you would like to talk further about your situation we could do a consultation by Skype. Just let me know. Donna

  17. Rob says:

    Hi Donna,
    Could you please advise on house number 10145.
    Male 6/20/32
    Female 4/4/33
    Male 5/12/58

    There was another person who lived there and passed away in 2000.
    male 5/10/69.
    I don’t know if it has significance.
    Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Rob, This house has the energy of independence being lost and then through work and effort finding a new path. Plus this new path could be a huge improvement on previous modes of living. So while I see the number as positive the energy in the house should be cleared. The person who died there may have experienced the loss of independence and then in finding their new path chose one “out of body”. You should smudge the house about once a month for at least a year to make sure the house is clear. You can find information on smudging at

  18. Sha says:

    Hi,our apartment is number 44,we rented the upper floor and the ground floor is saloon and optical..we had opposite room as well which same building 44.. Any advice?

    • Well Sha, With this house number you are quite brilliant to take an apartment over a business because the business on the ground floor will compensate for the unlucky house number energy. Living in a 44 can mean hard work but it also can bring big prosperity. It would be good to place a decorative bowl on a table near your front door to catch the extra prosperity energy that floats up from the floor below. Also be careful not to let any garbage collect for too long in your apartment but always take it down stairs at least every other day. If you discard something often then the 44 will not take something from you. You may be interested in my webinar on using Crystals in Feng Shui. You can check it out at

      • Shanon says:

        Thank you so much for replying my question.. Is there any good number house that suit for me? Thanks

      • Hi Shanon, It’s hard to give good house numbers because there are thousands and thousands of combinations, especially if you live on the West Coast where house numbers can have five digits. Then there are also apartment numbers that overlay on to the house numbers (a three digit house number with a three digit apartment number is six digits). So it’s impossible to give you a list of good numbers but I’m here if you have another house number you want to check.

  19. Angelique says:

    Hi Donna,
    Please help me, we’re interested in a house at the end of a roundabout, not a T intersection, no is 24. My DOB 21.09.72 hubby 26.07.72 kids 26.02.04 and 24.07.06. It faces SouthWest, backyard get sun from north.
    Please advise if we should go ahead with the purchase.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Angelique, For a house on a dead-end street or cul de sac you can use a concave mirror to collect good energy for the home and your family. The house number 24 indicates that you and your husband work very hard but that the family can be quite happy and content. I would suggest keeping a light on at night on the front porch or walkway to bring in more positive energy. You could use solar powered lights to save energy. You can also use prismatic crystals outside to attract more prosperity. You can see a picture of a prismatic crystal at

  20. Cindy says:

    Hi Donna:
    What are your thoughts about and address of 324? The front door faces the south.

    • Hi Cindy, Despite the number 4 in the house number this could be a very happy house. Creativity and an effort at good communication cause the people in the house to become closer and help them work together. Every few months it would be a good idea to take a few bags of extra stuff to charity to offset the 4 energy. But overall this is a house that will have prosperity and wisdom. If you haven’t been experiencing this already you may want to add some Feng Shui Cures. There are a few on my website at

  21. maya says:

    Hi Donna,
    Please help I just bought a house # 7802. My house is in the middle of the T intersection. My garage faces the street and my front door faces east looking on to the side of my neighbors house wall. Any suggestion would help.

    • Hi Maya, There is an energy of great effort and then a feeling of loss followed by actual gains. The hardest thing in this house is to remain optimistic while you’re working towards your goals. You can achieve much in this house but sometimes it will seem that no one believes your plans will work. To calm this feast or famine energy get two piggy banks. Place one in the kitchen (so the home always has money) and one in the bedroom (so you always have personal money). Add coins to both banks each week (no pennies). Also add a wind chime out front to help disburse the energy of the T intersection. With this house you may want to do a consultation. Email at

  22. Leah says:

    Hi Donna,
    We are moving to a house number 148, could you please let me know what this number means. My husband and I have lived in a house number 16 for 4 years and during that time we have suffered enormous personal and financial loss as well as many other challenges. We are hoping this new house number is more fortunate for us. We have no children (yet) but we do care for my mother who also lives with us. Many thanks for your insights.

    • Hi Leah, This house number is about taking the work you do, both individually and as a couple, and using it to rebuild your lives. This will not be easy, you will work hard in this house, but you will see progress and that will bring a sense of satisfaction. To succeed in this house you need very clear goals and you must stay on a budget. I suggest you place a few coins on the door jam over the front door to attract money into the house. And you might consider using some Money Crystals to increase the prosperity energy.

  23. Leslie Hickcox says:

    Hi Donna,

    I put an offer in today on a house that has a number 3936 address. Any insights would be appreciated.


    • Hi Leslie, The energy of 3936 a lot of activity. You may have a business in the house or perhaps you’ll have a lot of guests. You may have parties or be the place that all the kids in the neighborhood gather. It can cause you to constantly be helping others while forgetting to ask for something in return to balance the energy. If this is your tendency already you should put a picture of your goal (new car, vacation destination, retirement piggy bank) on the wall near the front door so you remember to take care of your needs before you hand the world everything you have.

  24. Moving to an apartment # 914 from a 313 what changes can I expect is it a good move ????? Going to cleanse for sure because it’s an apartment!!! The new building number is 9 if that matters and the street number is 357. Any advice or suggestions would help so much thank you!!!!!

    • You are correct that the apartment number is the energy you’re going to be feeling. Even though there’s a street number and building numnber, it’s the apartment number that will give the energy to your new place. I agree you should cleanse the energy of the apartment and probably do it again in a month or two after you’ve unpacked. You will find this place much more conducive to achieving your goals than the last. The 313 place was more about planning and thinking about plans. The 914 does include the need to work hard and let go of things that don’t serve you, but you will find you can put plans into motion and accomplish more. Make a list of things that you are willing to let go of (bad job, bad habits, bad boyfriends or whatever) and do a second list of what you want. Place the list of what you’re letting go by the patio door or balcony door and put the list of what you want by the front door. In a nutshell you’re moving from the planning stage to manifestation so even though you have to deal with some 4 energy I think it will be an improvement.

  25. jin says:

    hi donna,
    were planning to move in virginia beach ,what house number that perfect or goodluck for us? my birthday 12-03-1975 my husband is 6-25-1963 and my eldest son 6-13-2000 and my daughter 6-24-2007 my youngest son 2-25-2009 i hope you can help me.thank you..

    • Unfortunately there are no perfect house numbers. First find several houses you like then let me know the house numbers and I’ll give you my opinion. Even then the energy of difficult house numbers can be mitigated with Feng Shui remedies or by actively using the negative energy in a positive way. If you find a house you love with a difficult number we can do a consultation by phone or Skype to discuss the remedies.

  26. Fiona says:

    Hi ,my bday is 28/12/83 and my partners 25/02/80. We have found a couple of houses we like one is number 8 and the other 17.. They are both 8.. so is there any more suitable than the other? many thanks!

    • There’s a difference in the energy between 17 and 8 even though they both add up to 8. The 8 says through a balance of the spiritual, intellectual and physical we achieve money, power and happiness. The 17 says focused action on our beliefs and ideas create money, power and happiness. For the two of you I suggest the 8 over the 17 because the 17 is more about doing things alone rather than as a couple. Congratulations on your new place. If you need help with the Feng Shui of your new home let me know. I do consultations by phone and Skype.

      • Fiona says:

        Thank you Donna, yes we are excited.. and we think number 8 could be the one actually 🙂 Will keep you in mind if we need some Feng Shui help in the future.

  27. KT says:

    Dear Donna,

    My company has just shifted to a brand new building. The address is 13 Benoi Sector.
    And my room number is 114. Is that bad?

    • Hi KT, You say your company has moved rather than your residence – this changes how we read the numbers. The number 13 indicates individuals can come together, pooling their talents to build a business. In a residence this can be difficult energy, always having to let something go, but in a business you’re always trying to put something out into the world so this can work in your favor. Your room number 114, is a little more challenging. You might want to work on one project while others, like your bosses, want you to work on something else. In the end you may feeling like many people want you to take care of their needs rather than supporting you. I suggest you hang a Yin/Yang symbol in the room to help balance the energy. Also, if possible, have a small plant in the room to bring protective living energy into the space.
      There’s a lot coming up energetically now and in 2013. Be sure to subscribe to this blog for more updates.

  28. Hina says:

    Hi ,my bday is 28 nov 1980and my husband is 17 april 1976 and my kid birthdate is 3may 2007 We have found a house we like one is number 5 H. so is this house is good for us. many thanks!

    • Hi Hina, The number 5 here is modified by the “H”. “H” is the eighth letter of the alphabet so we have 5+8=13, 1+3=4. This house is about changing a lot of the ways you’re doing things and through those changes creating more money and success. However this number ends with the 4 energy requiring you to let go of something in the process. How this could manifest is every time you get a pay increase there’s another bill that pops up and drains the account. I would do two things in this case. First get a financial account that is easy to put money into and hard to get the money out (like a Roth IRA) and make a deposit every month even if it’s just $20. This will represent the extra bill each month. In addition I would add some Feng Shui crystals to the rear of the house. Hang them inside by windows so the energy (i.e. money and luck) doesn’t leave the house too quickly. You can see an example of the crystals I mean at
      And please tell your friends about my blog.

      • Hina says:

        Thank You Donna for the advise

        I saw you also suggested to another user who had 4 in his house no to place a bowl and put coins which could be donated, do you think it could be a remedy for us also

        We have our Kitchen in North East and clothes washing area alongside, do you see a feng shui flaw and any remedy if yes

        We are thinking of placing kua dogs at the entrance of house, do you think it is a good idea (we are facing west when entering the house)

      • Hi Hina, Yes, you can use the coins in the bowl. You can separate the energy of the laundry area and the kitchen with a mirror. Get a very small mirror, just one or two inches in diameter (you can find these at craft shops or craft supplies websites) and using double sided tape apply the mirror to above the door to the laundry area facing into the kitchen. If there’s no door you can actually apply the mirror to the washer itself. There’s a section on how to use mirrors in my book, Feng Shui Form you may want to check out. If by Kua dogs you’re referring to Fu Dogs (or Foo Dogs) it’s a great idea. Fu Dogs act as protectors while allowing benefit and prosperity to enter. Place the dogs on either side of the door facing out and with their raised foot closest to the door.

      • Hina says:

        Thank you Donna

        I have a horse shoe which i wanted to place outside my front door. However the door is facing East and i have read horse shoe should not be placed on a door facing east, would you be able to recommend an alternate place for it

        Very grateful for all your guidance, thank you

      • Hi Hina, The strongest direction for horse related items (shoes, saddles, pictures of horses, etc.) is South. Placing the horse shoe in the south part of the house will bring you increased popularity, more confidence, clearer life direction and help from those around you. By the way, I just put up some predictions for all Chinese Zodiac signs including Horse for 2013 at

  29. Angie says:

    Hello Donna

    We are in the process of buying a house with a number 34467. Can you please give us some insight into that?


    • Hi Angie, This number can bring a very successful career in communication, advertising, teaching, writing, and politics. However it can also bring arguments within the family. With this energy there’s more of a desire to be right than happy. I suggest you display framed photographs of the family in the living room, dining room AND family room. This will symbolize the family united. Also because the energy here start well, falters in the middle and then ends well it’s important not to give up when things start to seem rough. I suggest planting an Orange tree in your yard or if the climate won’t support that then using orange-scented oil in the house. I talked about this in my book, Feng Shui Form. It brings happiness to relationships. This will allow you to sail together through the challenges.
      When you have time check out my new website, 2013 Year of the Snake.

      • Angie says:

        Thank You Donna. I forgot to mention our birthdays and not sure it matters. 08-19-73 (his), 03-29-70 (mine) and 01-04-08 (son). Will check out your book and site. Appreciate your quick response.

      • Hi Angie, Thank you for the birth dates. In Feng Shui we understand “the larger has the stronger influence”. So you’re an Aries and he’s a Leo (nice combination by the way) but the energy of a house (of which the house number is a part) is so large and so strong it will influence you and your lives. When I lived in a 5 house I did a lot of change, tossing out the old and bringing in the new, including renovating the entire house. When I was in an 8 house I did no house renovations at all, I didn’t even plant a flower, instead I focused entirely on my business. It will be interesting to see how things progress with you as you combine these two energies in a 5H house. I’m also an Astrologer so if you ever want your charts done with predictions of what’s coming for you and your family let me know. And thank you again for supporting my blog.

      • Angie says:

        Thanks Again. Is there a link where I can see the various services you provide?

      • Hi Angie, Thank you so much for asking. You can see more about me at and

  30. Marie says:

    Hi, I’ve just read that the number 84 is very positive for business, but could you please tell me if it is positive as a front door number for a home? I’m thinking of renting a home with this number but the number 4 is putting me off. Very grateful for any advice. Thank you.

    • Marie says:

      With regards to the email I have just sent, I would like to add that I am single and my kua number is 4, thanks.

    • Hi Marie, You’re correct that 84 is quite positive for business. In a home it can be difficult because it is such a strong business number. You may want to run a business from your home to offset the energy. This number is going to ask you to have big dreams and to work hard to manifest those dreams. The number 4 is going to try to take something from you each month. I suggest you channel the “ending energy” of the 4 into a humanitarian cause. Place bowl near the back or side door and each week either put your coins or a few dollars (in this case, pounds) in the bowl. At the end of the month donate the money to charity. I also recommend you have a home office in this house even if it’s just a corner of a room and decorate it in dark colors like navy or dark green. I did a webinar on the Power of Color and these colors will help bring prosperity to the house.

      • marie says:

        Thank you very much for your advice Donna, I do have big dreams as it goes and really want to make a success of my life, I am also due to start a home course which I hope will lead to my working from home in the future, so your reply is very apt. Unfortunately I have since found out that the previous tenant died in the home, she was elderly so it wasn’t a premature death but it has put new doubts in my mind. I will have to give it a lot of thought but thank you very much for your help. Marie.

      • Hi Marie, When we move in to a house where someone has passed from natural causes due to advanced age we can feel reassured that the energy is harmonious with what we want – to live a long life and eventually pass from natural causes. From what you’ve said here you have nothing to worry about. Good luck in your new venture. And please let your friends know about my blog.

      • Marie Launer says:

        Thanks very much Donna, I understand, you’ve put my mind at rest, will let my friends know abt yr blog. Marie

      • You’re very welcome. And thank you for spreading the word.

  31. Kim OLiver says:

    Donna, my niece just currently moved into a house in another town. Her house number is 107. There is a problem feng shui wise and that is that a cemetery is located about 400 ft behind her house. Its a very old cemetery. What cures can we implement to offset the bad ying chi from robbing her of the yang chi in the house? Also, what is the significance of the number 107. Thank you for response.

    • Hi Kim, Your niece can protect herself and family by placing a mirror in a window facing the cemetery. The mirror should be at least four inches across and can be a traditional ba-gua mirror (see photo below) or a regular mirror. Have her place the mirror so it faces out. I like to lean the mirror on the sill rather than attaching the mirror to the window. If the mirror falls it’s a signal to me that negative energy is getting in and a house clearing is needed.A traditional ba-gua mirror

      The 107 house number is a mix of good and challenging energy. It adds up to an 8 which is very positive for success and happiness, but the 0 in the center of the number means there’s is a possibly of loss on the way to that success. With this house number it’s important to not be stubborn about your ideas and don’t cling to things or people that don’t bring you happiness. I suggest a plant be placed at the exact center of the house. If this is a wall find a sconce and place a air fern in it. If the plant dies, replace it. This will help guard against loss in this home.

  32. Chitra says:

    Hi ,my son bday is 5 dec 1983 and his wife birthday is on 1 april 1987, They are living in the house no. Is 20. My son and his wife keep fighting with each other and arguments going on every now and then…so is there any solution for this house is good for them…many thanks!

    • Hi Chitra, The “2” in the house number 20 is good, it is an energy of relationship. However the “0” is a problem. Zero has no energy and like a black hole can suck up positive energy like a vacuum. Your son and daughter-in-law are both feeling they’re not being heard and their needs are not being always met. We want to try to change the zero into a circle that embraces the couple. I suggest their wedding photo be placed in a circular frame and displayed in the family room or living room of their home and in yours. Also consider finding a bed quilt for them with a circular pattern (like a traditional wedding ring quilt). Let me know how they do. We can do a consultation by Skype if you need more information. I wish you and them luck and happiness.

  33. Jenny says:

    Hi Donna, we moved to an apartment 422, my birth date is 9/16/76 and husband’s date is 6/23/77. Any insights will be appreciated. Thank you.

    • Hi Jenny, While this apartment may cause you to have to work hard at first you will get some fantastic results. The temptation here will be to think that organizing will solve problems. Where actually you’ll need bold action and calculated risks to bring in the bounty of what this apartment can bring. I suggest you add Feng Shui Crystals to the rear wall of the apartment to stimulate luck and help from your community. Hang the crystals in a window if possible or under some light source. And make sure you dust the crystals once a month to reenergize. Also meet often together, as a family, so that everyone has the same goals. I think you’re going to like living there.

  34. Vic says:

    Hi Donna,
    I need to move and i am really scared about it. I used to live in a unit that was 14 it literally almost killed me. I lost everything in my life at that unit. Since then i have lived in unit 12 and 30. I need to move now and all the homes that are available to me which is a couple of them have a 14 or 4 in the unit number or 4 or 14 in the address or 14 in as far as units in total in the whole complex. Or 1400 sqt . It seems like i cant get away from it. So the address of this place is 5240 unit 214 . It has 1387 sqt if that helps. I want to start a home business and i dont know if i should take it . Please help me asap. Thank you

    • Hi Vic, I’m so sorry you had such a bad experience in that house. While a house number does affect the energy of a home, the number of the square footage does not. Many could measure a home and come up with a different number. So hopefully this will give you more home choices.
      Since you had such a bad experience in a 14 house I’m hoping you can find a new place without 14 in the apartment number like the 214 you mentioned. Write me again and let me know if you have other houses to choose from. If you can’t find anything else we’ll talk about things you can do in the 214 home to help you.

  35. Melody says:

    Hi Donna, thanks for the article. i am moving to a new place which is going to be a home / office.. home and art/healing place.. the building number is 13 and the apartment number is 5.. so it is 13/5.. any advice and comments will be appreciated! thank u!

    • Hi Melody, There’s a positive note in the number sequence, 1-3-5, that brings you energy of building and growing. This home will be a very powerful one. You may find that the energy is so strong it’s sometimes hard to rest. Creating a balanced energy inside the home will be the most important. This home needs soft furnishings and lots of curved lines. It needs some dark colors, peaceful sounds, and a place to meditate. Contrast this with your home office, make it bright with a good strong desk and art that depicts mountains and waterfalls. I think you will be very successful here. Let me know if you want to do a full Feng Shui consultation by phone or Skype. I would love to see your new home. Best wishes in your new place.

  36. Michelle says:

    Hi. We are currently looking at moving to a 75b home. Insight into his number would be great

    • Hi Michelle, When we have a letter in the number we have to add that into the mix. “B” is the second letter of the alphabet and so we have 75-2. In this home there will be lots of discussion about beliefs, goals and the direction the family should take for the future. Some of these discussions will be fun and lively and some may not be. To create more harmony in this home and to help you achieve what you want for your family I suggest adding a musical instrument to the living room or family room. This could be a piano, harp, guitar or the traditional Feng Shui flutes. For financial success consider things involving construction, communication or entertainment. By the way if this home sits at the top of a “t” intersection there could be a lot of unrest. Let me know if that’s the case.

  37. Kim OLiver says:

    Thank you, Donna for your quick responses to several questions I have asked you in the past. I know a couple whose house number is 199. They are experiencing marital problems and it seems like they are only cohabitating together because of financial issues. Is their house number causing bad energy for them financially as well as emotionally? Thank you for kind response….

  38. Kathy Nolan says:

    Hi, Donna,
    I was very intrigued to find your site. I have moved into a place of my own after 6 years of struggling with emotions of failure. In my decorating of my new place, I set a water fountian, chinese wind chime , a beta fish and sea shells all in the left corner of the living room as you walk in the front door.My house number is 39 and the street name is a male name. What are your thoughts on my new beginning? I am clutter free- spacious and have the woods as my back door, so lots of nature to look at. Any suggestions for a grand new beginning would be so helpful. Thanks

    • Hi Kathy, Congratulations on your new place. It sounds lovely. I think you’re off to a great start. This is a good house for writing (books, music or just blogging) and connecting like-minded people. To stimulate the energy for success have people over for a party or get together at least every month or so. Find a nice welcome mat, something made of a natural material, with no pictures on it. And place a bell on the front porch to call in new energy.

      I also offer phone and Skype consultations if you’re interested.
      Wishing you lots of prosperity in your new home, Donna

      • Kathy Nolan says:

        HI, Donna,

        I have completed your suggestions. I have a door mat made of natural material no pictures , as well as hung a windchime directly across from the front door that has bells (three to be exact) .. I would like this to be the best experience in getting back on my own as possible. With the numbers 39 and a males name for a street name (jonathan) is there any thing more that I need to accomplish to make this a heavenly place to visit 🙂 ?
        Kathy Nolan

      • Hi Kathy, You are well on your way to creating a “heavenly place” as the Jonathan means ‘gift from God’. It’s always wise to clear the space regularly. You can learn about space clearing at and Also I do consultations by phone and Skype if you want to have me look at your house more closely. Best wishes, Donna

  39. Diane says:

    Hi Donna-

    We’re looking to move our offices to downsize. I have an option to move into suite 207, or combine suites 303 & 304 into service our needs and I would use the better number. In previous comments you mentioned the number “0” as “black hole with no energy”. I’m hoping for a number to boost my business and help it! All of these numbers have zeros, can you tell me if I should pick any of these or keep looking.


    • Hi Diane, You didn’t say what kind of business you run. Some businesses do well in offices where there is a zero in the number. Seasonal businesses for instance have a period of high activity followed by a lull followed by high activity. Businesses that deal with digging, mining, drilling, environmental cleanup, clutter clearing and demolition are all types of businesses that can use the zero to their advantage. Of the numbers you listed (and without knowing what type of business you have) I would choose 303. This number has the most balance and the most potential for prosperity of the three. If you’re interested we could talk further about your business, I do consultations by phone and Skype

      • Diane Pridjian says:

        Hi Donna, thank you for your reply and so sorry not clarify. We are a financial consulting firm. Suite #303 was a tad bit small, but #302 is available and actually perfect size wise. I also like the street address which is 35 Hughes Avenue. My birthday is 7/24/64. Will it be a good number for my business? 2012 had its share of challenges…
        Thanks for all your guidance,

      • Hi Diane, The street number 35 is great for business. It combines the energy of cooperation with the ability to innovate as the market changes bringing prosperity and growth to the business. 302 is more focused than 303 which in most cases is good however be careful not to focus on too small a client base where the loss of one client would hobble the business. I suggest you place a round decorative bowl towards the back of the office to catch and contain all the money opportunities that come. At the entrance place a doormat that’s red or burgundy to pull in more customers and put them in a purchasing mood.

        The energy will shift greatly in 2013. Check out my predictions at

  40. zel says:

    Hi Donna,
    I live in an apartment # 201, my birthdate 24.11.81. Can you please give me an advice. One more thing, I love elephants so i bought two wooden statue. I put them on the side table in the living room facing east. I placed one elephant behind the other one. Can you please give me an advice.
    Thank you in advance.

    • Elephants that have the trunks up are great for attracting prosperity. Elephants also help us with memory and they remove obstacles. While you’re apartment number is good for art projects and spontaneous parties it is difficult for maintaining a happy relationship. The relationship can start out strong but then the energy seems to just disappear. To remedy this I suggest placing pairs of objects in the home (like your pair of elephants). I would also suggest your bedroom be done in earth-tones to help you feel supported in the relationship.

      You may want to check out for information about learning what 2013 will bring for you.

  41. Mavi says:

    Hi, I will move to a new house starting with nos. Block 17A Lot 14. What does it mean?

    • Hi Mavi, Congratulations on the new home. This is a very powerful location where you will feel more confident and independent. There will be times when you find love relationships are difficult because anyone in this home will want to have their own way all the time. To aid in your relationships I suggest you display lots of pictures of friends and family. Display pictures of people who are younger in metal frames and those who are older in wood frames. Doing this will bring you support and togetherness while you maintain the power this home will give you.

      • Mavi says:

        I’m quite relieved in a way, because someone says that the number represent death as there is #4 in the end :(. Thank you for your response. I am relieved and will be at peace in a way. Best regards…

      • Hi Mavi, The number 4 does have some associations with death in some cultures. But we consider both the cultural meaning as well as the universal meaning when reading a house number. In addition 4 doesn’t necessarily mean a literal death but it can mean a need to let go of something that is no longer required in your life. Sometimes we hold on to things and situations way too long and the number 4 can help us hold on to only the things that are truly important and let go of the rest.

  42. Mavi says:

    Hi Donna, I have one more question, my parents and relatives are living in a house with no. 93. I noticed that majority of the person living in that apartment especially those living in 2nd flr. are sick. COuld you advise what this no. means?

    • Hi Mavi, In some cases the number 93 can bring a lot of worry and worry can be associated with illness. In general this number is quite positive, bringing abundance and good family communication. To protect your parents from the energy of the people on the floor above have them tape a mirror to the ceiling of their home (it can be in a closet). Have the mirror facing upward (so we would only see the back of the mirror) to symbolize reflecting the energy from the floor above. If any negative energy comes downward it will be reflected by the mirror and away from your parents.

      If you or your parents find you need more help I do consultations by phone and Skype and we could look at your places in more detail.

  43. Erika says:

    Hi Donna, I find your house number intepretations facinating! Currently my door number is 1020. Their have been a couple of type of spirits that have visited the house. They were not negative, they were funny and liked to play tricks. I asked them to leave. Now I don’t have any strange occurences anymore, just every blue moon. But it certainly was an experience! I have experienced positives here, I can’t say anything bad. I am due to move to door number 1049. Right now I am looking for a change. I I am planning to travel more, exercise and get in shape, go back to school and meet new people and get my self esteem back and basically get out more. I noticed the number 1049 adds up to 5. Could this be a postive home number? I have a choice between door number 2056 and 1049. 2056 seemed a little dark and gloomy. So I’m looking at 1049. Most of the places I have stayed have been 2 or 3’s and nothing over these numbers. Birthdate 05/13/1982. Any help would be greatly apreciated

    • Hi Erika, I would certainly recommend 1049 over 2056. The only problem I think you’ll have with 1049 is the desire to be social over studying. You will meet a lot of new people with this number and you will get to travel though it would be a good idea to have someone who can check in on your place when you’re gone. I would also recommend a protection cure like a pair of Fu Dogs either in a front window sill or in the living room facing the front door. Parties and social events could also derail your attempts at getting in shape. Check out my site, and sign up for the free tips. These are Feng Shui based tips for reducing portion sizes. Overall I think you’re making the right choice with 1049. Congratulations on your new place.

  44. Jamis says:

    Hi Donna, we have just bought a condo unit #13-45 n will b ready in 2015. May I know how’s e unit number?

    • HI Jamis, This number can be a little challenging but it also has a blessing with it. If you grew up with the idea of ‘eat your vegetables then you can have dessert’ you will be fine in the condo. But if you’re a ‘dessert first’ person you’re going to struggle a bit. The fact that you’re waiting until 2015 to move in says you’re already in harmony with the energy of this condo. The blessing is the building energy you can access here. You can build bank accounts, a business or a relationship in this place. But a warning; avoid the color pink in the bathrooms or bedrooms as that will bring you difficulties and disappointments with this condo.

      • Jamis says:

        Thank you for Your prompt reply, will let my friends know about your about your fantastic blog. Best regards…..

  45. Cynthia says:

    Hello Donna, We are scheduled to close on our home, which is a short sale, on November 20 or 21st. The house number is 3414. I was at first super excited about this home. I have a daughter with special needs (down syndrome) and the elementary school and h.s. she would be attending is right across the streest and I loved the idea that she would be able to find independence by being able to walk to school on her own. Now I have become aware of how numbers can affect you in your new home and I am feeling uneasy. My sister lives right around the corner from us, and I was really excited about the extra support. Please let me know what I can expect from this home. We as a family already face challenges in raising our sweet daughter. I am moving because she has been bullied horribly at her current school. Our birthdays are as such: My husband 10/2/71, My birthday is 5/11/74, My daughter 8/7/01, and my son 3/8/03. Oh, and I now have become aware that we are scheduled to close on a Mercury retrograde. I am working to change that right now. Thank you sooooooo much, I really appreciate any help or suggestions. Love.

    • Hi Cynthia, If you think of energy like an ocean wave there’s a big difference between riding the wave and being hit by the wave. We can’t stop the wave but we can use the power of the wave to our benefit. This is a home where there will be work and some hardships but with a special needs child you’re already expecting challenges. She is your surf board. She brings the challenges you need to balance the energy of this home. And along with the challenges there will also be laughter, creativity and teamwork.

      It’s important to start out right. You need to clear the energy of this home of the negative energy that most short sale homes have. You can clear the home by smudging. (If you’re uncertain about doing this yourself I do remote clearings.) Do not keep any furniture or objects from the previous owners (this includes things in the garage). And plant roses in the garden. Roses have beautiful blooms, some thorns and a scent that brings joy. Roses will channel more of the difficult energy out of the home and away from you and your family.

      • Cynthia says:

        Wow, Donna, Thank you again. I am so willing to ride the wave. The address just freaked me out a bit because of the two 4’s and the 14. I would never want to go anywhere that may lead to prospective harm or loss to any of my family members. As I read your response, I simply cried. I am ready for a new start where we can plant the beautiful things in life. Roses sound wonderful. I will continue to keep this house and my family in good light and pray that we be blessed with many happy years together in this home. I am grateful to have found your sight and will continue to refer to it for suggestions and interesting reads. Have a good day!

      • You are very welcome.

  46. Kathy Nolan says:

    Hello Donna,

    I have wrote you in regards to my new home and the numbers and street name of the place. 39 is the address and Jonathan is the name of the street. I live in an area of poverty and there is a hotel right across the road from me that promotes promiscuous behavior. I have followed your instructions of how to add to the blessings of the home. Unfortunately this has not happened thus far. I am experiencing bad headaches- dibillitating ones, the landlord hasnt came thru with his promises, and i am feeling less than happy of my new place. I even purchased white sage to do a cleansing. To no avail it still feels cold, and the air is heavy. What can I do to rid this place of the heaviness it has and make it a brighter , happier , sunshiny place to live ? please help me Thanks

    • Yes, the surrounding properties can greatly affect a home. Continue to use the sage to clear the energy. It may take several weeks of smudging to completely clear the home. Also place a mirror in the front window facing out, to protect the home. If the home needs further clearing then a consultation could help. We can discuss the particulars of the house placement and neighborhood in relation to your family and your goals. Consultations can be done by phone or Skype. Let me know if you’re interested.

  47. Cynthia says:

    Hello Donna,

    It is Cynthia again! The house number 3414 interpretation still seems unclear to me. Can you tell me what this number means.

    • Hi Cynthia, This number means “we need to work hard and support each other while releasing what’s not needed so that the family can prosper”. If you don’t work hard and, when the times comes, willingly release what should be released (letting go of clutter, bad habits, negative thinking) then there will be loss (things will be taken from you).

  48. Cristin says:

    Hi Donna! I am a fellow Feng Shui Consultant but am only just beginning to dabble in numerology. My address is currently 4240 which i have always reduced down to a one, but I would be curious to hear what you have to say about 4240 as it is. I live here very happily with my husband and 3 children. Also, I have a question for you regarding the bagua. Where I live many people have large decks attached to the back of their homes and they are used during 3 seasons of the year. If the size is substantial enough I like to include them in the bagua, as opposed to considering them enhancements to the neighboring guas inside the walls of the house. Can I get your opinion on this? I know some consultants will only include an attachment if it has a roof over it. Thank you so much! You are very generous with sharing you knowledge here, and I look forward to perusing your website further.

    • Hi Cristin, Thank you so much for writing. I love the name of your blog, and I encourage all my readers to visit Cristin’s site for her excellent posts on aromatherapy.

      At it’s highest vibration and in the most positive light this number 4240 reads as “through intense, structured effort we can tap into the core essence of what we need and want”. But there can be losses in a home with this house number despite hard work and care. A home like this absolutely needs a home business with a product to sell (you need an inventory that reduces and sells out to prevent losses in other areas). A tax business would also be a good business for this home. Things in the home should be very organized which could be quite the challenge with a family of five but a lot of structure will also help prevent losses. For example a structured menu plan would prevent uneaten food spoiling and trashed. If you receive signs to move (sewer line breaks, vandalism, mold, house obliterated by tornado, etc.) then it would be wise to move within 12 months of receiving the sign because this house does have a difficult number. You should not tempt fate with this house number.

      The reason we don’t usually consider open decks in the bagua is because there are no walls or roof to contain the energy. Energy (chi) flows directionally (which we can read with the compass) until it’s in a structure then the energy is guided through a space by the floor plan. This is why it doesn’t matter which direction your front door faces, the front door is the Career area because energy enters building here. That said, a deck can have a great affect on the family and should be considered. Since the deck is part of the whole property it is in an area of the bagua and can be read that way.

      Also consider checking out my new website

  49. Eleftheria says:

    Hello from Spain!
    I find very interesting your blog and thank you very much for all the information you take the time to put into it for all of us!
    The thing is that you got me into some thinking since we are planning to move to a house with a number 114!
    I was born on 24.10.82 and my boyfriend on 30.08.78.
    Will it bring us bad luck?
    I would so much appreciate an advice since not only we are changing houses but cities and jobs as well and I am kind of anxious for all these big steps!
    Thank you so so much!

    • Hi Eleftheria, That’s a lot of change…and you’ve chosen the perfect time to do it. We are coming into a time when those who can and do make changes will find more luck. This house number reads as “two individuals working hard together to make a happy, stable home and family life”. That said there is still some trouble here with the 4. This energy can cause your work schedules to clash or that you both end up working too hard and not having enough time for each other. I recommend you schedule in the fun (literally put the fun on the calendar). Also discard or donate any excess items on a regular basis. Especially keep clutter out of the bedroom (which could affect the relationship). And find a picture of a sailboat on calm, peaceful waters and hang that in the bedroom. That will help you attract prosperity as well as happiness.

      Your boyfriend is born in the Year of the Snake. He’s coming up on a big year. You can see more at

  50. Ce says:

    Hi Donna,
    Can you tell me what the house number, 4N105 means?
    Thank you!!

    • Hi Ce, Such an interesting number with a letter in it. This is a home that requires a lot of flexibility on your part. It reads “the best plans get disrupted and as plans are remade and changes happen then success comes”. In this house never rigidly hold on to anything. Don’t hold on to ideas, beliefs, habits and especially don’t hold on to stuff. I suggest you display flags or wind-socks outside the home, to represent going with the flow. Change your furniture around every few months. And if you’re renting don’t sign a long lease, instead, when you can, go month to month.

      Mercury is retrograde now. Check out my predictions for each Chinese Zodiac sign at

  51. This is the best blog on the meaning of addresses, EVER!
    Thank you for it
    I am interested in the meaning of both my home & office:
    7053 13th Ave NW is home (and I am a 7 with a husband & son both 5 and there is 3 of us, so that felt pretty right!)
    2461B Queen Anne Ave is my massage business.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Terri, Your home is wonderfully in harmony with you and your family. The thing to be aware of with your home is that sometimes it will seem like things are not manifesting the way you want and you may be tempted to give up and accept something less. I suggest you place a picture or figurine of a tortoise in the family room to represent, ‘slow and steady wins the race’. I also suggest you place a brass bowl by the back or patio door to catch money that might be leaving the house too quickly.

      Your massage business can flourish with this number. This is a number that will allow you to build a loyal clientele who refers you to their friends. Your clients will feel blissful peace as they leave your place, so it’s good to remind them that you want referrals. Remember to clear your space at least once a week with sage or salt to remove any energies left by your clients. Also set a houseplant on top of nine coins to attract prosperity and get ready to raise your prices in the Spring.

      You might be interested in my free Feng Shui Crystals webcast. It’s at

  52. Ps we just found a house for my mother with the address 10810 12th, would that be extra lucky?

    • Hi Terri, This is a home for independent living. It’s good for someone who wants space and time to themselves while still having people over occasionally. This home needs good drains. Make sure the pipes are working well and that there are no clogs. I suggest placing mobiles or flags outside the home to create energy and vitality. She could use an American flag or fabric flags that have pictures like snowflakes or spring flowers and such. Mobiles are like wind chimes but they make no noise and they move at the slightest breeze. These will stir up the energy making the home lively and happy.

      And just so you know my 2013 predictions are up at

  53. Yvo says:

    Hello Donna:
    I am so impressed with your generosity. My house no is 5605 and do is 7/31/64. I live with a daughter dob 3/26/01. Can you please interpret these numbers for us?
    thank you

    • Hi Yvo, This is a home that brings a lot of change and opportunity, sometimes an overwhelming amount. If too many things seem to be happening at once don’t dig in your heels. Instead know this is a good home and that everything will work out. I suggest a fountain either in front of the home or a small tabletop fountain in the living room. The fountain need only run for an hour or so a day (unless it’s frozen then it can wait until Spring). The fountain represents a gentle flow of opportunities and the opportunities lead directly to prosperity. (If a nice fountain is not in the budget at the moment then place a houseplant in that spot, when you water the plant it will simulate the flowing water). Also if it appears that you’re about to lose something or some opportunity know that it will be replaced by something even better. So if something goes away just wait, something better is coming.

      Feng Shui Crystals also can help us balance a flood of opportunities. You can get my free Feng Shui Crystal webcast at

  54. Jamis says:

    Hi Donna, pls advice on this unit no. #03-20 and #05-08 . The condo will be ready by 2016. Thanks

    • Hi Jamis, There can be some difficulty with a number that starts on zero. It can make things very slow to start, lots of spinning your wheels with no traction. It’s important with either of these numbers to really plan before taking any action. Of these two numbers I would suggest 05-08. Despite the fact that it adds up to a 4 the positive energy of the 5 and 8 will balance that challenging energy. This number would read, “plant then weed, plant some more and succeed, then plant more seeds and do it all again.

      To insure harmony and success I suggest wood, tile or stone floors rather than carpet to balance the energy of the 4. And add round decorative mirrors in the living room and/or family room to balance the energy of the zeros. You could further balance this energy with a round coffee table or dining table.

      Adding darker colors to floors or walls can also balance the energy of the number 4. If you want to learn more about the energy of color check out

  55. Sue says:

    Hi Donna,

    We ar removing from a house number 130 to number 22. The house 130 is south facing and number 22 is north facing. We have also rented a PO Box 408. Can you interpret these numbers for us? I appreciate greatly any advice you have for us. Thanks very much.

    • Hi Sue, 22 is an interesting number. It’s a master number but it does add up to 4. Master numbers have a higher vibration and a more powerful energy which you can access but they also come with a greater responsibility if you use that power. On a basic level this number reads “people coming together for a common purpose or goal”. It’s a good number for relationships and even better for business partnerships. On the higher vibration you can use this energy to build something really big and important for your lives. Say you wanted to retire early or build a million dollar business or send your kids to Ivy League schools this is a good number to use.

      I suggest you capitalize on this energy by creating a vision board for you and your family. Cut pictures out of magazines of things you want; cars, trips, etc. and tack them to a bulletin board in the kitchen or family room. Hang several Feng Shui crystals on the board to give it even more emphasis. And as you manifest what you want just keep adding more pictures to the board.

      The PO Box 408 is a good number for a business. It says, “work hard, then wait, then reap the rewards”. The trick will be having patience.

      You can learn more about Feng Shui Crystals at

  56. Pia says:

    Hi Donna, I’m looking to lease a retail space and the address number is 3624, is this a good or bad number and what does the number means? Thanks

    • Hi Pia, Retail spaces have different energy than homes. This number gives an energy that shows you would take great care of your customers. You must be cautious though, that you don’t give so much that you end up depleting yourself. You must balance what you do for the customers with what they do for you and your business. In other words this could be a tough number for a person who’s a giver. That said if it was a service business then this number would be very much in harmony.

      I suggest you write out your retail policies for yourself before opening your store. Write what you’re willing to do for difficult or unsatisfied customers. Post your return policy for customers to see and stick to it, don’t give more than that. In addition this number lends it self to a sense of family and belonging so membership discount cards, customer birthday discounts, frequent shopper privileges would all be good in this space. Also light a metallic silver candle once a month to attract new business.

      For more information on attracting prosperity check out

  57. Pia says:

    Thank you Donna. What address numbers would be ideal for a produce business?

    • Hi Pia, A produce business needs quick turnover of stock. Good numbers are ones that add up to 1 or 5. If the number also contains a 2 or 3 then business relationships can be easily established like with grocery stores or restaurants.

      • Pia says:

        Thanks you so much. We really wanted the retail place address number 3624 to work. If we add meat and seafood on top of produce do you think it will be work? Thanks Pia

      • Hi Pia, I think adding meat and seafood would help a lot. I also suggest a red or burgundy mat near the front door, something gold and shiny displayed in the far left corner of the shop and collect people’s email addresses for special discounts and recipe tips. The 3624 number lends it self to community and so sending a warm, inviting newsletter with delicious recipes would bring you more business.

  58. Pia says:

    Donna. My house number is 1057, is good or bad? If it is bad, can you tell me how to cure it? Many thanks.

    • Hi Pia, The number 1057 has it challenges. This could work for your produce business if you keep in mind that there will always be more work than you expect (so be ready to hire help). If this is a home then the energy could cause family members to come and go from the home and there may be arguments in the home based on political or religious differences. Having a business in the home would help a lot to quell the unrest. Also I would suggest a round dining table. This would help balance the energy and create more family harmony.

  59. TJ says:

    Hi Donna, my new address will be on 44th St. The apartment # is 1404. What can I do to prevent any negative energy and symbolisms of death? Thank you.

    • Hi TJ, You can channel the energy of the number 4 by adding lots of hard surfaces, stone like marble, slate and granite, and using furniture that is very square. So think mission style furniture, a platform bed, marble topped tables, and hardwood floors. Choose art that has square motifs rather than circles. You can also run a business out of the home to use up some of the 4 energy. In addition have houseplants and immediately replace any that die. The plants will bring living energy to the home.

      And check out my site on prosperity, for some ideas to attract money.

  60. MJ says:

    Hi Donna,
    Our house number is 14308. Can you tell me if it has good or bad energy connected to it? There seems to be alot of arguing among neighbors and they seem generally unhappy.

    • This number reads as one person doing the work of several, at first this brings little results but in time it brings prosperity. You have to live in this house a while to get the full benefit. I suggest placing a protection mirror in a window facing the arguing neighbors. This will reflect their energy back to them. They will either stop arguing or they will move away. For you I suggest painting the ceilings a contrasting color from the walls or hanging mobiles or chimes from the ceiling. This will lift you out of the drudgery and give you more success.

      My predictions for 2013 are up on my website, I hope you will check them out when you have a moment.

  61. Jade says:

    I am currently living in house no. 28. I am thinking of buying a house no. 22. Should I go ahead and buy this house? What is the effect of both houses on my career, health, finances and emotional well-being? Thanks.

    • 22 is a master number. If you can stay in the higher vibration it’s great, 22 is the master builder, the one who can create the future they want. If, on the other hand, you stay in the lower vibrations you will find much work and not a lot of progress. We get to and stay in the higher vibrations by taking bold actions, taking risks, facing fears and doing our part to make the world a better place. If you have big dreams and a humanitarian outlook then yes, this could be a very good place for you. If you want a strong relationship where you as a couple build a business that helps a lot of people, this is a good place. But if you want to just work a regular job, go home and watch tv all night, then this could be a hard place to live.

      I don’t think you would be attracted to the house number 22 if you weren’t ready for it. Let me know what you choose.

  62. aj10 says:

    Hello donna! We’re planning to buy a new house and lot and almost all of the lots in the block 12 isn’t taken yet, except for block 12 lot 8, which i really wanted to buy. We took block 12 lot 18, is this a good house for us? Our front door and bedrooms for that house is situated in the east. And Our Backyard is an uphill slope, because the entrance gate of the subdivision is on the top of the hill and we’re 11 blocks away from the top. The arrangement of lots in Block 12 is clockwise ( lots 1 – 12 ) entrance facing the south and uphill slope ( lots 13 – 24) entrance facing east and back uphill. Our choosen house is surrounded by lots 11, 13 & 7. My birthdate is 09-03-79 and my husband’s is 07-20-77, our daughter’s bday is 05-26-10. If this isnt a good feng shui block and lot, give us some advice what number is great so we can change it until next week. This will be our very first house. Can you please interpret this numbers for us. I appreciate greatly any advice you have for us. Thanks!

    • This is hard to interpret because block 12 lot 8 isn’t really the address of the house, it’s just a building designation. It’s the difference between someone being called Donna versus the woman in the third seat in the third row. Let me know what the address will be then I can tell you the energy.

      I will say that houses on sloping property have positives and negatives. You want the property not to slide down into your house so a good retaining wall is necessary. On the positive the energy of the house above will run down to your house and you will benefit from that. The negative is then the energy from your house will run down to the house below you. Place a bowl-shaped fountain in your front yard to prevent loss of energy and to catch energy that came down from the other houses.

      • aj10 says:

        Sorry, our house number is 18, my mistake.. I need to find a bowl-shaped fountain, thank you for that. What other things i should buy that i need inside our house that would maintain the positive energy? Do i have to buy a wind chime for my door? Does our birthdates affects the energy in our house to be? Please give me some advice for us! Thankyou so much!

      • Hi AJ, Yes, your birth dates will affect your experience. The house number is the energy of the house. Think of the difference in feeling from a bank to a casino. This is like the difference in two house numbers. Also you have your own energy described by your birth date. And though you are still you wherever you go, you will act differently in a bank versus a casino.

        Wind chimes attract energy. The color, materials, sound and decorations on the chime determine what kind of energy the chime will attract. Most people use chimes to attract money. A good money chime will have 5, 6 or 8 gold-tone rods, a wood top and a deep harmonious sound.

  63. Alex says:

    Hi Donna,

    We are building a house and the house number is 105. Although, we want to change it to 107. What do you think is the best house number; 105 or 107? Hope to hear from you soon!


  64. Kathy Nolan says:

    hi donna,
    oh what a mess and tragic event living in the 39 jonathan address/ i did all that you mentioned to do including burning sage regularly, the trailer caught on fire / had massive rodent problems / electrical issues that interfered in allowing to heat properly/ I finally gave up after the second round of electrical problems and decided to move. As the movers were putting the vacume on the truck ( the last piece to go) the ceiling in the living room collapsed due to heavy rains. I was astonished and grateful that my belongings were all on a moving truck before that happened. Anyways I have a new house , beautiful and way more than I could ever dream of living in. The address is 392 thunderbird lane. What are your thoughts on this new address. I am excited to hear. Thanks Kathy

    • Hi Kathy, I am so happy to hear you have moved. And that you are so protected that your family and belongings were saved from the collapsing ceiling. 392 indicates you are now poised for many opportunities both in business and relationships. I suggest you invite friends over and fill the house with laughter and joy. Because this new home can attract all kinds of new energy for you it would be wise to know what you want to attract. Do a vision board with pictures or words of what you want in your life. Hang this in the bedroom where you can see it at least once a day. Check my 2013 Chinese Astrology website and do the Feng Shui suggestions I have made for your Chinese Zodiac sign. And check in with me before the next eclipse in April and let me know how things are going.

  65. Mary says:

    I am looking at a property (no house on it yet) with an address of 217 for the house number and 220 for the street name. Is this aspicious? (The 220 or 22 is a master number but no auspicious as you stated above and adds to a 4), My Kua number is 4. Would that be good? It has a small plant farm on it. Thank you.

    • Hi Mary, The street number is not as significant for the individual as the house number. The street number will give us an energy for how the street interacts with the city and how the street affects the house (which in this case it would mean that most of the time the street will be clean and well maintained but there will be times when the street will be forgotten and residents will need to express themselves to get attention again). The house number 217 indicates a couple of one mind spreading their thoughts, influence and words into the community. This is a good number for two people who work in teaching, writing, communication, politics or spiritual professions. If one person is extreme in their views the other members of the family will come to understand and even believe like the one. Since it is a small farm then the most harmonious energy would be an organic farm (one that takes a political or social consciousness stand) or, the other extreme would be a GM farm where plants undergo a lot of tests to increase scientific knowledge (as a person who eats food I’m hoping your choose the organic farm). Let me know if you end up getting this property.

  66. Thipavanh says:

    I just move in a new place. 500 is my home#. I would like to know if my home a good luck and peaceful place to reside in.

    • Hi Thipavanh, So sorry for the delay. Chinese New Year brought so much business I haven’t had time for anything else. 500 can be an exciting number, unfortunately it’s not a peaceful number. This energy is about one adventure after another, one party after another, one decision after another, one challenge after another. To bring good luck you need to always make a decision, don’t hesitate when a choice needs to be made. I suggest you hang pictures of a sailing ships in your home. This is to represent a safe vehicle to carry you and your family through any rough waters. This will also represent opportunities for wealth and success.

      Also check out my Chinese Horoscope website for more tips.

  67. blueducks says:

    Hi, Im looking at buying an apartment B207 with the street number 30-32. My date of birth is 30 June 1989 and partner is 08 November 1988. Hope to hear back from you.

    Thank you

    • Hi, So sorry for the long delay. I had such a large response from my new book, 2013 Year of the Water Snake, I’m just now getting back to my routine. The number you’re looking at reads as a very strong relationship number. This apartment will first bring you closer together, then there will be a period where a few differences will need to be worked out followed by feeling even closer together. It will be important to air differences often so that no resentment builds. I suggest you hang flags or mobile (here’s an example to bring more ease and happiness to your home. Hang them in the living room or bedroom. Small wind chimes will also work but are not quite as effective for this purpose.

  68. Robyn says:

    Hi Donna. We are currently renting a house with the address 1816. It’s been a good but interesting time in this house. We are making an offer on a house today with an address of 1594. We have two children and would be doing a lot of updating to this house. What are your thoughts on this house number? My kua number is 9 and my husband’s is 5.

    • Hi Robyn, So sorry for the long delay. I had a huge response to my new book, 2013 Year of the Water Snake, and it’s kept me really busy. This number does indicate a home where many renovation projects will take place, I’m glad you are already expecting that. This home also will not do well with clutter so it’s important to be always in the process of letting go of things that are no longer needed. This home will inspire lots of independence in both the adults and children which can be good but also can end up meaning the family doesn’t feel connected. I suggest a family portrait displayed in the living room or dining room to bring family unity. I also suggest running a home business out of this house. This will help change the challenging aspects into prosperity aspects.

  69. Rakesh Gupta says:

    Hello Donna !

    We are relocating to one place to another place as that will be my new job location , earlier i am staying in house no E 506 and now i am moving to 303 , the old one house no E 506 is suited me a lot i acheive most of the things in my life and enjoy the life also , now i wants to know whether 303 house no can be lucky for me or we can enjoy our stay and job same like before or not? My date of birth is 04-10-1973.

    • Hi Rakesh, I sense your new job will be successful and your relationship even more so. Because you’re used to the energy of a number with a zero in the center you will do just fine in this new house. In fact you will find more people want to do business with you. I suggest place a symbol of protection and wealth by your front door. This could be a religious symbol (Ganesh, St. Servatus, etc.) or Feng Shui symbol (a sailing ship, string of coins, etc.). And now that it’s Spring get a new welcome mat for your front door to welcome in new opportunities. Numbers with zeros in the center can be difficult so if you run into problems remember patience will help you win in the end. I do private consultations by phone and Skype if you need more help.

  70. sharon aston says:

    Hi Donna we will soon be moving into a house numbered 148,My D.O.B is 05.09.67 my husbands is 29.06.67 and daughters is 02.04.91. Do you think this is a good number for us,
    kind regards

    • Hi Sharon, #148 is a good number if you don’t have much clutter and you have a home business. This is actually a great number for working at home. You will find your business prospers. If you don’t have a home business then while this number will bring material success it will often take something from you. It will be important to always be clearing clutter and getting rid of what is not needed. This way you’ll accumulate cash rather than problems. I suggest you place stacks of coins on the kitchen and home office window sills. Use odd number stacks and use quarters or larger denominations (finally a use for the dollar coins). This will attract more money to the house. If you play the lottery, place the ticket under a stack of nine coins. You can see more interesting Feng Shui cures at

  71. PJ says:

    Hi Donna,
    It’s so wonderful that you share your knowledge freely. That’s good Chi! 🙂

    My husband and I are under contract to purchase a house with the number 1303 as the street address. We are moving from a 314, but the house doesn’t belong to us – otherwise we would be staying! We are a family of five.

    How do things look for the new place? Thanks in advance!!

    • Hi PJ, #1303 will be less stressful than your previous #314 but still has some challenges. There will be a high level of activity in this house nearly all the time, not just your family but others (neighbors and friends) will be over too. There can also be an interruption of income during the first year. To guard against that put off expensive renovation projects until 2014. Get a new welcome mat (do not use the one from the previous tenants). Place stacks of coins on window sills (stack them in three’s or five’s and use quarters, half dollars or dollar coins). This will bring in money from more than one source to the home. And tell the primary breadwinner to start networking as soon as you move. Then the interruption will be a transition to a higher wage or bring a business expansion.

      If you need more help I offer private consultations by phone and Skype. Just let me know if you want details.

  72. Gautam H says:

    Dear Donna,
    Can you tell me what the number 43 represents? I am considering moving to an apartment that has a door number 3 (which I believe is ok in Feng Shui), but the building number is 43. So it would be 3, 43 XYZ Road. I am presently living in Apartment 21A, of building that is number 8 on the road. Would you recommend the move or to stay put? My date of birth is 25.12.1976.

    • Hi Gautam, With an apartment 3 in building 43 we are really only concerned with the #3. And you are correct, 3 is a very good number. It brings lots of people who will help you in business and in personal aspects of your life. #21A adds up to a 4 which is much more difficult than a 3. And while the choice of a place to live needs to be based on more than the number, if we are only considering the number I would suggest you take the #3. If you need more help deciding let me know. I do private consultations by phone and Skype.

  73. Katie says:

    Hi Donna my house is 4704. I love your new book although I lost the link on my computer where I downloaded it…!!!

    • Hi Katie, If you email me privately I can help you with the book.

      #4704 has it’s challenges but it also brings a gift. This number is about how we sometimes limit our own prosperity and happiness because of rules we adopted long ago. This house amplifies those rules and helps you see them and judge whether the rules are valid and/or true. For example: a person might have a rule that mornings are difficult and this makes them late to work and has held them back in their career. But in a 4704 house they would find the sun brightly shines into their bedroom, helping them wake up early and the sunshine would give them energy. Overall this house will require a lot of work but the gifts it brings (in helping you break unhelpful rules that unlock your prosperity potential) are worth it. I suggest you take long strips of paper and on each write a “rule” you have. Place them in a vase on a table close to the center of the house. Each week draw one of the papers and try to break the rule. Once a rule is broken for good you can burn the strip of paper. This will work wonders for bringing you what you want.

  74. May says:

    Hi Donna we live in a house #917 is it lucky? And we are planning to buy a commercial and residential unit with number 106 do you think it is a good number for our business?

    • Hi May, #917 is a very positive number as long as you don’t end up making a lot of rules for yourselves. Rules or restrictions in this house will block prosperity. If you have artwork that has sayings on it, even something that seems positive it could end up restricting the money flow. Even something as benign as “home is where the heart is” in this house could limit your happiness to when you’re at home. I suggest you hang cut glass crystals. These crystal balls bounce the light in all directions and represents a lack of restriction. You can get my free video on how to use Feng Shui Crystals for more information.

      Different numbers work better for different types of businesses. #106 is okay for a business that sells an inventory or distributes information. As a residential unit there may be high turnover. See if you can turn it into an executive or high-end rental then it will balance the energy.

  75. babs says:

    Hi, I’m moving from a flat number 101 to a house number 18. I’m hoping this will be a positive move. Can u advise …..

    • Hi Babs, #18 will be a significant improvement. This number will bring you more prosperity and an overall sense of well-being. What will be required from you is to put yourself and your family as the priority. It’s the “charity starts at home” idea. Before you start giving anything away (time, energy or money) think if someone at home needs it. I suggest you hang a mirror in the living room (not opposite the front door but to one side) to bring in more light and energy. Choose a decorative mirror that goes with your decor. This will attract prosperity to a home with this energy.

      Did you know you can find explanations of Feng Shui cures in my book, Feng Shui Form? It’s now available as a kindle.

  76. Dorothy says:

    Hi Donna,

    We are looking at purchasing a home with home #6804. I know it ends in 4, however, what can I do to dissuade any bad feng shui associated with the 4 and what can I do to entice the sellers to sell to me (accept a contingency)??


    • Hi Dorothy, While 4 can be a difficult number it is made much easier by having a home business. 4 is the number of hard work and so the business itself becomes the entity that’s working hard for you. I am more concerned with the zero following the 8 in this number. This can indicate that money slips through your fingers and goes down the drain before you realize it. I suggest that money be put into a savings account every time you receive a paycheck even if you must pull that money back out before month’s end. I also suggest placing a piggy bank in your bedroom, kitchen and/or home office. Add coins and paper money to the pig whenever possible and that will attract more money to the family.

      Picking up a stone from the garden of the home you want can help you secure that home. Keep the stone with you until you sign the contract. Of course finding a stone may not be possible if there’s no yard. Otherwise consider that if the home doesn’t come to you it’s a sign that a better home is waiting for you.

  77. Sam says:

    Hi Donna 🙂
    I would love you to be able to tell me about the energies of our new house we are buying, it’s a number 1.
    We have been renting a no.84 for the past 2.3years, and its been a mixture of great and caos times… we are a family of 5 …. my dob 20th jan 1978, my partner 24th dec 1972, daughter 2nd sep 1999, daughter 3rd july 2007, son 2nd june 2009.

    We live in a small country town, the front door of our new home faces west and looking to the mountains and paddocks and highway, with a waterway passing though the back of our 1/2 acre block (east side of the block behind the house)
    Could you please provide some insight to the number and enegies of our new home.
    Many thanks,

    • Hi Sam, Congratulations on your new home. A #1 home is one where everyone is independent and does their own thing. This can be difficult when it’s time to pull the family together. So it’s very important in this house that everyone has assigned chores. This way everyone is focused on their individual task while helping the whole. I suggest that one day each week one person get’s to decide something for the family. Let’s say it’s your son’s day. He would get to decide that on Wednesday everyone gets ice cream with dinner and he gets to choose the video. This will have the effect of the individual pulling the family together. You should also consider not having TV in bedrooms, instead have a central place where everyone gathers (even if they are watching their own programs on their phones). I also suggest that family pictures be placed in the same color frames. They can be different size frames but the uniform color will help unite the family. You can see more tips in my book, Feng Shui Form, which is now available as a Kindle.

  78. Laura Fouts says:

    HI Donna,
    Our house number is 11925. We are seriously considering moving. We raised our 3 sons here and it has been one stress after another. We are looking for a fresh start or stay and keep up the cleansing and healing energy here. Please help.

    My birthday 12-29-1958
    Husbands birthday 3-1-1955

    Thank You.

    • Hi Laura, The #11925 is a stressful number. Everyone is independent and doing their own thing and just when you think everything is going to work out the unexpected happens and everything changes. There is, however, a positive side to this number too. By focusing on innovative thinking while at the same time releasing old beliefs and limitations can bring financial success. But juggling three kids you wouldn’t have had much time for that so I understand why this house has been difficult. If you are receiving signs that it’s time to move then moving would be best. Based on your birth dates moving signs would be things like air conditioning issues, heating problems, serious fireplace issues, or excessive damage to the roof from wind. If you decide to stay I suggest, in addition to the cleansing and healing energy you mentioned, adding hanging crystals. Crystals will catch the light and put rainbows on the walls representing a changing environment. They will also bring in new energy and opportunities for you and your family. You can see an example of these crystals at Mobiles and objects that have movement will also work.

  79. Haley says:

    Hi Donna, I love your blog. What can you tell me about house number 303? We are moving to a home with that number in a few weeks.

    • Hi Haley, You will have some excitement in this house. When there is a zero at the center of a number you have an interruption in the flow of energy. So you may have a line on a new job and the interviews are proceeding just fine then silence, no one is returning your calls and no one is calling you. Your reaction might be to give up. But instead the best course is to stay the course and just wait out the interruption. What you begin will continue after the interruption. To mitigate this energy we want to avoid having anything in the center of the house that resembles a hole or block. A spiral staircase would be an example of an object that is “drilling a hole”. A large stone fireplace in the center of the house would be an example of a block. I suggest you add flowers, plants, or a fish tank to the center of the house to bring energy and to help shorten interruptions. Let me know how things go. I do private consultations by phone and Skype if you need more after you move in.

  80. Jill says:

    We are considering a rental that has the address 354. The couple and their children
    lived here for many years until the husband found a younger woman and now they are
    getting a divorce. The property is located in an ideal area, but has some feng shui
    problems. The front door faces the staircase and the next building is much taller then
    this property. I am most worried about the address. Is there a cure that works?

    • Hi Jill, You are correct that the experience of the previous tenants can indicate the energy of the home overall and that energy will affect you and your family. So for this house you really want to place cures and make changes in the home to change the energy. The #354 is about teamwork, people with different skills coming together to make a better life (or at least a different life). In the case of this house it sounds like the man formed a “team” outside the family. I suggest you display a family portrait in the living room. Place it in view of where your husband sits at the end of the day (like over the TV or computer monitor). Place or hang a pair of wooden flutes in the living room or kitchen to create open and harmonious communication. Also make sure you deal with the other issues you mentioned as they will affect your experience in the house. If you need help with it I do private consultations by phone and Skype. Let me know if you want details.

  81. Rose says:

    Awesome site. Looking for advice. New House # 4 (for a couple) . Born 6 Nov 1956, Ki # 6 or 7?
    His B 15 Sept 1954,Ki #1. Standing facing out of the front door NE. But more E than N.
    Short sale, so I will follow your smudging advice. Any other cure suggestions ? Will this # be so bad to move ? Thank you assisting everyone.

    • Hi Rose, 4 houses can be a lot of work and it’s important to keep clutter under control but they still can be good places to live. Always remember that the 4 wants you to let go of something so whenever you buy something new (other than a consumable like food) it’s important to release something old. 4 also asks us to stick to a schedule. Don’t let housework pile up nor should you bring too much work home from the office. You will also benefit from very square furniture. Avoid curves and whimsical shapes. With 4 think military corners and precision. Once the house is “squared” away you’ll find benefits coming to you.

  82. Taylah says:

    Hi Donna, We have had some amazing opportunites open up over the past few days, which could very likely mean massive changes in the next 3 weeks.. a move in towns, changes of jobs and schools…. We are looking at purhcasing a country property with the number Lot 2, house number 117. Can you provide some insight to these numbers. Thanks 🙂 Taylah

    • Hi Taylah, 117 is a lucky number that means several like-minded individuals come together for both a physical and spiritual union. This is great for a family. This house will attract good friends and good business opportunities. However, sometimes with this house there will be the temptation to be overly critical especially of each other in the household. I suggest you display musical instruments in the living room or family room. This will mitigate the quarreling energy. Then the energy will be available to attract prosperity.

      • I am looking into a Townhouse with the door number 117, and I have been looking for the Feng Shui meaning of this number! Thanks for the question and the interpretation.

      • 117 is about having different ideas and trying to reconcile them into a philosophy or into a life. An example would be if you want to get rid of clutter but you also don’t want to throw away something useful. You have to find the balance of these two concepts. Or another example would be the desire to get up early and go to the gym and the enjoyment of staying up late and being with your friends at the pub. The conflict has to be resolved. In time, as you work on these issues, you will find the spiritual and emotional growth lead to success. It’s not easy at first but gets better over time.

  83. Sarah says:

    Hi Donna,
    We are hoping to rent a townhouse with the address number 12478. Can you please advise? Thank you so much in advance!!

    • Hi Sarah, I like this house number. This number shows everything increasing in your life, from your knowledge to your bank account. It can increase the size of your family through marriage or childbirth. The only negative I can see here is it can increase your waistline so a healthy eating plan and exercise is important in this home. This house is a master number. It says that if you design what you want in your future you can manifest it. If you design small and ordinary then that’s what you’ll get. If you design big you will be amazed at what you can achieve. I suggest you write a list of wild and improbable goals for you and your family. Frame the list with a picture of your family in front of it (so the list is hidden from view). And place the picture in your living room or family room. Have everyone in the house touch the picture at least once a month (you can assign the task of dusting the picture to each person). This will activate the very powerful manifesting energy of this house.

  84. Pia says:

    Hi Donna,

    My grocery store is located at address 3624. I do not think it is a good number (but I may be wrong). A lot of business had been there in and out in the past. Can you tell me how to cure this number?

    • Hi Pia, A business that ends on the number 4 can benefit if the goal is to turn over inventory – which a grocery store does. The problem comes if some of the stock doesn’t move then it seems to block the overall prosperity. The number 3624 is about being a helpful part of the community (which I’m sure your store is) and taking part in community events. I suggest having a bulletin board for community flyers. Change up the energy by moving stock around the store or changing displays frequently. In addition I suggest a red or burgundy mat at your door. Red in the lower field of vision helps put customers in a buying frame of mind. Give shoppers a larger shopping basket. Studies show the larger the basket the more people tend to buy. And decorate check stands with a cute stuffed animal. Something cute puts people in a better mood, making their shopping experience better.

      The Feng Shui for a business is quite different than the Feng Shui for a home. If you want to know more let me know. I do private consultations by phone and Skype.

  85. Misha says:

    Hi Donna, Our family currently has a choice to move to either a number 41 or 119 …. could you please advise what these numbers mean and which of these numbers would be better for a family to live in. thanks so much 🙂 Misha

    • Hi Misha, The number 41 is about working hard to reduce things down to the simplest form. This is a good choice for people who are into downsizing or living simpler lives. This is also a good house to run a business involving consulting, translating, tutoring or personal organizing. If a business is run in this house the home will be the center of parties and fun. It will also have prosperity.

      119 is the energy of diverse individuals blending together for physical, spiritual and material reasons. Evolved souls will find this home inspires them to great ideas and important community service. For all this home will bring happy relationships and, after a few years, no worries about money.

  86. christy says:

    Hi Donna,

    My house number is 31.Im born in 23/3/1988.I wonder if its a good place to live in.

    • Hi Christy, 31 can be good in that it will attract good friends who love the authentic you. But this home has challenges too. Over time there’s a desire to see less and less people and devote oneself either to solitary hobbies or work. You may find that you feel like you’re connected to be people because you call or text them but friends need to be in your home often to offset the more difficult energy. The separation between public and private areas of the home is also important here. I suggest you always have the living room ready for guests and invite people to come over often. Then keep your bedroom private and a sanctuary for yourself. Also I suggest you place something shiny gold near the back door, patio door or in the kitchen. This could be a vase, bowl, or a religious statue. This will attract prosperity energy into the home turning your challenges into gold.

  87. Haley says:

    We just signed a contract to purchase a house with the address 234. What can you tell me about the house number? Thanks!

    • Hi Haley, Congratulations on your new home and choosing a great number. Even though this number ends in a 4 you’re going to find great success in this home. This number gets larger with each digit so your bank accounts will grow likewise. This number means that like-minded people pool their resources to achieve their goals. I suggest you have very clear goals when in this house so the positive energy doesn’t go to waste. Sit down with your family and write out a list of what you want in a year, two years, five years, etc., then fold up the list and place it at the bottom of a decorative bowl. Place the bowl on a table near the front door and fill the bowl with crystals, colorful stones or coins. This will activate the positive energy. There’s a couple more tips for prosperity Feng Shui at

      • Pia says:

        Hi Donna,
        We are planning to buy a house, either address 134, 145, or 105, but we couldn’t decide which is best. Which a good number for family, work and money?

  88. Cynthia says:

    Please advise on house number 3414.
    Thank you very much.
    Blessings to you,

    • Hi Cynthia, 3414 is a good number for people who are organized and love their work. It’s especially good for people in teaching, finance, construction or sales. Money will be a little tight the first year but improve every year after. But there’s a challenge with this number. If you’re not careful one person in the family can end up doing most of the household work or work duties can get very split (so a person who does works outside the home never thinks to empty the dishwasher). This can cause some disharmony in the family. Instead assigning chores to individuals it would be better in this house to create teams that work on projects together (father/daughter cooking days, mother/son gardening days). To increase harmony I suggest that pictures displayed should always include more than one person in the household or display the pictures and join them together with a decorative ribbon or cord. For instance if you have each of the kids school pictures framed on the piano then make sure the frames match and circle the two frames with a ribbon.

      It would also be good to do a space clearing of the home at least twice a year. Here’s some information about space clearing.

  89. May says:

    Hi Donna please advice on this office address 105 I am planning to expand my business I currently renting 106.thank you and more power.

    • Hi May, You didn’t say what business you do but the number 105 is actually a better address for most businesses than 106 (106 is good for publishing, journalism, travel, and politics). With any number that has a zero in the center there will be challenges. Opportunities will seem to disappear only to reappear later. This can cause a business person a lot of frustration if they’re not aware of this cycle. I suggest you place a bowl or vase in the center of the office. This help catch the opportunity before it disappears. After a few months of settling in the 105 will be an office that gives better customer service and a more enjoyable work environment.

  90. JW says:

    Hi Donna, we recently opened escrow on a home with the house number 441…we were so excited because these digits add up to 9, but now I’m concerned that there are too many 4’s. if it makes a difference the lot number is 6. Should we be concerned? Thanks so much for your help!

    • Hi JW, Yes, it’s very lucky to have a house that adds up to 9 so congratulations on a good choice. There are a few things to remember when living in a house with two 4s. 4 demands you work hard and let go of things (or people or habits or old outdated beliefs). 4 is appeased by having a business in the home or working on the home itself (renovations). With a business you’re working hard and you’re letting of go of inventory or your selling your services. And the business challenges you to let go of what’s not working and focus on the most efficient parts of the business. If you’re doing home renovations make sure you finish the projects. If you want just live there and not work out of the home then it’s important to always be decluttering. Learn to throw things away and the 4 won’t take something from you that you don’t want taken. You don’t have like a monk but you shouldn’t have a garage or closets stuffed full. Good luck in your new home.

      • JW says:

        Hi Donna, thank you for your quick response. I went to the City and they told me that there may be an opportunity to change the address number since there is a large gap in numbers between my neighbors(each house has a 10 digit gap). So I was wondering if it would be benificial to possibly change it to 433, 435, 437, or 439. Or is sticking with 441, since it adds up to 9, a better choice? Thanks so much!

      • Hi JW, 433 is good for a person who lives alone and wants to stay that way. 435 is good for a couple who want good communication and lots of friends. 437 is good for a family that likes adventure and fun. 439 is good for a family that has strong beliefs or religious convictions. 441, despite having two 4s, adds up to 9 bringing, health, wealth and happiness. Stick to the number you have and you’ll be happy in the end.

    • Jw says:

      Thank you Donna! We will definitely stick with 441. What a relief to hear!

  91. Ychel Bondoc says:

    Hi your blog is so cool… i just want to ask suggestion for a number to be included in my biz name.. my bday is 9-14-1979.. tnx.. also just want to share, i feel i am associated with death or is it just a coincident – my dad died when i was just 6, my children 2 girls died one still born, one 1-day old…i was intrigue when numbers 14 and / or 4 means death… and i forgot even my pet dog just died recently ….just need an advice… thank u a lot…

    • Hi Ychel, I’m sorry to hear of so much loss in your life. You didn’t say what kind of business you have but if the business deals with having people let go of something (tax preparation, weight loss clinic, junk removal) then the number 4 would work very well. The best overall number for business is 8. 8 represents manifesting an idea or concept in a practical way. It also brings money, power and happiness. So when in doubt choose 8 for a business.

      • Ychel Bondoc says:

        Hi donna, thank you for the advice actually i am just thinking of a small snack bar business. I am so happy with your blogs …learning a lot… you are such a blessing… more powers…

      • Hi Ychel, The number 8 works well for a food business but also the number 6 can work well. 8 will bring more profits, 6 will bring more customer love and loyalty. Let me know how it goes.

  92. Julie says:

    Hi! I’m considering moving into a home numbered 223 and am having mixed feelings about it. My main concern is the two 2’s in the number, as 2 is considered to be inauspicious and can bring about illness. My date of birth is 2nd May, 1968 and my son’s is 2nd December, 1987 – he will be moving in with me. Could you please shed some light on this for me as I want to live in a peaceful home. Thank you.

    • Hi Julie, The number 2 can be considered inauspicious because it’s a Yin number meaning it’s weaker than a Yang number. But in general the number 2 is good for partnerships, relationships and creating harmony. Your number, 223, will cause you both to work on your relationship with others and with each other and will result in better communication and understanding. The difficulty could be if one person has a strong desire to be right versus being happy. With this number you need to set ground rules from the beginning so that a true partnership can be formed. Each person needs to contribute to the well being of the home. If not arguments will happen. I suggest you place musical instruments, like flutes or other wind instruments, in the living room or family room. In Feng Shui we say that when people talk they expel air and the air will go through the flute and come out sounding sweet. This will help create good communication and a more peaceful home.

  93. Mary says:

    I currently live at 126. What can you tell me about that number? It adds up to 9 and so does the City I live in.

    • Hi Mary, The number 126 means that individuals with a strong sense of their own value and worth connect with like-minded people to form good and loving relationships that bring happiness and prosperity to the household. This is a really nice number to live with. What’s important here is to always maintain that sense of your own identity. If you sacrifice yourself for others then the whole chain of positive energy breaks down. I suggest you have a list of things or experiences that you want to have and place the list under your pillow (it can be under the mattress). This ever-present reminder will help you recognize like-minded people to connect with. And people who don’t want to help you with your list or people who just want to take from you, make them a low priority so they don’t use up all the positive energy.

      I have some information on using Feng Shui crystals to attract love and money energy. You might find it interesting. You can get the free video webcast by signing up for my newsletter.

  94. Julie says:

    Hi, Donna, what does #17-50 means ? It adds up to 4. While I am considering another house which is #19-115, which adds up to 8. Which house is better?

    • Hi Julie, An 8 is always an easier number than 4. 8 is balanced and allows you to bring your thoughts and wishes into reality. 4 has it uses, however. I don’t mind living in a 4 when I have a home office. A business at home will mitigate the negative energy of the 4. 17-50 means a very opinionated person learns to change their mind and consider other ideas. This will either lead to business success or if there’s no business, then it will lead to a need to let go of outdated beliefs. 19-115 means that several like-minded people come together to share resources and by combining their energy they bring more to the household than they could have done separately. Let me know which one you chose.

  95. Sam says:

    Hi Donna, My family and I have just recently moved in to a number 41 house. Is there anything you can advise to do and not to do, to make the most of the energy, to keep our home as harmonious, positive and happy as much as possible?
    Many thanks,

    • Hi Sam, When you first move into a 41 house there’s so much to do to get settled you don’t really notice the 4 energy. But in a few months you may find that the housework never ends, that you bring your work home from the office, and everyone in the house is so critical. You can mitigate this energy if you are renovating the home or running a business out of the home. To have peace and harmony in this home make sure everyone (over 3 years old) pitches in to help cover the bills and keep the house. Have a schedule for tasks and have regular family meetings. 41 houses also do well when they are centers of some social activities (which always takes preparation work). Make your home the destination for little league celebrations, prayer meetings or networking groups and it will use up the negative energy of the 4. I also suggest you find a decorative wooden box with very square corners or metal corners. Place the box on a table in your entryway. Inside the box add your wishes (each one on a separate piece of paper). With each wish add a dollar or a few coins. Keep doing this until the box is full. Then sit with your family and review the wishes to see how many came true and spend the money on a party.

      • hina says:

        hi i moved in the new house the building number is 2 and flat number is 101 is it good number to stay in what would be your guidance for people living in this flat.

      • Hi Hina, The number 101 will bring you money and lots of opportunity for independence. But this is a very difficult number for being in a relationship. It attracts two very strong, opinionated people who can’t see eye-to-eye. I suggest you place a picture of a bridge (one where you can see both ends of the bridge) in your bedroom or family room. This will represent a way to connect with others.

        If you find you need more help on this let me know. We can do a consultation by Skype.

      • hina says:

        hi donna i have a question not related with house number its about my husband job. he dont have job right now he is looking for a job and its been months. its very stressful for him can u give any suggestion to help him find the job. his birthday is on 17 april 1976 birth time 3.23 am. pls help
        regards hina

  96. May says:

    Hi Donna,

    I would like to purchase a new home for my family, I would like to ask what unit is more auspicious I am choosing between 107 and 118. Both unit are located in the same bldg near the river. I currently renting my office with 106 number where in we run a construction business. My birthday is oct 5 1980. Please advice on this numbers. More power and thank you in advance.

    • Hi May, 107 means that a very independent and goal oriented person finds some success when they release their old negative beliefs and patterns. This is not an easy number though it is a good place for a person who lives alone and has strong spiritual beliefs. 118 means that two independent individuals share similar careers and goals and become more alike as time goes on. This is a good place for couple who want to work and live together.

      Your office number, 106, indicates that you really try to take care of your clients/vendors (and that you have some really needy clients/vendors). Projects start, then stop, then start again. Some projects start and then just fizzle. I suggest your company have a mission statement that talks about your high integrity and that you promote your business through local newspapers and local blogs. You could really do well if you specialized in building law offices, churches, and schools. Or specialize in renovating basements (that would use up the zero energy, making it bring you profit rather than it bringing you delays).

  97. Jorge says:

    Hello Donna, and thank you for your advice.
    I would like to know some kind of cure for this home I recently moved: the building is the number 8 and I live on the 7th floor. I do not feel at home. I was born on the 17th november 1982.

    Thank you very much.

    • Hi Jorge, While the number 8 is a good strong, grounded number the number 7 is very airy and can sometimes make us feel detached from the place itself. First create a contract between you and the place. You might say “I agree to take care of this home, repair when necessary and renovate the kitchen in two years. In exchange I would like the home to give me a safe feeling, protect me from harm, and when the times comes to sell, to sell quickly for a profit”. Put the contract in writing and put it with your important papers for the house, you’ll want to refer back to it when you decide to move. Be careful to only agree to things you really want to do when you make the contract. For instance if you contract that you will renovate the kitchen and you do not, the house will not sell until you do.

      In addition, the house may have some negative energy from the previous residents. To feel more at home I suggest you smudge the house to clear the negative energy (here’s info on smudging – . Then gather up some objects that are special to you (photos, statues, books) and place one of these special objects in each room. For example, my favorite book on a shelf in the bedroom, grandma’s photo on the table in the living room, my kid’s baseball trophy in the family room and so on. These objects will spread the energy and help you feel cozy and safe.

      If you have difficulty clearing the house I do remote clearings. Let me know and I’ll send you the details.

  98. Eleanor says:

    Our house number is 1920 since we moved here its been very difficult financially and socially haven’t had a job since I moved here

    • Hi Eleanor, I’m sorry to hear this house is giving you trouble. 1920 feels like two people will have everything they need but the zero on the end makes this difficult to manifest (as you have been experiencing). It’s important to shift the energy so the zero will work for you. A zero can be a hole in which all our luck disappears OR it can be a bowl which catches the luck. I suggest you place a decorative bowl in each main room (living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc.). The bowl can be small (three inches in diameter or larger) and it’s best made out of metal, ceramic, glass or wood. Do not use plastic and if the bowl is made from ceramic or glass make sure the bowl is not chipped. Inside the bowls place coins (which are circles like the zero) or eggs made of metal, ceramic, glass or wood. Now the zero is bringing us things of value and things will turn around for you. I also suggest that in the next few weeks burn a yellow candle every few days or so. Yellow helps us find great employment. Things will be better soon.

  99. Annie says:

    Hi Donna,
    We recently bought the house number ‘41927’, can you please how it will ?

    • Hi Annie, While number 41927 does start on a 4 you’ll be happy to know that it ends well. This number reads that though beginnings are difficult and require hard work, when the family gets into the flow of things then happiness and prosperity roll in. It’s important that the family be of one mind and not have arguments with each other. Even if there are differences of opinion the family should agree to back each other up. Politics or religious differences can divide a house with this number. Also this house is to be a social place, a place where extended family or friends gather. The more social events the more joy and the more money opportunities. I suggest you place square potted plants on your front porch or plant roses (ones with thorns). This will absorb some of the negative 4 energy for you. If you don’t have a front porch then place a small plant with pointed leaves in a square pot just inside your front door.

      It’s interesting that where you live the house numbers are so large. Thank you for writing.

  100. Pia says:

    We are looking at several house to rent and one of them the address is 5029 47th Ave. Can you tell me if this is a good number? What does the number means? Thanks.

    • Hi Pia, 5029 gives an energy of sudden changes or disruptions followed by periods of absolute quiet and the family within the home will learn to grow and even benefit from this cycle. Many people don’t like the ups and downs of life. They want things to just stay stable. But this never really happens in life, things always change. When a family needs the lesson that easy times are followed by stressful times which are followed by easy times then they would fit well in this home. This home also works for people who’s lives already follow this pattern (contract workers, temp workers, seasonal businesses, foster care homes, pet foster care and so on). All that said, this may be a good home for you or you may find the changeable energy just too much.

  101. Gautam H says:

    Dear Donna,
    The home I was looking at didn’t work out, however I am now able to secure another which is Flat 1, and with a street number 10-12. The entrance for flat 1 is from door no 10 (the only flat that uses this door). It is a Ground and Lower Ground maisonette: living room, dining room, kitchen all on the Ground floor, and the bedrooms and bathrooms are on the lower floor. Any advice on the door numbers and the arrangement of the accommodation?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Gautam, 1 homes and 10 homes emphasis independence and self-sufficiency. It allows you to take action quickly, to be innovated and focused on what you want. These numbers are not so good for attracting a good relationship or getting closer in an existing partnership (this is even more so in a home with the bedrooms below the ground floor). If, right now, you’re focused on your studies or building your business this is a good choice. It’s also a good choice if you’ve had a history of co-dependent relationships where you lose yourself identity trying to please the other person. But if you want to attract a healthy happy relationship you will need to place love symbols and Feng Shui cures by the front door and in the bedroom.

      • Gautam H says:

        Thank you, Donna, I truly appreciate that. Could you please advise what the most effective love symbols and cures would be for these locations? Preferably cures that are subtle and can blend in easily with a neutral decor. 🙂
        Best regards,

      • Hi Gautam, The best love cures that really blend into decor are the color red in vases or pillows, roses or jasmine plants, a pair of mandarin ducks or a small chime or bell made of copper. You can place some or all of these by the front door or in the bedroom. You can see more cures in my book, Feng Shui Form. Here’s the Amazon link.

  102. Evy says:

    Hi Donna – my boyfriend and I of two years have put a hold on a property that is a no. 15 address but I also like a no. 2 house in the same development. Which of the two would be the better choice for us. We are both in our 50’s and are hoping to start new lives together in one of these places. Your insight would be so appreciated. Thank you.

    • Hi Evy, As you and your boyfriend get ready to move in together you need to think of what your goals are for the future. The 15 house will give you both a sense of independence as well as some important career choices. This house will have many social activities, people visiting and parties. You will both keep your separate schedules and then see each other when they day is done. There will be a desire to renovate the house and these renovations could be extended for a long period. Also there will be an addition to the family. This may be a pet or perhaps a relative of one of you will come to stay for an extended period. This house will attract a moderate amount of money. You can use Feng Shui cures to increase that.

      On the other hand the 2 house will focus you both on your relationship as well as business partnerships with others. You will grow to be closer and closer as a couple. You will be looking to find the balance between work and play, togetherness and independence and over time you will feel like you share thoughts. The only challenge of this home is to learn to make good decisions. Choosing to do nothing, while still a choice, is not a good choice in this home. This house will also attract a moderate amount of money. And like house 15 you can use Feng Shui cures to increase the money flow.

      Let me know which one you choose.

      • Evy says:

        Hi Donna – thank you for the information you provided. Part of my confusion with the “numbers” were the sums I came to when I included the street addresses. I came to a total of a 6 when I computed 15 Covered Bridge and an 8 when I computed 2 Bayberry and wasn’t sure if that would have any additional impact/meaning. Does it matter? Also, I noted several blogs included dates of birth. I’m new to all this but find it fascinating and I want our home and new life to be as you described “balanced”which I feel my relationship has as I have a d/o/b of 9-10-61 and my bf of 5-16-62. He’s as interested now as are my friends. Would including the address change the home’s properties? Thanks again for providing this wonderful site. Evy

      • Evy says:

        Hi Donna – I’m sorry for being a nervous nelly but the 15 is at the start of a cul de sac and I feel as if this house is impacted by the “end” of cul de sac and from what Ive read – cul de sacs can be difficult. Would this make a difference? Thank you again:)!

      • Hi Evy, We are only considering the house number as that’s the number that will appear on the house itself. I can look at your Astrology charts too in a full consultation. You can email me for details at

  103. Evy says:

    HI Donna – forgive me for being a nervous nelly but I wanted to add that the 15 property is at the start of a cul de sac and it feels as if the end of the cul de sac impacts this house somehow too. I’m reading that cul de sac properties can be difficult. Are they? Thank you again:)

    • Cul-de-sacs can be wonderful or a nightmare depending on a few factors. Very tight cul-de-sacs are not good, as the small area can choke off the opportunities. It’s not great if the cul-de-sac is labeled a ‘dead end’. Also if the cul-de-sac is very long it can be difficult to get new energy to the farthest houses. On the other hand a cul-de-sac with good neighbors can be like a little community with people sharing and helping each other and the combined homes draw more and more positive energy.

  104. Mary says:

    Hi Donna, My sister, her husband and daugther just moved into a rental 307. She is a Kua 2, husband Kua 7 and daughter Kua 1. 307 adds up to 10 which is lucky. How does the rest of it translate? What actions should they take to prosper? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Mary, The house number is lucky but it’s not consistent luck, especially at first. With this number the people need to be cautious that their own rules or limiting beliefs don’t keep them from prosperity. Opportunities that come will have a setback or pause before manifesting. If your sister is impatient she will move on before the opportunity has time to come into being. I suggest she place several fish (they can be made of wood, glass or metal, even live fish will work) near her entryway. This will bring an abundance of opportunities and so there will be something positive manifesting all the time. And if she has a fireplace near the back wall of the house to place some houseplants near it. The ‘wood element’ of the plants will help feed the fire bringing more energy and joy to the house.

  105. Mare says:

    What does 501 and 307 mean? What remedies can be used for either? 501 is a suite where I work and 307 is where I lived.

    • Hi Mare, 501 means the business will be lively and need many changes before it runs smoothly. There will be some setbacks which, in the long run, will help the company focus on the right path to profits. Overall the business will prosper in this location especially if it’s centered on the customer needs.

      Your home’s energy is that of good communication and intellectual growth. There are many opportunities that will come in but you must be very discerning about which to put your time and resources into. There will be some offerings that are not worth the energy you would have to expend. Overall this home will align you to your goals and allow you to manifest what you want more quickly. I suggest you hang a map on the wall. The map can be of any location (make it a location you like) and place it in the living room or family room. This will help stop interruptions in the flow of opportunities.

  106. Julie says:

    Pls. Help me… Block 2 lot 16 is it good? Thanks 🙂 we bought it already… And block 5 lot 25… Thanks

    • Is the Lot number the house number or is it just a number for building purposes. If the number is for building purposes then this number will indicate only how construction goes. If it’s the actually house number 16 indicates the family will be self-reliant and successful however they can be weighed down with negative attitudes or miss opportunities due to onerous beliefs. #25 is a nice balanced number bringing a good relationship, lots of social opportunities and strong spiritual connections. Let me know if which is the actual house number and I can give you suggestions for the home.

  107. Evy says:

    Hi Donna – we are now considering two other homes. The addresses are 3 and 279. They are also two different models that I feel have feng shui deficiencies I believe would need consults. But these numbers are so different from what we originally considered. I’m a little flustered as there are very few homes left to choose from and was just wondering which of these two addresses (if any) would best support/provide the healthy happy home life we are seeking. Thank you again for providing this wonderful site.

    • Hi Evy, Both these numbers are good for promoting a healthy, happy home life. 3 will bring lots of sharing, communication, community spirit and help from neighbors. 279 will bring you both closer as a couple and strengthen your beliefs (spiritual as well as ideological). It will also bring you prosperity and luck. Let me know which one you choose.

      • Evy says:

        Thank you Donna. You have definitely made us feel better about the choices left. I will let you know which one we choose and hopefully can assist us further in the near future with a personal consult. Thank you again for providing this wonderful site.

      • You are very welcome. I can’t wait to hear which one you choose.

  108. Roy says:

    Dear Donna,
    I am about to purchase a house. It’s kind of suitable in all other ways in terms of direction of bed, location of kitchen, toilets etc, but the house number is 70 and I am not sure whether it’s a good thing. Please advice on the suitability of house no 70, occupants:
    Male : 08/08/1981
    Female : 13/06/1985
    I have recently got married, and me and my wife will be starting our family in this house.
    Thank you for your time, much appreciated!!

    • Hi Roy, It’s true, the number 70 is not ideal for easily attracting success, money and fertility energy. However, since the rest of the house is sound, you can work with this number. 70 means that all your beliefs (spiritual, business related, political) must be challenged and, when necessary, changed. It’s said that our beliefs are the only limitations we have, that in the universal field of potentiality we can have whatever we believe we can have. I suggest you place a large, blue glass vase as close to the center of the house as you can. Write down beliefs you want to challenge on small pieces of paper and drop them into the vase. It will be like dropping them into a whirlpool of water. As these limiting beliefs are pulled away from you new beliefs will come to fill the void (the 0 in the number). If, at some point, the vase breaks it will be a sign it’s time to move.

      In a few weeks I’ll be releasing my new eBook, “A Path to Pregnancy: Ancient Secrets for a Modern Woman” that will have many fertility energy helpers. I’ll let you know when it’s available.

      • Roy says:

        Hi Donna, thank you for taking time to go through my post and for your advise. Please let me know when you are releasing the book or of any other book which could benefit our situation. I have put a reservation for house 70 (which was plot 69 on the construction site) and me and my wife will be moving in around Dec-Jan time. Thank you once again for your help.

  109. Karen says:

    Hi Donna,
    Just stumbled upon your blog and it is fascinating! We are currently living in a house numbered 34B and hope to buy a property numbered 172. We have the option of subdividing this property and demolishing the existing house to build 2 new houses – one in front and the other behind. If so, should we number the 2 houses 172 (front) and 172A (back) or 172A (front) & 172B (front). We will build the back one first and the front one a couple of years later. My husband and I work from home – a travel/tourism business. We are also educators. Btw we have lived in properties numbered 44, 08-23, 34B (yes, another one) before. Thanks Donna 🙂

    • Hi Karen, This sounds like a great project. I recommend you number the houses, 172A and 172B. 172A adds up to the master number 11 and the people who live there will enjoy a happy marriage and, if they plan ahead, will be able to easily achieve their goals. This place will probably rent to someone looking for love and then they will marry while living in the house. Of course then they will move to a larger place but you will be able to easily attract new tenants.

      Then you’ll be in 172B which will encourage good communication and happy family life. This number will really help your husband’s business as well as giving a boost of positive energy to your teaching. You will find your neighbors friendly even though there may be some ideological differences. Overall you will become a closer family in this home.

      Let me know what happens.

  110. Ken says:

    Thinking about buying a house with street number 2371. My Kua number is 3, my girlfriend’s Kua number is 1 (but she won’t be living in this house) and my daughter’s Kua number is 4. The numbers of the house add up to four, but I’m wondering if the order of the numbers is more important than what they add up to. I’ve also read that you can put a circle around the number four to negate its negative affects. Some other Feng Shui aspects are very favorable (for example, it faces south, which is supposed to be a good direction for me). Your thoughts?

    • HI Ken, You’re correct that the sum of the number is just one aspect of the home. 2371 reads, the people in a growing family need to listen to one another to manifest happiness and prosperity. This home can be a good home but it will need you and your daughter to have open communication with each other and with your girlfriend too. Secrets and stubbornly wanting to be right will block prosperity. I suggest you have as many family dinners together as you can and promote a lot of open communication around the dinner table. Hang happy family pictures in the dinning room and decorate the room with bright colors.

      I also think there will be a change about your girlfriend living with you in this house. I think that may happen sooner than you think.

  111. Karen says:

    Thanks Donna for your prompt and generous reply! We’ll be able to put an offer in at the end of next week if the financing for the existing offer ( made by someone else) falls through. After reading what you have written, we hope we get it 🙂 If not, we’ll resume our househunting. If we get it, would it be ok if we retain the existing number 172 for awhile and only subdivide later when we are ready to build the front block; or should we just subdivide and renumber the blocks first anyway? Thanks again, Donna.

    • Hi Karen, The number 172 with out the addition of a letter is great for a person living alone but not that good for a couple. One may think everything is fine while the other is quite unhappy. If possible subdivide within the first year to keep your family happily together.

      • Karen says:

        Hi Donna. Thanks again for your quick reply and great advice. We’ll keep you posted on what develops 🙂

  112. Mayra says:

    My new address is 1593 going on 1yr in September. Lived at 6905 prior to this. Ran a business out of it and now into the new home. Any business as well a relationship advice?

    • HI Mayra, You’re going to find your new place is an improvement over the last, though you may say it’s taken the full year to get revved up. 1593 means ideas go through change and that change is assessed which results in new expansion, positive communication and financial growth. If new ideas are not tested and changed then there can be stagnation. For your business, person to person communication and strategic partnerships will give you the most prosperity in the quickest time. Also there is a party-aspect to this number. If you can incorporate parties into your business it will grow. I suggest you create a money tree for your home. Take a large house plant like a ficus and attach folded dollar bills to the branches using twist ties or pipe cleaners. Place the money tree in your living room or home office. Make sure you dust the leaves and cash about once a month to re-energize.

  113. Angelika says:

    Hi Donna, i m going to buy house number 120, is it a good/lucky number? my birthday 13/02/1968

    • Hi Angelika, The number 120 is good for a person who wants to be in a love relationship or create business partnerships. But there’s a warning when a house number ends on zero. You must be willing to let go of something to gain something. For instance, people let go of some of the things they do as a single person to become a person in a relationship. Or when you buy something you need to release something or else the house just fills up with stuff. I suggest you place something made of stone or clay in the center of the house to keep the energy stable and prosperous. This could be a statue, a fountain or a potted plant.

      Congratulations on your new home. Let me know if you need more help on it. I do consultations by Skype.

      • Angelika says:

        thank you very much, however i didn’t buy that house , there were some “complications”
        can you give me some heads up about number 37? just saw house with this number, quite liked it, but not sure about 37…. i’ve heard it’s a lucky number. is it?

      • Hi Angelika, #37 can be quite good especially for people who are spiritual, religious, teachers or lawyers. It’s important in this home to be united. Arguments within the home will bring resentment and block money opportunities. Let me know if you get the house.

  114. Miria Henry says:

    Hi Donna we are moving to a house number 9, the front door is North facing, back door South facing. We are moving from a suburb that is a 6 hour drive from the number 9 house we are moving to, so that means we will have to both find new jobs is this a good house number for us where is employment is concerned.

    • Hi Miria, Yes, this will be a very good house for both of you. You will each have several opportunities for jobs. The lesson with this house is to differentiate a good offer from a great offer. What I suggest is you write down what you each want in a job and how you will recognize a great position. Then place this in a box or vase by the front door. When offers come in, discuss them with each other and think of ways the offer could be made better. Formulate a way to ask for more and you’ll be surprised how much more you end up getting.

      I also suggest clearing the house. Here’s some information on Smudging.

  115. hina says:

    hi donna i have a question not related with house number its about my husband job. he dont have job right now he is looking for a job and its been months. its very stressful for him can u give any suggestion to help him find the job. his birthday is on 17 april 1976 birth time 3.23 am. pls help
    regards hina

  116. Angelika says:

    Hi Donna, sorry for the late “thank you”. I didn’t buy house No 120, there were changes in the very last moment… I keep looking for the property, and recently saw house number 37, I quite liked that house… what you can suggest about number 37? I’ve heard quite many people consider it as a “lucky” number, is it true?

  117. Heidi says:

    Hi Donna, my husband and I are considering the purchase of a family home for ourselves and our two young children. I would appreciate your advice on the effect of the house number 107. Thanks

    • Hi Heidi, The number 107 is a little tricky. The individual numbers can be difficult but the number’s overall energy is positive. What will be important is to have the family come together regularly. This can be for meals, meetings, game night, etc. If members of the family don’t come together there will be more and more distance and children can be rebellious. After a short while though you will find the house brings you more prosperity and with that you can find happiness. I suggest you add the color red to the south part of the house. This could be a wall color, color in artwork or a red bedspread. This will shift the rebellious energy and make it more creative and productive. I also sense some issue on the right side of the house (if you’re entering the home from the front door it would be to your right). If this is a problem with a neighbor then you’ll need a protection mirror (place it in the window facing the neighbor). But also check there for leaks or water issues.

      I’m now offering online classes. The next one is a New Moon Wishes class. Let me know if you want details.

  118. Martina says:

    Hi Donna, sending greetings from Europe. We are interested in buying a house with the Number 1a/2. I already checked the meaning of the house number 4 and got a little bit scared. This house has a great price but for no obvious reason has been sitting on the house market for a really long time. My birthdate is 05/14/78, my husband’s 10/01/77 and our daughter’s birthdate is 08/20/2011. We have been thru many challenges in the past and want finally find a lucky and supportive place for our lives. Thanks Martina

    • Hi Martina, This is such an interesting number because the slash (/) seems to create a divide in the number. When a number is one-half (1/2) there’s a slash but this is the way one-half is written. But in your number the slash is between the letter and the number. So before I go into a long explanation could you just confirm that it’s indeed 1a/2 on the door or on the house itself.

      • Martina says:

        Hi Donna, it is a double house, half of the house is owned by other people (their house number is 1a/1) and the second half is for sale. Our house number would be 1a/2 and that would be the number on our door. Also forgot to mention that we used to live at house # 164 and # 119 which are both 11. That was at the time when we lived in USA. Currently are living in Europe and it looks like we are moving to this house # 1a/2 to different country which is also in Europe. We really hope that we will be happy there. Can not wait for your reply. Many, many thanks in an advance. Martina

      • Hi Martina, I think it’s good you lived in #11 before. The 1a/2 could have some of the 11 energy (a=1). Here’s the issue. The number, without the slash, reads that separate individuals become a single family unit and work hard to let go of issues and blocks to their happiness. With the slash in the center of the number there’s good news and bad news. The good news is the slash disrupts of the energy of the number 4, so you won’t have to work as hard in this house as you would a normal 4 house. The bad news is the slash may disrupt the unity of you as a family. This could manifest as members of the family always taking different sides of an argument and not supporting each other. I suggest you take group family photos, frame them and hang them in the living room, sitting room, dining room and your bedroom. I know that sounds like a lot of photos but I want to make sure the family stays united. After you get settled if you find some difficulties with this place let me know and I will send you information about having a private session to go over more things you can do. Let me know how it goes. Donna

      • Martina says:

        Hi Donna, thank you for your quick reply. We are not going to pursue purchase of that house and will keep looking for our dream house. Thank you for you advice. I will get back to you with the new house number hopefully soon. Best wishes from Europe.

  119. Sivakumar Ramudu says:

    Good day, I am buying a shoplot of #40 . The total number says 4….I am planning either rent it our probably start a bussiness in future. is the number good ?

  120. Konty says:

    Hi Donna our family has just purchased a house and it’s number is 45, could you please interpret the meaning of the house number. Do we have happiness, is there any finance issues or will we have it hard in life. Your answer will be much appreciated thank you heaps.

    • Hi Konty, This is one of the better numbers that contain a 4. This number mean that through work and effort there will be many opportunities resulting in happiness and financial prosperity. With this number it’s important to remember to do the work first and then the rewards come. Think of chores before TV, homework before play, do the hard stuff before doing the easy stuff. And your success will build and what seemed hard at first will become easier and easier. In addition, with all houses that contain a 4 in the number it’s always helpful to work out of the home or have a home business. This channels the 4 energy into something positive and creates wealth. I suggest you hang a coin sword to increase business success. Hang the sword in the living room or home office and have the sword point to the door. Here’s a picture. Coin Sword

  121. Martina says:

    Good morning Donna, I have contacted you on 6th of October and have another question. We are considering another house, it has a number 96/2. Again it is a double house where our house part would have the number 96/2. There are many houses in Austria with the slash in the house number. Is there any specific meaning for these houses? Also what would be influence of house number 96/2 for us? Thank you and I am sending warm greetings from Europe. Martina

    • Hi Martina, Since the numbers with the slash are common where you are then the energy is not so disruptive as I described before. This is because the energy has been incorporated into the culture. But I still would expect there to be a separation in the energy. So a house number of 962 would give an 8 energy but expect this house to give you an energy of 6 and 2. So for this house I sense you will have lots of friends and a family that grows while you, as a couple, grow closer together. There will be prosperity and it will be important that you not give all your money away but keep some (or I should say most) for yourselves and your retirement. I suggest you place a brass bowl near the back door of the home. This will help money stay in the house and so it’s not frittered away. Overall I think you will enjoy this house very much.

  122. Luci says:

    I will be moving to a house address ‘220 black bear’.. How is this number in relation to feng shui wealth, lucky or unlucky, family , relationships, etc.

    • Hi Luci, Well you will have to take the Black Bear as your totem as clearly he protects your street. This house will give you the ability to create the future that you want if you take a few precautions. First you must have a clear vision of what you want and use that vision to guide your actions. 22 is a master number and when it’s coupled with the zero it can erase progress if you’re not clear on what you want. Write down what you want and place your wishes in a wooden box near your front door. About once a month read over the list. If you find you are really working too hard or if gains seems to be slipping away it may be because you’ve forgotten what’s in the box. It’s okay to change the wishes just keep them in mind when making decisions.

      Also place some fish near your back door. These could be pictures or sculptures. There should be one for each person who lives in the household plus one extra (for the black bear). This is a powerful house and I think you will do very well in it. If you need more help I do private sessions. Just let me know.

  123. Luci says:

    I will be moving to a house address ‘220 black bear’.. The house is facing west direction. How is this number in relation to feng shui wealth, lucky or unlucky, family , relationships, etc. if it’s an unlucky number is there a remedy?

    • Hi Luci, This number can be very powerful or somewhat difficult. Let me explain. This is one of those special numbers that if you are ambitious or have a personal mission – some important thing you want to accomplish in your life – then this number is great. You will be able to achieve a lot. Your efforts will be greatly rewarded. If, on the other hand, you just want to work a job and get your paycheck and then go home and play video games all day and drink all night then this is going to be a difficult house. I suggest you make a wish list. Write down things you would like to have and do in your life. Write bold wishes. You may not know how you could accomplish these things now. That’s not important. What is important is that these are goals that things you really want. Then place this list in a vase or bowl that you display in the kitchen or dining room. If, at any time, your luck in the house seems to be drying up, then pull the list out and read it with your family. This will bring the luck back.

      If you need more information about crafting wishes I’m going to be giving some tele-classes including a class on New Moon Wishes. Here’s the information.
      Sunday, Nov 3rd-12 pm to 1 pm PST (3 pm ET)
      New Moon Wishes: On the New Moon you can send out your wishes for what you want to manifest over the next 28 days. In this free talk on each New Moon Donna will discuss how to craft your wishes for the month based on the Astrological planetary positions, how the different months bring a different moon energy and how to tailor your wishes to be most effective for the month. Join us and set yourself on the path of having what you want. Dial in number: 1-559-726-1200, access code: 534550. To dial in from Skype: freeconferencing.559-726-1200. This tele-class is FREE.

  124. Pia says:

    Hi Donna,
    We are looking to rent a house and found some we may be interested. The numbers are 912, 123, 120, and 1611. Can you tell me what each of them means and which number would be the best for family and career. Thanks much. Pia

  125. Rely says:

    Hi Donna –My house number is 75 is this a lucky number?

    • Hi Rely, The #75 is lucky for teachers, writers, people in advertising, law students and lawyers, religious leaders and community leaders. This number can be difficult for a person looking for love as it can make them very opinionated. It’s good to have a lot of books in this house, this helps channel the energy in a more positive direction. Also it’s a really good idea to clear this home once every couple of months to keep money energy flowing. Here’s some information on space clearing or see my booklet, Sage & Smudge.

  126. Pia says:

    We will be looking at several homes to rent tomorrow and theses are the house numbers…158,1017,7270, 109, 100 and 1065. Can you tell me which number is best? Thanks.

    • Hi Pia, Of course there are a lot of factors that make up a happy home and you shouldn’t base your decision entirely on the number. But if all of these homes were the same layout, location, and size then I would choose 158. This number will bring money, fun and exciting opportunities.

  127. Pia says:

    Hi Donna,
    We are putting in an house rental application; the house number is 109. Can you tell me if this is a good number? If not, what is the best way to cure? Please reply. Thanks

    • Hi Pia, There are several cures needed for #109. First add a vase or bowl to the center of the home (or as close to the center as you can) to keep money from draining away. Place 1 coin on each window sill. Place 9 coins under your doormat. And place a framed picture of the family (those who live in the house) in the living room to keep the family united and supporting each other. Best wishes in your new home.

      • Pia says:

        As always, thanks Donna. As for the vase or the bowl that needs to be placed in the center of the home or close to the center, does it need to be an empty vase or bowl? Can I place a vase with artificial flowers in it?

      • Heidi says:

        Hi Donna, you provided me with some advice a few months back regarding the potential purchase of house number 107 for our family home. We did not proceed with that but are now looking at purchasing the house next door which is 109. I have seen the advice you provided Pia regarding remedies which is very useful. Just wondering if there is anything else I should be aware of. Also, I have been told that you can change the numerical energy of a house by placing another number inside the front door – do you have a view on this?
        Thank you so much, Heidi

  128. Pia says:

    Hi Donna,
    Counting from my question from November 4, 2013, the house we are living right now is 1057 and we are moving into 109. Thanks in advance.

  129. Sam says:

    Hi Donna, My family and I are going to be living together again, after some time apart.. a place we found and will be applying for is a number 5. There is myself, my partner, and our 3 children. The place we have chosen to live in on a gorgeous popular tourist mountain 1/2 hr from the ocean. The house however, is situated on the edge (house on flat ground, with the edge of the pool at the back literally on the egde with amazing views across the valley all the way to the ocean. I would love to know what a straight 5 means to live in. Thank you.

    • Hi Sam, #5 house means you will have many options and many choices of direction in your life. These can be seen as opportunities but they can also be the “helpful hand” of the universe moving you out of a stuck situation. This energy is mirrored by the house being on the ‘edge’. If your business is poised to grow, if you have a curiosity about life, if your kids are ready to blossom and excel, if you see life as an adventure then you’ll have great success in this home. If, on the other hand, you want a quiet, retired life, if you want to stay in a current job with no changes or if the thought of adventure makes your stomach hurt then email me ( and we’ll sit down and discuss ways to channel the intense energy away from you and your family.

  130. angelika says:

    Hi Donna
    I finally found house to buy, and the house number is 15, but the flat number is 2
    can you please advise if these numbers are good and lucky?
    can’t wait for your respond
    thank you

    • Hi Angelika, This is a good combination. You will be able to be independent and also be in a relationship. You will be popular and attract people who want to help you. To attract money to this home I suggest placing a picture of a tiger or a stuffed tiger by the front door. The tiger should be cute rather than ferocious. And then hang bells or chimes on the back patio or balcony. Attracting prosperity will take a little focus in the beginning. You’ll need to do several Feng Shui cures throughout the house. You can find some in my book, Feng Shui Form or check out my website for Chinese Astrology for 2014 for more ideas.

      • angelika says:

        Dear Donna, thank you very much for you advise and sorry for the such a late reply.
        can you please suggest me where can I buy a book about feng shui interpretations?
        can I buy one of your books?

  131. Rose says:

    Hi Donna,
    My children and I have just found our new home to move into… Its a number 3. It backs onto a rainforest national park… my birthday 20th jan 1978, childrens are 2nd sept 1999, 3rd july 2007, 3rd june 2006 …. How is the house number 3 for us? Is there anything we need to do to keep our home life a happy and a harmonous one? Thank You 🙂

    • Hi Rose, Congratulations on your new home. You will like living in a 3. A 3 house gives an energy of cooperation, creativity and communication. That said there can be a bickering in a 3 house, especially with all those kids. I suggest you display or hang musical instruments in the living room or family room. You can use things like flutes or guitars (avoid things like drums). This will help there be harmonious communication between siblings. And for you I suggest you plant roses by your front door to guard your heart. In a 3 house you must avoid any love triangles. Roses will attract love while the thorns will keep you safe.

  132. Sam says:

    Hi Donna, the house I was planning to get didn’t work out, but I have just been approved for a number 311… I am a single mum with 3 children .., please can you explain the number 311 and if you can advise of what to do to keep this a happy and harmonious home. The front door and verandah faces east… We will be living amongst a tourist, alternative feel, rainforest popular mountain looking down towards to Coast … Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Sam, You and the kids will learn communication and independence in this home. This is a good home also for parties and it could end up being the social hub with your friends. You will receive quite a few opportunities in this house especially in the area of career. There will be more harmony if each child has a space of their own (even if it’s one room separated by a curtain). If you’re looking for love I recommend placing some Feng Shui cures as the number is more about being happy single than being in a relationship. I suggest you hang a picture in the entryway that features ducks and, if possible, plant an orange tree in the backyard. I’m available for private consultation if you want to talk about it in detail.

  133. Holly says:

    Hi Donna.

    What does it mean when I keep ending up in units having a 7 energy? (Example: last place I lived is #205 and now I’m moving to another place #304) This wasn’t planned – it just happened. I’m also born on the 7th (March) and I can’t say the 205 unit was good for me. I had added a “1” to the end of the 205 to help the energy be more positive, but I don’t believe it worked at all. How do I not repeat the same mistake in the new place? Also, the building number of the new place is 705, I don’t think very positive, either? Thanks for your input!

    • Hi Holly, Having the same number come up over and over means there is a message in this number for you. The number 7 is about voicing your beliefs and sticking to your opinions. It’s about not being swayed by the words of others especially if they are from people you don’t know personally (like the media). The number 7 is also about learning to respect other people’s right to have their own opinion. Often people who are drawn to the number 7 need to write, teach, travel abroad or study law.

  134. Andrea says:

    I can’t find much about number 43? Can you help with information about this number? There is a vacant lot of land my husband and I are considering to purchase at number 43. And hoping to build it on it soon and start a family.

    • Hi Andrea, Since the lot is vacant the 43 will only indicate how the building of the house will go. If, when the house is built, it remains number 43 it can be a difficult house because the energy reads “hard work brings people together but arguments can pull them apart”. This would be a good house for people who are politicians, lawyers, activists and free thinkers. There is fertility energy in this house but to create prosperity it will take work. I suggest you build the house with lots of strong materials like stone and brick. This will help mitigate the negative energy of the number.

    • Beth says:

      Hi, I would like to ask some advice please. I am planning to buy big tank for my fish and place it in to north corner of my living room.. My concern is that my tank is actually not facing the main door but the side of the tank is facing? Is that bad? And in the south of my living room is window so my fish tank will face it to the window? Is that bad? And another concern is my husband is snake sign,is it ok to have big tank? I’m rabbit and my son is rat. Please enlighten me.. I have 19 litre fish tank with 8 fancy gold fish and 1 black fish. I think is no enough for my fish so we were thinking to upgrade it.. Many thanks

      Sent from my iPhone


      • Hi Beth, Fish tanks are very helpful for attracting wealth energy but they must be maintained so the fish have long and happy lives. So place the fish tank first where the fish will be happy and then second where it’s best for Feng Shui. It is okay to have a big tank, again as long as it is maintained. When the fish are happy then wealth opportunities will flow into your home.

  135. Paula says:

    Im thinking of buying a house with number “164”….. Could you please help me interpret this number in terms of feng shui? Is it a good number and should i buy this house?

    Thank you kindly for your help

    • Hi Paula, This house has an energy of single-minded determination to work hard brings about success with large goals but difficulty coping with day to day stuff. In other words you will need help to take care of this house otherwise long term success will not be easy. If you live alone get a house cleaning service and a gardener. If you live there with family members make sure to assign them chores.

      Let me invite you to my free tele-class, New Moon Wishes. You might find it very helpful as you find your new home.

  136. Hina says:

    Hi i am planning to shift in 024 how is the number pls suggest

  137. Shireen Chandran says:

    Hi Donna,

    I have written to your before and you have kindly answered my questions .
    I have a new home that is coming up in 2015 , in the 2nd quarter of the year.
    My house no is C-7-08 and my date of birth is 7th July 1972.
    The new house is facing North East and i think this will help.
    I feel secure in a home that carries a no that adds up to a 6 as my current home has the same no car no is 7828, any advise on this number ?Thanks a million…
    is there anything i can do to enhance my new home in 2015?

    • Hi Shireen, Yes, a 6 can be very nice to live in however this home C-7-08 is a 9 because “C”, being the third letter of the alphabet, adds 3 to the number. Good news, a 9 can be a very nice place to live. When living in a 9 it’s important not to collect too much stuff because then you can get a little stuck and block financial opportunities. But, in most cases a 9 is a very beneficial for health and wealth. I suggest you get a new welcome mat when you get to your new home (do not take the old one to the new house) to welcome new energy. Also do not take the broom to the new house but get a new broom. Bringing the old broom just brings old troubles with you.

      You might be interested in my monthly New Moon Wishes class. It’s a free class by phone or Skype. Here’s the information. New Moon Wishes
      Saturday, July 26th at 5 pm PT/8 pm ET
      On the New Moon you can send out your wishes for what you want to manifest over the next 28 days. In this free talk on each New Moon Donna will discuss how to craft your wishes for the month based on the Astrological planetary positions, how the different months bring a different moon energy and how to tailor your wishes to be most effective for the month. Join us and set yourself on the path of having what you want. Dial in number: 1-559-726-1200, access code: 534550. This tele-class is FREE. This class is recorded. You can listen to the recording of the last class at 559-726-1299 and using the access code 534550

      • Shireen Chandran says:

        Thanks Dona for your kind reply ..i think its true as my current home has some amount of lutter over the years and it inhibits the fow of my income ..thanks for this .

        Shireen Chandran

  138. Suji says:

    Hi Donna,

    I’m a little late to the game here, but I am thinking about moving into a house with the number 3210. I’ll be the only girl living with a 3 males. All of them are great and I feel very comfortable with them. However, I’m not sure about the number of the house. Can you help me with that please? Thank you!


    • Hi Suji, Yes, it’s understandable that you’re a bit concerned about this home. Since you’re all ready moving into the house you will want to make changes to help with the energy. This address 3210 has the energy if reducing things until they are no more. In other words:
      this is a good house for weight loss
      a difficult house for accumulating money
      a good house for getting rid of clutter
      a difficult house for keeping a job
      a good house for selling a business
      a difficult house for moving a relationship towards marriage
      Let me know how it is going for you.

  139. marisa cabacoy says:

    Hi Donna pls give me advice this block no,44 lot18_19is good my birth day april201966 andnov9,1946my husband

  140. radhika sharma says:

    Hi..Currently we live in an apartment no. 364 and nothing good is happening in this house. Next month we will be moving to another apartment no. 314, and I just want to know if this number is good or not..

    Regards Radhika

    • Hi Radhika, Things will improve greatly in your new place. While the new number does have a 4 in it, the number itself adds up to 8 so you can expect that in just a few months you’ll have more prosperity and a greater sense of satisfaction with your life. Be patient. It will take a few months for you to feel the full positive effects.

  141. Sujata says:

    Hi Donna!

    I just moved into a house with address of 2450A with a roommate. I’m a female and live with one other roommate who is a male (we are just friends). I wanted to know about the energy of this house and how this house number will affect my love life, work, finances, etc. Any details on this would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

    • Hi Sujata, This is a good house to have roommates. There will be opportunities for all of you because you have come together in this house. However it is important that care of the house be shared equally. If one does all the work there will be fights and loss of finances. There can be some changes here with regards to your job. It’s important to always keep the wealth corner free of clutter both in the house and in your bedroom. Here’s how to find the wealth corner. . This is not a highly romantic number and so Feng Shui cures for love should be placed in the bedroom. See my book, Feng Shui Form, and read about cures you can place to attract a great relationship.

  142. Pia says:

    Hi Donna,
    We are looking to find a house to rent soon and looking for something that will bring us with family happiness, prosperity and good for studying. Here are a few of the house numbers: 176, 2204, and 2206. Thanks!

  143. Pia says:

    Hi Donna,

    I have several more address numbers –111, 183, and 90. Are these house numbers auspicious? Thanks!

  144. Hugh Ong says:

    Hi Donna. My wife and I have lived in 34B for the past 5 years. We operate a small home business but have been struggling with this. Our relationship is generally okay although we do have our differences of opinions and disagreements. We will be moving to a newly built house at the end of the year. This is number 172. Our front door faces southwest. Please advise us if this house will be good for us, what kind of home business or careers would be suitable and also what fengshui enhancements we could use at 172 that would be good for us career and family wise. We have a 20 year old student son who lives with us. Our Kua numbers are: 3 (mine), 2 (my wire’s) and 6 (our son’s).Thanks for your help and generosity.

    • Hi Hugh, This is a energy shift for you and your family. In this new home, 172, it will be necessary to bring arguments to some sort of conclusion. You will not be able to afford having differences that divide you in this house. The energy is far to independent to be stubborn about who’s right. This is a good home for having your own business or being an independent contractor. Areas like education, travel and legal services but also physical fitness and personal motivation would also work. What’s needed is to have Feng Shui cures that unite you as a family. This can be things like a large family portrait displayed in the living room and family meals done in a dining room. This is not a strong money number, you should consider doing Feng Shui cures to attract and accumulate wealth. Let me know if you need help with this, I will send you details.

  145. Pia says:

    Hi Donna,

    Please disregard my questions about the other addresses. We finally applied for 2 houses, not sure which one we will get yet. Both houses have a good open floor plan. If we get approve for both of them can you tell use which one is more auspicious? The house numbers are 1862 and the other one is 112. Appreciate your response.

  146. Martina says:

    Dear Donna, finally we found the right house for us and bought it at the end of last year. The house number is 5D. What do you think about this house number? Many thanks in advance. Regards, Martina

  147. Hi there, just wanted to mention, I loved this blog post. It was inspiring. Keep on posting!|

  148. Pia says:

    Hi Donna,

    Can you reply to my question on house address 1862?

    Thanks, Pia

  149. priyanka says:

    I am Planning to shift in a flat number having 606. Is this good for me ??

    • Hi Priyanka, This place focuses energy on family and taking care of others. The zero in the center of the number gives both opportunities to let go (releasing that which isn’t working) but also the potential to have what you want (like an egg ready to hatch). In this home it will be important to be social, have parties and stay in touch with friends and family. If you want to start a family or if you have kids already this home will work well. This is not a good place for a loner. Being social is the key to success here.

      I just put up six new videos on YouTube for creating luck, love and money. You might find it helpful.

  150. Elizabeth Laplano y Marquez says:

    Hi Donna,

    Im considering a house and lot purchase but I there are only 2 available slot which is the Block 8 lot 4 and Block 8 Lot 31. Someody told me that number 4 is BAD LUCK, what would be the effect if Iget one of these available . I was born on 11/26/75.

    Elizabeth Laplano y Marquez

    • Hi Elizabeth, Lot numbers only matter during the construction of the home. The real number that matters is the house number. Let me know what house number turns out to be.

  151. Mark says:

    We are buying a house with a number 21646. Is this number a lucky number?

    • Wow, that’s one big number. This number means two like-minded people who care deeply for each other and their family work hard and when they do the family benefits. Difficulties arise when someone in the family acts selfishly or against the family’s best interests. I suggest that pictures of family members always have multiple people in the pictures. No single portraits as that can disrupt the energy in this home. You may also want to check out my class, Feng Shui for the Front Door, which is a download.

  152. ging2x blanca says:

    Hi Donna,
    What would be the best house number 15, 16, 17, 19 & 171…please suggest me what to choose and let me understand it…thanks

    • Hi Andrea, The ‘best’ house is determined by what the family is looking for. So I couldn’t say which will be best for you without doing a consultation. That said here are the meanings of these numbers.
      15 – a strong, fun-loving individual takes risks and chances and creates a family with those they meet.
      16 – a loving, kind individual nurtures their family by supporting their spiritual and educational lives.
      17 – a headstrong, opinionated individual focuses on a path towards wealth
      19 – a balanced, emotionally healthy individual learns the joy of self reliance and enjoys long life
      171 – two individuals brought together by shared spiritual or political beliefs have joy and long life.

  153. sandra says:

    I’m considering buying a house which address is 606
    Can you please tell me the true meaning of what those numbers represent? Thank you so much:)

    • Hi Sandra, The number 606 says that the people living in the home will be very family oriented even if members of the family live far away. There’s a great potential that the family will grow larger (through marriage, children or pets). But there also can be losses when people in the home are selfish. Luck comes when people support each other in this home. I suggest a picture or eggs, seedlings or something being built placed in the center of the home. This will help guard against losses. And check out my YouTube channel for other tips.

  154. bitu says:

    hi my house no is 301 and main door is facing east is it lucky to hang a horse shoe in the main door entrance

    • Hi Bitu, The number 301 is about people coming together for a common goal. Things go wrong at first but then people rally and things get better however there is much hard work to be done and can be losses on the way. It is best if a business is done in this home. I would recommend things to bring luck. A horseshoe is good if no one in the house is born in the Year of the Rat. You can find your sign at

      Also consider getting my book, Feng Shui Form. It has many tips for bringing luck into a home.

  155. Cindy says:

    Hi Donna: I am looking to purchase a home. I am divorced and am 56yrs old. My kua number is 9 and am in the East group. What direction should the front door face for good feng shui? I do not want to be alone for the rest of my life. Also, not to worry about if I will be able to make ends meet when it is time to retire? What would be a good house number or numbers in the address? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  156. Pia says:

    Hi Donna,
    We are planning on buying a house. The address is 134, is this a good number? Thanks!

  157. Holly says:

    Hi Donna.

    I hope you’re still responding to comments here. I currently live in a condo with the number 301, and it’s been MISERABLE. It’s had a lot of problems, and previous tenants have had the same issue. I’ve done a cleansing, to no avail. The building number is 25280, so I’m never sure which number has more significance (I’m guessing the actual unit).

    I’m now looking at a new place to move to, and the number there is 180 for the building and 308 for the unit. I’ve lived in an “11” unit before, and it was life-changing (good and bad), and I ended up living there a long time! But that place had a bad end.

    I’m wondering if a new place with the 11 energy is good/bad for me? My Kua number is 5 (West).

    Any suggestions on successful, happy numbers would be appreciated!

  158. Amber says:

    We are considering a move to house number 142. What do you think?

    • Hi Amber, 142 is a couple focuses their energy on working hard through losses and setbacks to achieve their goals. The challenge with this house is to set worthy goals. If you set small goals your success will be small. Set large goals and you will do the same amount of work for a much bigger payoff. That said, keep the goals large but realistic. Don’t chase ‘get rich quick’ schemes as they will not bring you any benefits. This is a good number for teachers, writers and people who love to travel.

  159. ches says:

    Hi! Is Phase 1, Building 1, 2H good address?? Should i add up the equivalent number of the letter H which is 8? Thanks.

    • Hi Ches, Yes, H is 8. So 2H is a couple comes together with like minds and willing hearts to achieve success and prosperity. Though if you live alone in the house don’t be so focused on your career that you forget to be social.

  160. Erica says:

    Hi Donna,

    I have been living in door number #202 for a little over 4 months and I think I am starting to feel the effects of the #4 energy of the apartment. I lost my long time beloved pet of 13 years quickly due to pnuemonia on the 13th day of February this year.. I broke my ankle/feet on the steps out side my door which kept me disabled for two weeks. Aside from feng shui, I know regular numerology says the number 4 can bring unsuspected events, shocks or accidents or as you have mentioned in your other comments, # 4 can bring some type of loss. On a positive note, I have experienced more financial prosperity due to my business in which I care for disabled children and elderly. My partner as well has experienced more income in the recycling/trash collection business but due to our work/businesses schedule we don’t spend or see each other much any more like we used to. What may we do to dispel any negative energy of the number 4? I tried burning sage which showed some positive effects but I still lost my beloved pet. And do you think it’s true that it was destined for your door number to choose you? I greatly await your opinion or take on this. Thanks!

    • Hi Erica, I’m so sorry for your loss. I have lost pets too and it’s so sad. I know the animals are teaching us many things about love and loss but it’s still so hard. That said you are doing the right things in this home. You work hard with people who need you and your partner’s business doing recycling/trash is perfect for a 4. Your ankle injury can indicate there’s still some bad Feng Shui in the house. This could be from neighboring buildings or difficult energy within the home. Let me know if difficulties keep happening. Or send me more details about what’s in the house and around the house so I can see where the problem is. We can do a private consultation if you need one. I can send the you details. Just let me know.

  161. Hello, can you interpret apt#914 pls thanks.

    • 914 – What seems like one person’s endless struggle with a heavy workload and losses actually clears to bring joy and fun and laughter in a happy home. This can take some years to manifest but this could actually work out to be a very nice place to live.

  162. candy tembrina says:

    Feb 20,2016

    Hello Donna,
    I have been reading the questions and you answer them quite quickly, but the newest one was way back Dec 2015 and i didnt see your response. I am wondering if this blog website is still active. I hope it is because i learned alot from all the questions and answer portion of the comments. I had emailed you about my apt # 304 and i thought i would get a reply back but im sure you are a very busy person. So i will just wait for the response either on email or here.

    Like many of your readers i’m into Feng Shui way back in the late 90’s but then alot of difficult times have come and gone and just about 3 yrs ago i started reading about Feng Shui again and got some books to refresh my understanding of it all. I even had a Feng Shui consultant visit my apt and gave me some insights on where i live. If i only remembered using the numerology before i got into this place i wouldn’t have much trouble . My apt is on the 3rd floor at the end of the door faces WEST and my back porch is my EAST…I know this because the Feng Shui consultant showed me about where all the directions is located in my unit.

    i live near an airport ..its a small airlines and mostly all the planes that comes out of there are private jets and small planes. It really is loud at times when they pass over my apt building. What the Feng Shui consultant told me is put 2 baguas, one on the right and one on the left..hang a 6 wooden chime to help cure my place but advised me to find another place. Since its kinda hard to do that at the time because my 2 kids are both in college i decided to stay put. i have bought alot of cures and nothing seems to help. I have a lady that comes and clean my place because i can’t do it due to my back and a possible sciatica nerve problems. and i try to keep my place nice and clean. nothing else has panned out.

    Please let me know what I can do to change anything in regards to this place.

    thank you,
    Candy T.

    • Hi Candy, It’s hard to keep up with the blog during Chinese New Year since every year I put out a book of predictions and Feng Shui cures. You can see the book on Amazon with this link. Thank you for so much information. Feng Shui cures do lose power over time. At some point they need to be reenergized and it sounds like yours are way overdue. You can smudge them to clear them. Here’s a link to my website on how to smudge. It’s possible the other cures you bought weren’t properly cleared before you used them. You can smudge these as well. Take each cure down and clear it and then hang it again. By the way, if you’re referring to Ba-Gua mirrors in the house they need to be pointing either out a window or up towards the ceiling (pointing to the planes overhead) otherwise you’re going to find they are not very effective even when you first put them up. Let me know if I can help you further. My special on consultations is finished but I will extend the special to you if you’re interested.

  163. Menchu says:

    Hi Donna! We’ve been living in house number 549 for several years now but haven’t been very happy since moving here (my husband’s bday is Aug 13, 1969, mine is July 1, 1968 and our son’s is May 21, 2001) Is it a bad number for us?
    Also, we are looking into buying a condominium unit and considering moving there in a few years. Which floor and unit number would be best for us:
    20D, 26A, 37D, 39C
    Looking forward to your advice.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Menchu, While Nines are lucky they are very hard at first. Living in a 9 can sometimes take years to have benefits come to you. There’s a focus on letting go of what is not useful in your life and when we don’t do this then things (like jobs, friends, money) can be taken from us. It can feel like a trial by fire. I have seen some who have needed to remain in a 9 house for a decade to really get the benefits. Of the numbers you shared with me, 20D, 26A, 37D, and 39C I would suggest 39C. Even though this number has a nine in it the whole number adds up to 6. This is a number that brings both financial success and happiness at home. 39C – Creativity and friendships continue and bring more creativity and friendships resulting in a feeling of success. You said you might not be moving for a few years. If you want some help with your current home let me know. I do Feng Shui consultations by Skype.

  164. chique says:

    HI ms. Donna,
    We are hoping that you can help us with our urgent consultation, regarding a 2nd hand house that we’ve wanted to buy and transfer, which has a number 324, lot 24, block 3. To add that, these have been empty for 3-4 yrs now. I hope you can enlighten us as we have to make decisions to transfer in less than 6 months. Thank you and more power!

    • Hi Chique, The lot and block number don’t matter once the house is built. The number 324 is challenging at first but gets better with time. It says that a couple taking a creative approach, getting help from others and working hard will experience first losses and then success. The challenge here will be to know that what you have worked for will pass away before the real benefits are revealed. This would be like a person who loses a job only to find a far better one soon after. If the person fought to stay in the first job they would miss the opportunity for the job at the better company. The number adds up to 9. This is the best number for long life and prosperity. Over time you will experience positive luck and abundance in this home but it will only come if you let go of what doesn’t serve you. If you would like some Feng Shui help with your home just let me know.

  165. Ryn Kimura says:

    Hello Donna, I’m buying a house and it’s number is 8905. Please help me interpret it. Thanks!

    • Hi Ryn, The number 8905 – things that seem like they won’t change will suddenly change. This is a house number that will bring excitement and opportunity but not stability. Money will flow in but it will also flow out unless you are careful (it would be good to have an automatic deposit to savings). The 8 brings money and 9 brings opportunities but then the zero with the 5 can turn the tables on you. One solution would be to have a job that is contract or seasonal or to have additional sources of income that come and go. The number adds up to a 22/4. 22 is a master number that allow you to build a great future. 4 is the number of effort, hard work and loss. You must always be looking to get go of what’s not working for you. This will help bring benefits. I know this all sounds challenging. Let me know if you want to talk about the Feng Shui cures for your new home to help balance this energy.

  166. Pia says:

    Hi Donna, we have been living in a house address number 1862 for a out 1.5 years and since we live here we only see money going out but not been able to save. We are thinking of renting a house number 821. Is 821 a good number?

  167. candyangels says:

    Hello Donna, me and my husband own and have been living in a home number 86. I wonder what that means. We are both Kua number 3. Im am born dec 11 79, and he is may 14 79. I’m interested in astrology, numerology and Feng shui. I have been employing black hat feng shui cures for years as well. But it’s hard to navigate the conflicting messages on numerology of home.

    • Number 86 is about manifesting positive opportunities and abundance for the family but this leads to many changes and disruptions in what you might think are good solid plans for your life. On the positive side this makes life an adventure. It requires often that you make a leap of faith. What is necessary is to be very aware of what you’re asking from the Universe and then when the Universe comes with opportunity to ask yourselves why are you receiving this particular offer. It’s like asking for more money to come to you and then suddenly finding you’ve been laid off. The opportunity is in the new job but at the moment it may feel the Universe is being very contrary. To settle this energy down and bring more peace to your life it would be best to add pops of color to public rooms like the living room or kitchen. Have parties and invite people over. Perhaps show pictures of your home on social media. It’s also a good idea to clear your house once a month or at least every other month. Here’s a link to some information on house clearing.

      • Kim Olive says:

        Hi Donna, I am moving into a house with the numbers 5250. This becomes a 3. What will this number mean for my home.My birthdate is 1/2/1959. Kua number is 9. Thank you for your response.

      • Hi Kim, 5250 means a wild and free spirit comes together with a like-minded other to have adventures. This results in wonderful creative energy. This is a great home for an artist or creative person. To balance the energy to bring in prosperity and relationship check out my book, Feng Shui Form. Here’s the link.

  168. Hi Donna. We live at house number 147 and while we love the house that we have worked very hard to renovate/repair, we have also suffered much hardship and heartache here. I know that the previous family did as well. Is the house number playing into this kind of suffering? And if so, how might we mitigate it? Will it change to something more positive in the future or is leaving our best option? Thank you in advance for your help.

    • This is a difficult number. The best way to mitigate difficult energy is to channel it into other uses. For example “4” and “7” are hard numbers so the energy for you personally can be less difficult by having a lot of hard surfaces in the house, things like stone, sharp corners and solid, low-to-the-ground furniture. This energy also works well for people who have a business in the house, especially one dealing with teaching, writing, publicity, religion, law or travel. Also businesses in the home that deal with insurance, personal protection, finances or items of value like jewelry can work well. You can also make changes in landscaping like using stone and sharp angles to shift the energy felt by the family. If you need more help on this just let me know. We can set up a private session for you by phone or video conference.

  169. care says:

    Hi Donna,
    We are thinking about buying a house with a 2137 address that is at the end of a cul de sac. The property is a rim lot with the backyard opening to an expansive view. I am worried about being the house being the house that the street ends on for the cul de sac as well as the house number adding up to 4. Can you please advise us?

    • This house number, 2137, is about a couple united and thinking as one. They use their creative energy on things that are very important to them and putting out a socially conscious or politically conscious or positive spiritual energy out to the world. This is all done through effort and hard work. The warning in this home is to not let clutter accumulate. With the combination of the “4” energy plus the cul de sac you could easily bury yourselves away in endless tasks and drudgery. Then the positive energy is lost, it’s used up doing house care and renovations. I suggest you create a family schedule and post it in the kitchen. On this schedule list the household tasks as well as steps for your bigger goals. Make the schedule attractive and easy to use. If you want more tips check out my YouTube channel at

  170. Jess says:

    Hi Donna. i just bought (rent-to-own) a house with address: phase 3, block 30, lot 22. i also happen to own a business at this address: 1124A. my birthday is: 12/18/1961 … please advise me on these numbers/combinations. thanks.

    • Hi Jess, Is the permanent address or are these numbers just a reference while it’s being built? If this is a permanent address are any of these numbers listed on the house itself? When mail comes to this address which of the numbers are used?

  171. Audrey Morrison says:

    Hi Donna,

    I just moved into a house 200 Cambridge, with my husband. We are expecting a baby in Nov. Any thoughts on the energy? It has required a lot more work (not to mention money!) than I anticipated!! I just graduated college and am in a little bit of a lull in life. Any advice would be welcome.

    p.s. i love your site!

    • Hi Audrey, Houses with two zeros in the number can end up costing a lot of money but that energy can shift after the baby arrives. (You may also have a second baby in this house.) This house is about the energy of potential. You saw the potential in the house when you moved in and so you gave it a lot of support and money to make that potential happen. Now you need to turn your attention to the potential of your family and let the house support you. Initially this will be challenging as the house has received a lot of attention from you so far. So after the baby is born don’t be surprised if suddenly the house needs some unexpected repairs. That will be the house asking for attention again. You might want to do a little ceremony/party to let the house know that the renovations are complete. And then write a list of what the house must do for you. Let me know if you want help on this. I can send you details for having a consultation. You can email me at

  172. rooster says:

    hi donna!I would if buildinh 1 room 1135 is good number fr house?how about building 3 room no.528..could helpe to read this.two house numbers because i bought rhese two but i dnt what it means..hope i could hear an.answer.from you for this is my 4th time to send a letter for you but no feedback..hoping you could help me to find an answer..thank you and.more.power donna!

    • Hi Rooster, What makes a number good or bad is how it works in your life. The best numbers match your goals. Number 1135 is about two people both with independent spirits come together to create a family (or a business) and they find much change is needed to achieve harmony of thought and action. So this is a house where a family needs to support each other or else there will be arguments. People in this house must be respective of other people’s opinions. You may want to check out my book, Feng Shui Form, to learn of cures to bring prosperity into the house. That will help bring more happiness. Here’s a link to the book.

  173. Hayley says:

    we are thinking about a house number 42.
    It will run a business from it as well as live in.

    We are currently in 22, we have been here 7.5 years.


    • Hi Hayley, I think your experience in your new place will be an improvement over your last place. While a 22 is a master number it does add up to a 4. The number 42 will help you focus on your business and you’ll make really good contacts who will help you in business. But most importantly it adds up to a 6 and that means you’ll find good, loyal customers/clients and you’ll make money.

      When you have a moment check out my YouTube channel for more Feng Shui tips.

  174. Quanisha McGee says:

    I just moved into a new place I wish I would have known that! My apartment number is 4120… I’m on the 4th floor. This is my floor plan

    • Did you have a question about your new place?

      • Cindy Branch says:

        I am looking to buy a house and the house number is 450 and it faces the east i am single and my kui number is 9 Is this a good number

      • Hi Cindy, 450 means that through hard work and change (being open and flexible to opportunities) prosperity and longevity can be achieved. This takes some years to make happen. If you plan to stay in this house a long time it will be beneficial.

    • Teresa McKenna says:

      Hi, I’m curious about the number 547. Any thoughts on that before we make the move?

      On Wed, Oct 5, 2016 at 10:07 PM, Feng Shui Form wrote:

      > Quanisha McGee commented: “I just moved into a new place I wish I would > have known that! My apartment number is 4120… I’m on the 4th floor. This > is my floor plan > 04/A14.png” >

  175. Jamie Rafn says:

    Dear Donna,

    My name is Jamie and we are thinking about buying a house with number #70. The main door is facing direct East and backdoor direct North.

    We are 2 adults and 2 children.

    Our Kua numbers are: My wife 8, Eldest girl 6, youngest Girl 8 and myself 3. Our present house number is #37 and are KUA numbers not and induvidual thing wich change wtih house numbers? Therefore it cant be used at the new house we thinking about buying?

    What can you tell us about the number #70? And main door? I would say 7+0= 7 and East is good because the sun rises in east and Chi is mowing inwards the main door. We would place a small water fontain and Fu dogs at this main door entrance.

    Im looking forward to your reply.

    Kind regards Jamie, Denmark, Europe

    • Hi Jamie, 70 is a number of spirituality and wisdom. The focus of the home will be on learning, having opinions and speaking your mind. With many voices in the house there will be lively discussions. It would be good if everyone learned how to listen to each other. I recommend adding musical instruments to the home like flutes or guitars. As everyone voices their opinion, expelling air from their lungs, the air will go through the instruments and bring harmony and music to your lives. It would also be good to add prosperity cures as this number is more about intellectual success than it is about material success. You can find information about prosperity cures in my book, Feng Shui Form.

  176. Tine says:

    My husband and I have been living for 10 years in Block 43 Lot 13. I guess it is house # 13. My Kua number is 7 and my husband is 5. My birthday is Feb. 9, 1974, my husband is Sept. 20, 1977. We do homebased teaching. Since we moved in this house, work has been going well I guess, as well as our health but we can’t save enough money for the future. Before we moved to this house, We were told by one of our relatives that this is a lucky house but financial success wouldn’t be quick. Please advise Feng shui cure for prosperity and Financial Success fast. More Power ! Thank you.


    • Hi Tine, The best possible thing to do in a house number 13 is to have a business in the home. This is the only way you can counter the bad luck and turn it into prosperity. Continue to teach out of the home and things will improve. You would also do well to apply some other Feng Shui cures. Check out my YouTube channel for some suggestions.

  177. Maria says:

    We’re planning to get a house number 1914 are these number possible lucky? Thank you for your help.


    • Hi Maria, 1914 means independent thinking people gather many ideas and things and then slowly decide what has value and what should be discarded. The results are general prosperity and good health. If, however, things are not discarded and clutter takes over the house it will eat away at the luck and there will be losses in other areas. Let me know if you need a private session to talk about what’s going on in your new home.

      • Maria Gordon says:

        Hi Donna , thank you so kindly for your respond I appreciate it. We changed our plan for that house. And we now in the process of purchasing into a different house number 314. Are these numbers are lucky for home business?. I would like to contact with you again regarding your feng shui for new house.


      • Hi Maria, 314 is people coming together with creative ideas that need to work hard in a unified fashion can find success and prosperity. The types of businesses that would be best under this number would be ones that have an inventory so there’s a flow of products in and out. Also, businesses where you “lose” customers because they no longer need your services like a daycare where the children become old enough to go on to school or a tutoring service where the children graduate and no longer need your services. Let me know what kind of business you plan to start.

      • Maria Gordon says:

        Hi Donna, thank you again for your quick respond. My husband is a holistic practitioner with frequency medicine and work at home office people/ patients coming here for frequency med treatment. Sometimes office is quite. No treatment no income. At the same time his in sales marketing since 2013. He has a huge group organization within those years in that company. One and half year ago we lost our residual income due to changing the rules and compensation plan. Recently, bought from another natural product company. My husband can still manage his own group but different compensation plan since its under new management.

        Kind regards,

  178. An says:

    Good morning Donna,
    I thought I’ll reach and see if you respond. I am newly married and we are looking for a block of land to build on. The Lot we are interested is Lot 212 and if my calculations are correct from existing homes the house number will be 40 (house facing South). Or Lot 211 (house number 38 facing South) or Lot 191 (house number 33 facing North). Ideally our first preference is Lot 212 which is house number 40 for sizing and affordability reasons. I’ve been reading up about home numbers, energies and vibrations as I get really interested in reading these things. Now I’ve read too much and worried myself to sleepless night. Please help. I’ve looked up kua as I have been reading your posts and seen how wonderful you are at replying to visitors comments (thats why fingers cross you hear my prayers and provide some direction). My kua is 2 (25-06-1987) and partner is 6 (09-03-1985). Please help as we are making our decision soon and I feel so unsure because reading all different information has made me worried. Thank you so much Donna.

  179. ansika says:

    I would like to purchase a new home for my family, I would like to ask what unit is more auspicious I am choosing between 83 and 88 and 116. house faces north west
    My date of birth:15/04/1988
    My husband : 10/10/1985
    my daughter:14/12/2013

    • Hi Ansika, 83 means that money and creativity combine to bring a high vibration of positive results.
      88 is a very lucky number. This number brings prosperity and long life. However, this number is not good if couples have a history of arguing.
      116 is two independent people learn to take care of each other and the results bring prosperity to the home.
      Let me know which house you choose.

    • rooster says:

      Good day!528 is the number of my flat that shows outside my door.what does it says?is it lucky?i have 1 daughter and separated with my husband fr 8 yrs but happy and contented.thanks

  180. Gail says:

    So sorry to read that your dear husband passed away.
    My condolences to you; I’m sure you miss him. Gail

  181. Beryl says:

    Dear Donna,

    Greetings from Germany. My husband (Kua 7) and I (Kua 6) (no children) have been living in our condo # 50 for the past 17 years. Always had many professional and financial challenges. We are now considering moving to another condo which has # 899. Would this be a challenge or improvement? Would you please describe the meaning of this number?
    Many thanks indeed.

    • Hi Beryl, 899 would be the energy of prosperity and power that goes on and on and on. This could be quite a good improvement for you. I would be interested to know if there are other differences in the apartments. Let me know if this is what you decide to do.

  182. Serene knight says:

    Hi. Im currently living in apt 336, third floor. Its adds up to 3 which i believed to be a lucky number that brings excitement creativity and social opportunities. However, i have felt exhausted at times here. I have strokes of amazing luck…but somehow i feel down some of the times here as well. With all of that being said im attached to this apt somehow and actually fall in love with it more and more everyday but i can never rest it seems because its a bit toooo exciting.soooo, my question is this, what’s your opinion on an apt with the number 314. Would it be best to stay where i am or would i be luckier in a 314 home? My birthdate is 8/13/1987 btw…thanks in advance!!

    • Hi Serene, The number 336 is, as you said, an exciting, creative number that brings wonderful social opportunities. 314 brings people with ideas that can be unified through hard work and the results are long term prosperity. So this may be a better number for you in the long run but it won’t be easy. The exhaustion you’re feeling could be related to decor or the layout of the interior of the house. First, do a clearing. This can help remove “sadness” from a home. Then add plants. Plants can bring healthful energy that energizes us. Let me know if you decide to make these changes or if you’re going to move.

  183. Anh says:

    Hi Donna,

    I have been living in our house for 3 years and it was Lot 106 but recently we were given a house number 24…which is bad!! We are north facing and on a corner block with an Anglican Church diagonally across the street. I have a bagua above our door. Is there any thing else I can do to counter the negative things?

    Many thanks,

    • Hi Peggy, The mirror you have placed is good. To further protect the house hang a goldtone wind chime near the front door. Make sure the sound of the chime is pleasant. This house would benefit from having a home business in it. Even if the business is small it would help mitigate the “4” in the number. You can also shift the energy to positive by having stone or earth as part the decor of the house. That could be a tile floor, granite countertops, large clay pots. Also get some Feng Shui remedies to attract prosperity. A lucky cat would be a good choice. Let me know how things go.

  184. Lenny Silva says:

    My house number is 31, is it good or bsd?

    • Hi Lenny, As numbers go this one can be difficult. This number is about multiple people coming together to unify their efforts and the results are hard work. In a home like this, you want to do Feng Shui remedies to shift the energy of hard work and loss to prosperity and abundance. For example, it would be good to have a home business in this house. For additional ideas see my book, Feng Shui Form. It’s very possible to turn this difficult energy into something very beneficial.

  185. Noelle says:

    Hello Donna,
    I had asked a question here, got no response, so repeated it again, still no response. So, third time lucky! There are a LOT of questions I know and it must keep you busy!
    So I live in a house number 199, I have lived here 20 years and am happy here, but have always lived here alone. I got married five years ago, but my husband has never lived here full time, he only visits as he lives in U.S. (I’m in Canada)..he has care of his very elderly mom with his sister, and this is main reason, but now he has cancer and all of it has caused tension and sadness.
    I know it adds up to 19=10=1 so my question is 1 is a lonely number? I tried putting a “one” drawn on paper on inside of door to increase number but it did nothing. What else can I do to make it friendly to another, so that it’s not such a lonely independent minded home…which describes me!
    Also I was born in an old home with 144 as number, very sad home. Lots of deaths-my grandparents and father died there…probably others too over many previous years. I feel I’ve dragged all that misery with me! Battling depression right now. Any ideas?
    Trying to declutter and do some space clearing but don’t have proper tools.
    Thank you for any insights I do hope you see this, I need help! Please note the .ca in email, NOT .com thank you!

    • Hi Noelle, Yes, 1 is a lonely number, powerful but lonely. And you can’t change the energy of the house number unless you go to the city and having them officially change the house number. Just adding a number drawn on paper won’t do it. I’m sorry to hear your husband has cancer. My own husband died of leukemia eight years ago so understand your feelings. Unfortunately, loss and illness like this are beyond the power of house numbers and Feng Shui. It is part of life. You can, however, add Feng Shui cures to help ease the loneliness. Shifting your environment can help you meet friends, travel more and perhaps have your husband and his family visit. I discuss many of these cures in my book, Feng Shui Form. In your situation, I would recommend a Feng Shui session to address your specific concerns. Let me know if you want details. In the meantime best wishes to you, I hope your husband feels better soon.

      • Noelle says:

        Hi Donna,
        Thank you so much for replying. I guess I’m going to have to sell up to get rid of this energy! 😦
        You have my sympathy regarding your husband, it’s very hard to lose someone, I know..but I believe he’s still close by and now you have a new guardian angel.
        Not familiar with cures…does your book specifically mention which cures I could use?
        You didn’t mention my birth house of 144, I saw on your list of numbers there was 44 and 1414 I think, and they meant death!! Is my house number 144 the same? I know there was a lot of death associated with that house, and it has changed hands many times over the years.
        Not sure if you saw that I added a P.S. ? Others here mentioned birth dates so I thought I’d throw it in! Mine was March 20 1954, husband is Nov. 19, 1947, in numerology we are both a 6 life path, me 24/6 and him 33/6. I was so hopeful at the start that this would work out, but with all the obstacles we’ve faced I think our marriage is now on the rocks, and my life has gone into a big rut. I think I’m going to try smudging the whole house to cleanse any negative energy. I will look for your book too. Thank you for your insight…God Bless.

  186. sue says:

    Hi Donna,

    We have just bought a property, moving in on Monday. Number is 120. We are leaving a house number 7. Is 120 a good number? If its not a good number, is there a way to remedy it? Obviously as we just bought it, we will be living there for some years at least. Really hoping it is a positive number as ready for a change. Current house number 7 which we are leaving used to belong to my parents who have passed and not sure it has been the most positive vibe for me. New house feels fresh and just about us. (my daughter and i).

    Thank you! 🙂


  187. Nischal says:

    Hi. My house number is 31B. Is it good, if not what should I do?

    • Hi Nischal, 31B is where creative ideas need to be blended and honed into a single goal or principle and then action resulting in success can happen. The challenge is to find the common ground between various ideas or family members. It can be that different people in the household want differnt (conflicting) things. But it can also be that you yourself have conflicting ideas such as wanting to get a new job but feeling uncomfortable about interviewing. There are lots of things you can do to minimize the negative influences and expand the positive energy. This is what Feng Shui is for. Let me know if you wants details about having a session to talk about it.

  188. mary anne santos says:

    Hi Donna,
    We are currently negotiating a condo with Building # 330 and unit number 1311 (it is on the 13th floor!).
    We are a family of 3 (husband, me and our 10-yr old boy) and find the transit accessibility of the place very good. However, my sister said she used to live in a condo unit with exactly the same unit# 1311 and noticed frequent visits to the emergency room and hospital.

    What do these numbers have in terms of energy (Bldg# 330 and suite 1311).
    I was born Nov 27 1973
    My husband born June 13 1973
    Our son born April 30 2006

    Awaiting your response. Thank You.

    • Hi Mary Anne, If a close family member has had difficulty with a number then you could also have some difficulty. But challenges can also be due to the Feng Shui with in the house itself. A good number isn’t strong enough to overcome all Feng Shui issues. So it’s possible your sister had trouble because of the layout of the house or how her decor was set and not because of the number. That said, the number 1311 has a lot of independent energy to it and that can cause people to take more chances. For example: a child may feel very high energy so they decide to jump on the bed or dance in the shower. This sort of behavior could lead to an accident. A better use of this energy would be to enroll in organized sports in school. But overall this number is positive as it represents independent thinking people coming together to take care of one another.

  189. Cindy Branch says:

    Hi Donna, I am looking to buy a house and I am looking at two houses. One house number is 408 it faces the east and the other house number is 450 also faces the east. My kui number is 9 and I am single. Which house is the better one?

    • Hi Cindy, You didn’t mention what your goals are. 408 is a good number for a person who wants business success and works in a field that requires creativity, communication and cooperation. 450 is a more spiritual number that brings personal growth and success over time.

  190. Josh says:

    Hi Donna, we purchased a place with the numbers address 2224, #99. Male 6/16/85 and female 9/29/83. I was curious what kind of energies would occur and how this would affect our finances, love-life and overall health.

    • If there’s 99 on the door then the energy is about gathering up everything in it’s category, deciding what is useful to you and discarding the rest. And doing this over and over and over. For example, for a person who shops too much this could bring a total change in how they spend money and what they spend money on. They can go from a horder to a minimalist. Or in the example of a person who has many aquaintainces but no true friends this could bring an ending to many relationships until only the best people were left. As one category is cleaned up another will become urgent. The number brings spiritual and emotional growth, helping remove blocks to success. Remaining in a house of this energy will bring success after a time as you will find many of the blocks you’ve had in your life disappear. So this number is challenging at first but gets better over time.

  191. Rajiv says:

    Hi, Thanks for such a nice article and I am looking for it.
    My date of birth is 06-Sep-1978 and I am going to finalize one flat which number is 145.
    Will it be good for me? Please reply asap as I need to decide accordingly. I will be grateful to you.

    • Hi Rajiv, This number is a good number for a person in business who’s open to change or a person in a leadership position who is open to new opportunities. The difficulty here is between the concept and the result hard work and even some losses are needed. These losses could be investment money, time or needing to let go of preconceived notions. This number can be challenging for a family if there are selfish people in the household. They could cause conflicts.

  192. bonnien says:

    How do you think about house no. 166? The house is outside the bow and has a slopped backyard

    • 166 gives an energy of really wanting to take care of others even to the point of not taking good care of yourself. It can be good for family, if they take care of each other. But it can be challenging if one person in the household takes on the role of taking care of all the others. They can work themselves into exhaustion without feeling any support or recognition for what they are doing.

      I’m not sure what you mean “outside the bow”. A sloped backyard can be good or cause a lack of money depending on which way it slopes.

  193. Markus says:

    Hello Donna,

    In Singapore, most of us live in high rise, my new unit is 13-723. How should I read this? as 5 all added up or 412, or 43 (Front and back added up) How in general do you find this number as we have not moved in yet.

    Thanks in advanced

    • Hi Markus, I look at the number as a whole and then add the number. If the number on the door is 13-723 then this number is a strong number for work and communication. If your career has something to do with commuinication (telecom, writer, reporter, publisher, teacher, advertising) you can do well with this number. If the number on the door is 723 we still have a strong number for communication and communication related careers but the energy is much more creative. With this number you need to work others to find the full potential of the opportunties.

  194. Mary says:

    Hi Donna. I currently live in a rental number 65. Adds to 11 and I’m a Kia 4, tiger and my luck numbers are supposed to be 1, 3, 4 in any direction (I’m assuming). Any insights on this informations?

    • Hi Mary, In this blog we’re only considering numbers of the homes and aliging that energy to the person’s goals. So this energy is about enbracing change on lots of levels and using opportunties to design the life you want. This number can be good for relationships however it should be strengthened with supportive Feng Shui cures inside the house.

  195. shantel wells says:

    I would like to know about 5225 also 5150
    And my address is 1313 right now and I have not had the best of luck but we are going to move in a couple of months I had moved my mom in and her boyfriend and my house became off track and unbalanced 🤔

    • Hi Shantel, you hit the nail on the head when you said that moving others into the house can shift the energy a great deal. If all three of you are moving into the new place you must find common goals and then align the number you choose to the goals. 5225 has a somewhat similar energy to 1313 as there is a mirror effect. So actions by one person reflect on others in the house. Both houses would bring a lot of change to your life and this could be positive. If you did well in the 1313 you may do well again in the 5225. 5150 is more peaceful, gentle change in your life and could lead to a very nice relationship.

  196. Mary says:

    If I’m a kua 4 is 65 a good number for rental?

    • Hi Mary, What are your goals for this home?

      • Mary says:

        It’s a rental and I really want to purchase a home with some land. It’s been a good place with few issues. But as stated, I would like my own place at some point. I just started my 2nd year here in June. Ps my legal full name equals 65/11 in numerology. Lol
        07/30/1962 bd if that helps, tiger kua 4. Thank you for your time.

  197. Mare says:

    Is 2811 auspicious?

    • Hi Mare, #2811 is about people coming together to create prosperity and happiness and yet feeling strongly independent from each other. The results are good when communication is positive, open and truthful. If there’s lying or concealment then prosperity and happiness energy will be diminished. In this house, it would be good to have weekly family meetings.

  198. Cindy says:

    Donna what are your thoughts about address of 205 and the front door faces the west. Thank you

    • Hi Cindy, #205 is about two people in partnership but who also have very separate lives or lifepaths. This is an intellectual or educational number and lends its energy to teachers, writers, and people who travel for work. As to the direction, this blog covers Form School Feng Shui so compass directions are not applicable. In Form School we are concerned with mountains, rivers, roads, the shape of the property and surrounding buildings as well as the interior. This would need a consultation to be covered.

  199. Linda says:

    I’m currently living in a #80 home. I’d appreciate learning more about this house number. Also, there’s a possibility that I may move. I’d be grateful to learn more about #35 and #15 as well.
    Many thanks for all the information you so generously provide.

    • Hi Linda, The number 80 is about manifesting your vision on earth (which is generally prosperity and happiness) but this number can mean you are very focused on success and less on happiness. #35 is about creative ideas melded with interesting people and choices and this leads to prosperity and happiness. #15 is about individual choices and options giving a person not only many directions to go but also many ways to care for those they love (especially through parties and other social events).

      What are your goals? These will indicate which number would be best for you.

  200. Fernanda says:

    Hi, my birthday is 04/27/1971 and my son is 12/07/2005 and we are moving in an apartment number O 06. Is this a good place for us? What can l do to bring prosperity and harmony to the place?

    • Hi Fernanda, The apartment number O 06 is about coming together as a family and taking care of each other. While living in this apartment you’re likely to find good friends and a relationship partner. To bring prosperity energy I recommend adding Feng Shui money cures. You can find a section on cures in my book, Feng Shui Form.

  201. simple says:

    Dear Donna ,

    This is urgent. Within a couple of days we need to finalise our house. We are currently living in flat number 3F-301 (here 3F is the block number and only 301 is written on our number plates) . I have faced extreme emotional ups and downs and financial loss also. It is only after moving in this house that I became highly depressed since my elder brother died by suicide in 2013 (my brother lived in a different house). My husband is a sports person and works very hard but luck does not seem to favour him . He has seen growth in this house but monetary gains do not match his hard work and talent.

    Please help me choose which house i should be staying in. The location of 3F-301 is so beautiful that i do not feel like leaving this house though I know i should if the number does not favour us.

    Now we have to buy one more flat . And need to choose between 4/R/204 (sum of this address is 3) and 4/Q/303 (sum of this address is 2) . 4R AND 4Q are the block numbers(building numbers) but the whole address is written on the flat’s number plates…that is how the Residents’ association chose to display the address). The sum of our current house is 3F-301 is 6. This house will remain ours even if we move into our newly bought home. In this block, number plates display only the flat number and leave out the block number(that is the building number)

    1.Can we simply remove ” 4/R/ ” and ” 4/Q/ ” from the number plates and simply put “204” or “303” . In 204, 2 is the floor number but our flat number is given to us as 204 only. Same goes for 303.

    2. Should we take these numbers as 3F-301, 4/R/204 , 4/Q/303 or as 301, 204 and 303.

    3. Should we continue staying in our current flat (3F-301) or move into the new property that we are buying (whichever you suggest). Which number will support us the best?

    I need to give my decision to the property dealer within a couple of days. I came across your blog just now. Please help!!!

    • The number on the unit itself is the number of the energy. So for example if the number on your door is 3F-301 then the number is 3+6(f)+3+0+1=4. Unfortunately if the number is 301 then it’s the same result; 3=0=1=4.
      This could be why you’ve had so much difficulty in the house. If you’ve experienced a lot of difficulting and Feng Shui changes inside the house haven’t brought you the new energy you want then moving is a good idea. Moving always brings new energy.

      If you’re in a new place and the number is changed by adding the building number you can try removing or adding the building number to your number plate and see if you experience a change. This would be part of the recommended Feng Shui changes. However trying to add a number that’s not part of the address will not work. So if you live in 301 you can’t add an extra 1 to make it a 5.

      Determining which number is best for you and your family is based on your goals as a family. Find a number that aligns with your goals and then place Feng Shui cures inside the home to bring opportunities.

  202. simple says:

    FINAL OPTIONS ARE 4/X/1203 , 3F-303 . Please help the earliest you can.

    Donna you are doing the kindest work on earth by guiding people towards happness and peace. Please help us too

  203. Vincent lin says:

    Donna! I need your help! I’m opening up a business with the number on the address being 114! What can I do to make sure this business prospers? My birthday is 01/21/1992 and my partner’s birthday is 06/05/1991! Kind regards, Vince

    • Hi Vince, You didn’t mention what kind of business you have. Some businesses do very well with a “4” in the number. The issue with this number is the two “1”s. This can create a separation between partners or at least two headstrong people not agreeing on the direction things can go. Without agreement, the “4” can produce losses rather than inventory turnover or focused energy towards a goal. A solid plan for moving forward is what this business needs. If you’re interested we can look at your charts and your business and outline a path to success. Just let me know and I’ll send you details.

      • Vincent lin says:

        Thank you for the quick response, Donna! The business we have is an avocado bar/cafe. It can be consider as a vegetarian restaurant, but we will serve fishes like salmon and tuna. Some of the things on our menu includes avocado toasts, salads, coffee, beer, wine, avocado cheesecakes, etc. Our restaurant hasn’t opened yet but will be open around Mid October. Please advise. Thanks again! – Vince

  204. Cindy says:

    Hi Donna. My house number is 205 what are your thoughts? My kua number is 9 and I am divorced. Is this a good number and if not what can I do to have prosperity and good health.

  205. Judy Ann Burgos says:

    happy wednesday donna,

    i live in a south facing apartment with a 202 address and a 202 apartment number.

    my dob is march 26, 1964 and i moved here exactly 16 years ago.

    i used to live here with my 2 kids but they have their own place now.

    good luck to you and thanks for your input.

    • Hi Judy, While your apartment number adds up to a 4 (meaning you need a lot of structure and to stay free of clutter or else this number can bring a lot of hard work or even losses) there’s a balance to your number have a “2” on either side of the “0”. This can cause relationships to go through a shift but come back perhaps even stronger and better than before. This number is very much about having balance in your life. This is the sweet with the sour, the lesson and the gift. There may be ups and downs but each down is followed by a an up. Since you’ve already been there 16 years it’s likely you will stay longer. The 18th and the 21st year may bring opportunities or reasons to leave. This would be more due to circumstances in the neighborhood. If you have difficulty with neighbors let me know, there are Feng Shui remedies for that.

  206. Teresa Smith says:

    I live in the UK in a number 10 house date of birth is 18051961 my husband is 24081956 we have lived here for 8 years and whilst the house is lovely, I keep looking at other property and do not feel settled or that it is our forever house. It is also at the end of a cul-de-sac. Are there things I can do here to feel more at home and settled. I have also seen another property which is 57 the front is at a T junction but the back has amazing views of the sea. It is much smaller than our current house and my concern is that it will feel too small but the views keep drawing me to it. Is it better to stay or move

    • Hi Teresa, I would ask what house have you lived in that you did feel settled? What number did it have? Sometimes feeling “settled” is about being present in the moment. In eight years you must have made some happy memories in this house but perhaps you’re not focusing on those memories because you keep thinking about the future. This number, 10, promotes independence, innovation and a desire to take action. 57 brings an energy of creativity, cooperation and strong ideas. And there’s nothing wrong with going small if you get pare down your stuff. But, amazing views asside, being at the top of a T-intersection is far from peaceful. I think the restlessness you feel is based in your Astrology chart and not in this home. Let me know if you want details about having a session. We can talk about your chart and how to find peace in this house or in the house by the sea.

  207. Li Mandy says:

    Hi, im looking at the apartment, Block 74, unit #15-26
    what do you think about it? is it auspicious? good for a family, health, wealth and harmony?
    my partner is 1980 and im 1982 and my little one is 2013, plus my mother 1951.

    • Hi Mandy, Unit 15-26 is about some very indepenent people coming together in one family to have good relationships and care for each other. That said, it will take a bit of time for this to all work out and during the transition there maybe some arguments and hurt feelings. It would be good for all of you to be empathic with each other and look to work together. This is a good house for social activities, laughter and fun. This is not a strong wealth number so I recommend placing Feng Shui cures to bring in and accumulate money. I explain many wealth cures in my book, Feng Shui Form.

      • Li Mandy says:

        So can i say its still a good unit to stay in overall?
        but what you mean by ” some very indepenent people coming together in one family to have good relationships and care for each other.“ ? 

  208. quyen says:

    Hi Donna! Thank you for this blog, it is so interesting and very helpful. We are currently living in an apartment #513, wondering what your insight on this number is? We have 2 little girls and are hoping to purchase in the near future.
    Thank you so much!!

    • Hi Quyen, Thank you for the compliments. 513 is a strong number that brings creativity, flexibility and change. These are key traits to success in the world today. Overall this number brings the challenge of discerment. This means each person in the house will decide what is important and what is not. The things or ideas that are not important will be discarded. While this process takes some time it is very benefical and ultimately leads to wealth and happiness. Since you’re planning to leave this house to buy your own place the energy of this house can give you the focus and determination to save the money needed for your home investment. Let me know when you get ready to buy and we can talk about the house numbers and Feng Shui of the places you’re considering. You can email me directly at

      • quyen says:

        Thank you so much Donna! I will definitely seek your services when we are ready to purchase, hopefully in the next few years. Going to be purchasing your book to learn more about feng shui, so excited! thanks again!

  209. teh90 says:

    Hi Donna 🙂 I bought an apartment bearing number C-19-13. The house number is 13, located at 19th floor (highest floor). What would be your insight? Thank you very much Donna!

    • If #13 is on the door then this home will be about learning independence, how to take action and communication in cooperation with others. Best results from this number come from having a business in the home or a side business involving sales of a product. Ideal home businesses would be consulting or sales. If there’s no business connected with the home then the “4” energy could bring losses and hard work. Some of this energy can be offset by specific furnishings and Feng Shui cures.

      If the number on the door is #C-19-13 then you will have success in business and opportunities to make money. This number is not so good for relationships. Communication in relationships will have to be worked on or you can use Feng Shui cures to shift this energy. Let me know if you would like to set up a session to talk about the Feng Shui cures you need for this home.

  210. Kim Oliver says:

    Hi, Donna…You have answered my question concerning the number of my childhood home address, 5250. I finally moved into this house. The number house I was living in before this move was 1203 which comes up to a 6. I felt my life was much more peaceful, stable and harmonized with my soul. So I added the number 3 to the 5250 house number to create a 6 home. Will this change bring about the peacefulness and harmony that I felt in the previous 6 house? Thank you for your response..

  211. Eunice says:

    What does 21214 mean? And how about 24647? These are house numbers to the houses we’re deciding between to purchase?

    • Hi Eunice, 21214 has the energy of a family trying to unify and come together as one. But there’s an energy of some members being headstrong or wanting lots of independence. This causes some difficulty in the house if the family is already prone to arguing (Feng Shui cures can be added to help bring more peace and prosperity). If the family members are willing to work at communication and show love to each other even while disagreeing things will improve greatly in a year or so after moving in.

      24647 is a very mixed energy here of family togetherness and career focus. There is unfortunately some challenges in career unless the profession deals with communication, travel, politics, religion, education or foreign countries. Any of these professions would improve in this energy. The family would have a better experience in this house if there was a business done in the home. After a period of time there would be more creativity and parties in this house than in the first house.

      That said, to get the full benefit of this positive energy it helps greatly if the Feng Shui of the house is good. If you find this is not your experience in the house it can be due to the effects of surrounding neighbors, how the house is situated in the neighborhood or problem décor within the house. If you find things not going well you may want to consider having a session to look at the Feng Shui of the house. This is done by phone with pictures of your property. Let me know if you want details.

  212. Dee says:

    Dear Donna,

    Thank you for this blog. My husband and I are trying to purchase a house. We do not have or want children. He works at home 4 days out of 5, but is not self-employed; he is an employee. I am starting a professional practice and will work outside the home. His kua number is 4, my kua number is 7. We are considering a house numbered 271; the front door faces east. Is this a good option for us?

    • Hi Dee, 271 is a house number energy of two people with like-minded beliefs and ideals becoming focused on a single goal or very specific goals. You will find you do best in this home when you openly examine your beliefs and challenge what’s not working for you. Often time we are limited by our own thinking rather than something external. In this home, you have the ability to remove obstables to what you want through shifting how you see and interact with the world. The challenge of this house will be if you and your husband tend to argue. Disagreements could take you off course and delay positive opportunities. There are many good Feng Shui cures for quelling arguements. You can read about them in my book, Feng Shui Form.

      • Dee says:

        Thank you so much! I am curious: does the order of the numbers matter, if the numbers are all the same? For instance, we also considered a house numbered 172. Would the same interpretation apply?

        Thanks also for the book recommendation; I’m going to try to get it.

      • Hi Dee, There’s an overarching meaning to a number which is indicated by the base number (what a house number adds up to). In your case, the base number is ONE. The order wouldn’t change this. However, the number itself gives us an indication of how the base number energy will manifest. So for house number 172, we would see an individual with strong beliefs and convictions needing to work at creating partnerships with others either by finding like-minded people or by trying to persuade others to join with him or her. In a home like this it’s quite probable that one person has very strong convictions about the family’s goals and the others in the household go along with what the person has decided. Ultimately the results are the same because the base number is the same. In a ONE house (where there’s a SEVEN present in the number) success comes when you avoid arguments in the home and when the family takes action towards a single goal. I also do consultations by phone and video conference where we look at energy of your home through Feng Shui and I let you know how you can shift the energy to support your goals. Let me know if you want details.

  213. Pia says:

    Hi Donna,
    We are looking at homes and are trying to decide which one is more auspicious. Address numbers are 208, 8081, 18, and 2723. Can you please tell me which are auspicious? Thank you.

  214. Theresa says:

    My family just purchased a house at 2813 NE Sycamore Ct, can you give me a reading on this #? We have had a lot of luck with the #13, our last house was on 13th ave & we ❤️ 13! & my son is a 5 vibration (7/16/2007) & he is the 5th for his family name…would love to know anything you can tell us, Thank Yo

    • Hi Theresa, People who have a strong work ethic or are very disciplined can do quite well in houses with numbers that add up to FOUR. This new house will be a shift for you and your family. While you still get your beloved 13 the overarching energy will shift from FOUR to FIVE. 2813 indicates that a couple or a family with focused ambitions for success and wealth can unite their talents and energies and create new opportunities and roads to their chosen goals. The challenge in this house will be to carefully assess opportunities that come rather than trying to take all opportunities. Try new things but don’t scatter your energies. You can do Feng Shui cures to help you spot good opportunities. Cut glass crystals can be very useful for this purpose. Let me know if you want to get information about these.

  215. Prabina Bastola says:

    I am building new House whose number is 53. Can you please let me know whether this number is lucky or not.

    Thank you

    • Hi Prabina, No number is completely lucky or unlucky. What’s important is to find the energy of the number and then use that energy to your best advantage. This number adds up to an 8 which brings opportunities for money and success. The method of getting this success is through the 53, creating change and following a different path while collaborating with others. This number supports people who network or have a large group of friends. This number encourages risk taking and following your instincts. The issue with this number is when you want things to be stable and unchanging the energy is disruptive. So if you’re in a job that you hope to retire at in 40 years then this number would not be lucky. But if you want to build a business or network your way to a better job this is a good number to live in.

  216. Kat Paleckova says:

    Dear Donna, I am checking into a house/apt number 10555, # 4. How is it for love, partnership, friendship, career, prosperity and health? I am very confused with these longer numbers. Thank you, Kat

    • Hi Kat, With apartment numbers, we are only concerned with the number on the door, which in your case is probably #4. The building number would speak to the energy of the entire building. The number 4 can be difficult unless the energy is offset by having a business in the home, having much discipline in your daily activities or living a minimalist lifestyle. If you are doing any of these you will do fine in this home. If you find this home challenging consider having a consultation with me on it. I think you can prosper in this home.

  217. Sam says:

    We are thinking of moving from 56 to a house numbered 16. My birthday is 6.5.72, husband’s is 16.9.71 and our son is 1.4.14.

    • The number 56 is a positive number. It brings variety, change and fun for the family. In this home it’s important to have clear goals for the short term and long term future. There’s much you can accomplish in this home but if there’s no clear goals then the energy is wasted. Goals need to be agreed upon by the family (not separate goals for each person) and action needs to happen weekly or monthly towards each goal. For example, if the goal is to have a business then some action towards building or acquiring the business needs to happen on a regular basis to really activate the luck. If you want to know more check out my book, Feng Shui Form, on Amazon.

  218. Cindy says:

    Hi Donna,
    My address is 205 and the front door faces the west. What can you tell me about this. What are you thoughts? Would love to hear anything you can tell me.

  219. DevenR says:

    Hi Donna,
    This site is such an interesting read that I read most of the questions & answers, however, I did not find my home number which is 1618. We just bought another house, number 1444 which has a better layout than my current home. Should I move? Also, can you tell me about my sister’s home numbers 3403 & 4909? Thank you so much!

    • Thank you for the question. My life has become very busy with my books and lectures. Due to time limitations, I’m happy to look at one house or apartment number. Please let me know which one you are most interested in. If you want the other house numbers interpreted please consider having a consultation with me.

      • DevenR says:

        Hi Donna, please interpret 1618 which is my current home, thank you! I’ll mention the consultation with my sister and see if she will be interested.

  220. Suparna Chakravarty says:

    Awesome info ! Thanks for the insight. Can u pls tell me about House No 304. Awaiting your response.

    • Hi Suparna, 304 is about a home that promotes good communication, creative ability and lots of ideas but most of these ideas are either discarded or lost because everyone is caught up in day to day actvities. This number can cause people to have lives so full of busy work they never get around to doing the things they really enjoy. It’s important in this household to have clear goals (you might even want to post them in the kitchen) and everyday do something towards these goals. If you want to add children to the household this number, 304, is positive. If there are blocks it’s because the people in the house feel additional children will be too much work or cost too much money. This is a good house for writers, teachers, people who travel for work, politicians and those in legal professions. It’s beneficial to have books, computers and musical instruments in this house.

      • Teresa says:

        Hi Donna. My husband and I are nearing retirement and are looking seriously to purchase and move to one of 3 houses with the following numbers: 111, 3814 or 2790. Would you mind letting me know which might be best for a long, healthy life of travel, financial abundance, peace, friends and family and some satisfying work as well? Wow. Is there anything I have not asked for? : )
        Thank you so much. Teresa

      • Hi Teresa, It’s wonderful that you have choices. 111 would bring the travel and friends. 3814 brings peace and sense of satisfaction. 2790 brings long life and prosperity. To have your entire list you would need to add Feng Shui remedies to the home. Let me know if you want help with this.

  221. Nagaraju says:

    Hi Donna,
    Could you please advise on house number 115, 70. These are the two preferred choices for buying a plot in layout for future construction.

    Nagaraju : Male 26/ 01/1987
    Bangaru Laxmi : Female 24/02/1988
    Devansh : Male 18/09/2016

    • Hi, 115 is about very independent people coming together to create new paths and change. This home is good for teachers, writers, politicians, religious leaders and thought leaders. Feng Shui cures can be added to bring prosperity.
      70 is about having strong opinions and beliefs and having those beliefs tested. At some point the people in the house will need to let go of their opinions and form new opinions. This will happen again and again. This house is good for teachers, writers, reporters, travelers, policy makers in government and people who work in technology. Like the other house, this house would benefit from Feng Shui cures to boost prosperity.

      I do private sessions. Let me know if you need any additional help with your new home and I’ll send you details.
      To see Feng Shui cures for prosperity check out my book, Feng Shui Form.

  222. Naomi says:

    My house address is 114. What recommendation would you suggest?

    • Hi Naomi, 114 is about independent people coming together to work hard at something (a job, a project, a relationship) and through loss or letting go they can achieve family harmony and steady income. This house would be best for people who have a business in the home especially one that offers care to others (in some form). Try to avoid arguments in this home as the results could be a loss of the relationship. Let me know if you want to do a private session on your home. I’ll send you the details.

  223. Laura McGovern says:

    My kua number is 7 and I will be moving into a north facing house with the number 52. Could you let me know what this means? Thank you for your time and help.

    • Hi Laura, The number 52 is about choices (perhaps in job or ideas) leading a couple or family to embrace strong beliefs. These beliefs can be religious or political or just about personal integrity. There can be good parties in this house where people come together to share great ideas. I suggest money cures for this home as this number doesn’t attract as much money as you might like. Let me know if you would like a Feng Shui session about this home. I can send you the details.

  224. Pre says:

    Hi Donna we just to move to the house No 3272 = 5 (not even 1 month), we want to know if we can change something became 6 maybe? we feel that so many thing going on that need to be fix.
    Thank You.

    • Hi Pre, The only way to change a house number that does change the energy of the house is to go through the city or planning department and officially change it. Just redrawing the number on the building is not enough. 3272 is about many connected people (perhaps a family or maybe a wider circle of people) coming together to share ideas and help each other. This results in many in the group having new opportunities and choices for their lives. This can be a lively house with many parties. This can be a house where there are lots of children playing, good discussions between adults and lots of creativity.

  225. Don says:

    Hello Donna, we’re about to move in to a house numbered 44. My Kua is 8 and my wife’s kua is 6. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you.

    • Hi Don, 44 is a master number that does take a little finesse to get right. With any master number, you can get caught in the lower vibration, in this case, two 4s. This would bring lots of hard work and losses. However, 44 can be a number of discipline leading to great achievement and ultimately prosperity. The key is to use the hardness of 4 to bring structure and purpose to your lives. Let me know if you need help with the Feng Shui in this home. I do private sessions and can send you details.

  226. mia says:

    Hi Donna: We are currently looking to purchase a new condo, but its address is 10014. How do you interpret this address number?

    • Hi Mia, 10014 is about independent people coming together to work hard at something (a job, a project, a relationship) and through loss or letting go they can achieve family harmony and steady income. This number is similar to 114 however with the added zeros there can be the potential for great creativity or long periods when nothing seems to be happening. This house would be best for people who have a business in the home especially one that offers care to others (in some form). This house could also hold a lot of fertility energy. Try to avoid arguments in this home as the results could be a loss of the relationship. Let me know if you want to do a private session on your home. I’ll send you the details.

  227. MAGALY ZAFRA says:

    Hi my name is Maggie i am renting a house with the number 17221 and street 119
    If I add all the house number it gives me 13 and 3+1 =4 is that bad . My birthday is 10/17/73
    Please let me know what you think ??

    • Hi Maggie, We only consider the house number when looking at the energy of the home. The street #119 refers to all the houses on that street.

      17221 means that individuals with strong opinions must come together and unite into one common belief or goal. This will take hard work and possibly there will be loss (which could be one person giving up their dream to follow the other person’s dream). If the person lives alone this may be a reference to the family living elsewhere. The person may give up their dream to please their family.

      I recommend first knowing what’s important to you and what’s not so vital. Then look to compromise in areas you can. Also add Feng Shui cures to this home to bring in money as this is not a money number. Check out my YouTube channel for some information on prosperity cures.

  228. Maria says:

    I’m interested in a home to purchase 483. My goal us to retire in a couple of years. Thank you.

    • HI Maria, 483 means with hard work and some loss, one gains prosperity and friendships leading to feeling loved and cared for. This is a good number for moving towards retirement. The loss will be the end of your job and perhaps you’re decluttering to downsize. As we get older we lose people who are older than us. There will be hard work here too, which might be the upkeep of the house but a better way to use it would be to do charity work. You will have prosperity in the home as well as good creative energy (as long as you don’t spend all your money on crafts).

      If you would like more information please consider a private consultation with me. Let me know if I can send you the details. Donna

  229. Susan says:

    Hi Donna
    What does house number 109 mean? There is a nice house with street number 109 and I am not sure if it should be considered for buying to live.
    Looking forward to your reply.

    • HI Susan, 109 is about individuals with very strong opinions, finding they need to let go of those ideas and start over, building new beliefs and collecting what really matters. This results in the individual becoming stronger, more confident, more self-assured. This is a good house for people studying meditation, mindfulness, minimalism, and art of all kinds. This is also a place where there will be positive fertility energy. The caution here is when ending on a nine as you can collect a lot of material possessions and then have trouble or have to work hard to let them go. It can also be a place you have trouble leaving. If this is a temporary house you will have to do some Feng Shui cures when it’s time to move. Let me know if you want help choosing your new home or getting settled. I do private sessions, I can send you details. Donna

  230. Nicci says:

    Hi Donna, I have recently made the decision to leave an abusive relationship. As I currently have limited income and may not be in a position to work for at least three months I would appreciate some advice on whether the house number will be something I need to be concerned about. The address is 46 Bowling Road although the number of the premises is unmarked on the front gate. There are actually 3 small properties on the premises and I will be in the unit overlooking a pool and water fountain facing the front door (in the North), on a little hilltop – its very beautiful. As the unit does not have a number on the front door I would like to add number 28, would this be beneficial for me? My birth date is 31.7.1980 if this helps. I really appreciate your input. Thanks Nicci

    • Congratulations on leaving a bad relationship. You have a lot of strength. The number 46 is quite appropriate for you now. This number is about being independent and while there’s the loss (the past relationship) there’s also self-care and a desire to work to improve your life. Adding a random number to the front door doesn’t change the energy. It would be like you deciding to call yourself “moonbeam” but not telling anyone of your new name and not using it in public. House numbers only have energy when they are recognized as the “name” of the house. I think you will do well in this 46. Now focus on the interior Feng Shui and Feng Shui around the entrance to the home itself.

  231. Cas says:

    Hi Donna, I am moving from a house number 28 which has been a mixed blessing, in that home I have been for 10 years and have had overall good luck and good financial prosperity but also lost it all. I am divorcing and read in your blog that 28 can bring loss when there are lies and deceit in the relationship which certainly seems true in my case with my partner having cheated and stolen money from me. Now I have the choice of moving to a house number 34 or 161, as I have a holistic healthcare practice and do some of the work functions from home (the paperwork), I would like to know which home is better for financial prosperity and attracting good, stable, honest and harmonious relationships? Thank you very much for your generosity. Cas

    • I’m happy to hear of your new start. This is will commence a very beneficial time for you. Of these two numbers, 161 has more money potential. 34 would be more about expressing yourself in the world, and while gratifying may not produce the income you want. 161 is about independence and self-care and this leads to you manifesting manna from heaven. As a holistic healthcare practitioner, you are focused on people taking care of themselves. This is in harmony with the energy of the place. Now work on your wealth area of the home and also place wealth cures near the front door. I think you will do very well in this house.

  232. Quyen Kohler says:

    Hi Donna,

    We are possibly moving and looking to rent a condo with address number is 28. Do you have any insight on this number?

    Thank you so much!!

    • 28 is when two people (in a relationship or a business partnership) come together to bring a vision into life for the purposes of profit. This result is a unified focus and effective action for building a life together.

  233. Julianne Rose says:

    Hi Donna, my son and daughter-in-law have a house number 44. They are experiencing relationship difficulties, my son’s job is now on the line, their small daughters are struggling with everything. I desperately want to help my son who is now suffering terrible anxiety due to all the challenges he is confronted with. He is now wanting to sell the house due to financial struggles. Is there anything he can do to help the situation and get the house sold for a good price please. They need to move on and preferably together as a family. Appreciate you help and assistance with this please Donna. x

    • This is a tough number but can be very profitable if the negative energy can be shifted towards business success. This is a number of loss but there are many instances when loss can work in a person’s favor. If there is a business in the home with inventory then the loss energy is absorbed by the inventory being sold off. Likewise, if the person’s in a business where they see customers only once or are dealing with other people’s losses (such as insurance or mortuary services) then there can be prosperity with this number. This energy can also be mitigated by the decor in the house. Using dark colors, cold surfaces (like granite) and very angular furniture use up some of the 44 energy. That all said 2019 is a very good time to sell a house. So ideally they will sell and move on to better energy. Specifics on how to sell a house quickly would require a consultation. You can contact me for details at

  234. Michelle says:

    Hi Donna,

    We are looking for a home and the number is 121. Is this a good number? It adds up to 4 so we are a bit worried. Does the number effect having children or our careers?

    Thank you

    • 121 means that individuals are trying to come together to act as a unit but this takes hard work, compromise and some will not get what they want (loss). This can be a challenging number for some families but if you are already a good, tight unit and you are willing to work at family relations then you can grow a great deal in this home. Work ethic will be key. It would be good to limit distractions such as television or video games. Focus everyone on side businesses done in the home and working together for common goals.

  235. Michelle says:

    Hi Donna, thank you for responding. We didn’t end up getting the 121 home. Could you please help interpret the energy for house number 3210 and 1491 and the house may sit slightly at the T, is that okay? I was also wondering if you’re writing a book for year of the pig? Many thanks for your help.

    • Michelle says:

      Sorry, I realized I wasn’t explaining the numbers that I’ve asked about. We are currently living in 3210 and we have been finding difficulty since we lived here, one of them now is searching for homes, we keep on missing the good ones, even new home sites. 1491 that sits slightly at the T is a home we are looking at. Please help! I really appreciate it.

  236. Steven says:

    hi Donna, what do you think of the house number 1429?

    • Hi Steven, 1429 is an individual or several individuals with strong opinions and a strong work ethic bonding with others in an effort create health, wealth and happiness though results can be more theory rather than practice. The challenge in this house is you may have the intuitive flash to invest in something and your intuition proves correct but you forgot to actually buy the stock. Or you have an invention in mind and are disappointed years later when you find someone else actually starts selling it. You can do some Feng Shui changes to make this energy more practical but it also helps just to be mindful of it. Have the inspiration but then take action as soon as possible.

  237. Steven says:

    Hi donna, which would be better – 112 or 1429. Worried about the former adding to 4 and the latter having a 4

  238. afyafy says:

    Hi Donna,

    I’m considering to buy a new house ,appreciate if you could help.

    My birthdate is 11/02/1988 which adds up to 3
    Husband, 9/10/1987 which adds up to 7

    Our current apt no is A-02-03 which adds up to 6 and it is indeed a beautiful home filled with love and i want to retain the same vibes and harmony.

    Considering house number as below:

    51 (adds up to 6 which is my favorable number, but is it too near to high tension electric cable)

    33 (i am worried if it is too overpowering since it is a master number, i read as well no 33 is prone to burglary and fire)

    35 (a lil bit near to the high tension cable)

    27 (which adds up to 9, is it true in house no 9 you’ll have frequent fights with the inlaws?)



    Really appreciate your thoughts one the numbers. Thanks!!

    • I think you’re correct to avoid being too close to high tension wires. If we are only considering the number I would suggest #27 or #33 or #21. 27 is about a couple sharing common ideas and beliefs that over time bring happiness, abundance, and longevity. Yes, there can be some trouble with extended family members but that energy can be shifted through the use of Feng Shui cures. If you are ambitious then 33 is good as it will give you many creative ideas and opportunities to collaborate resulting in a home filled with love and prosperity. There are Feng Shui remedies to protect from burglary and fire. 21 is about a couple unifying their goals resulting in good communication, creativity and attracting helpful friends.

  239. Ruthann says:

    Hi Donna – My house number is 845 with a front door facing 170 deg. I am a kua 4. I’m curious about the energy of my house number. Thank you!

    • In this blog I only address house numbers. Door facings and kua numbers require a reading. Let me know if you’re interested in that.

      845: The energy of this place is about powerful goals and big ambitions requiring much work and effort leading to exciting, unexpected results. Over a long period of time, there will be success, abundance, and longevity in this home.

  240. Erica says:

    Hi Donna, I’m thinking of moving in #1505. Would the 5’s in this number be erractic or unpredictable? I’m attracted to the place because I can really see it being a nice place for family gathering, friends or social activity. But The place is going to be costly as well. I don’t want it to drain my expenses. I also have another choice to pick from which is #163. It’s very small and plain but I would save alot of money in the long run, that way I can focus on creating business. Or I can stay where I’m at #373 however it’s a 4 energy and I can never feel quit comfortable in 4 houses.

    • Hi Erica, You are reading all these numbers correctly so to determine which place is right for you your goals need to be clear and numbered. If having your family over is more important than having a business then the choice is clear. If having a business is a priority then the smaller place is correct. Either way, it sounds like a move is best at this time.

  241. Vivi says:

    I would like to open a new business and the number of the store (address number ) is 74…
    Please advise.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Vivi, Success with this number, 74, will depend on what type of business it is. A business that deals with publishing, design, architecture, spirituality, politics or health could do well in this location. Also, businesses that have an inventory with a high turnover or a perishable inventory can do well. Otherwise, this is a difficult number as it indicates the employees may be so headstrong they make more work for themselves and less profit.

  242. mia says:

    Hi, Donna: How do you interpret a house number 10107? Sincerely, Mia

  243. Luci says:

    Hi Donna, We are moving to a brand new house and the number is 109.
    Is this a good number?

    • Hi Luci, 109 is about an individual or a family with a single-minded goal focusing on potential and creation resulting in happiness, abundance, and longevity. That said, if the family in the home does not have a united goal then there can be losses or gains are erased. Over a long period of time, there would still be success but it would be a harder process. It would be good to have weekly family meetings and keep everyone on the same track.

      • Jen says:

        Hi Donna, how is the number 952 for a home? Thank you, Jen

      • Hi Jen, 952 is about collecting everything into a house (the people, things, information, etc.) and then trying to sort through it all to find what is useful and valuable. As you do you will find your tastes change and you become interested in other things. But over time the energy of the house becomes more balanced and harmonious. The people in the home grow more philosophical and spiritual. This is a good house for writers, teachers, and travelers. Be careful not to accumulate too much clutter as this will block opportunities. I would recommend a session if you’ve found it hard to bring in prosperity with this house as it’s not a money number. You can email me for details at

  244. Johnson Mvn says:

    Hi.Donna. I want to ask you a question. My upcoming 2 years house number is 13. I would like to know what the implications and is it a good number? I know westerners dislike the 13 number. However, one of the reasons my partner & I choose this unit because of:
    1. The north of this housing project has a cemetery behind 1km apart. [so we choose our main gate facing south > main road so is away from the cemetery hill.
    2. Due to limited units and design type, we take 13 as we want to have 4 rooms where others are only 3 rooms

    Additional details
    1. My Kua number is 2 [borned in 1989] and my partner is 5.[1990]
    2. House direction is facing south [main gate]

    Maybe can you shed me some advice on this? I am curious about this and is my very first house to start my family. TQ

    • The number 13 can be difficult for some people. In the West, some feel this number is unlucky. In Feng Shui, this number adds up to a 4 which is also considered unlucky. However, some can have good luck in this house due to the how they use the energy of the 13. 13 means that a family with a single goal attracts creative opportunities and resources resulting in work and stability – though there can be losses. Sometimes “losses” can be used in your favor. For example, if you have a business in your home that sells a product you are constantly letting go of products and this uses up the “loss” energy. In fact, any business done in this home will do well because of the energy of 13. You can also channel the 4 energy into more stability by decorating the home with sharp angles and clean lines. Or you can adopt a minimalist style and this helps with this energy. And you can place Feng Shui remedies to shift the energy in the direction you want such as success or peacefulness. Let me know if you need help with this. I do consultations by phone and video conference.

  245. Rooni says:

    Dear Donna,
    Me and my husband are thinking of moving into a new apartment number 1706 on the 17th floor, our current apartment which we are living in since past 4 years is number 603 on 6th floor.

    Pls do let us know what do you think about no. 1706 , my date of birth is 17.06.1981

    Also i have read number 5 can cause changes, separation, break ups, divorces etc.. i am a little apprehensive can you pls let me know what do you think?

    Can living in a number 5 house pose a threat to marriages due to the need and want for constant change as the number 5 vibration suggests
    Thank you

    • Hi Rooni, A 5 energy can bring changes but it won’t threaten a healthy, happy marriage. If you feel your marriage is not as solid as you would like you can shift the energy through Feng Shui cures. These cures would bring opportunities with your husband for positive communication where you have a chance to resolve issues. In general, 5 energy is quite positive. 5 brings change. It’s like sitting a crossroads where you can choose any direction you would like. 5 also brings adventure, parties and can bring balance in situations that are out of balance. And this particular number, 1706, says that if you and your husband are in agreement in most matters there will be happiness in this marriage. The zero in the number does indicate there can be setbacks before there’s success. Be prepared for some delays and have patience. Let me know if you want to talk further about your new place. And check out my YouTube channel for video tips.

  246. Sal says:

    Hi Donna.
    Please could you advise on house number 59. My Dob is 15.04.85. Hubby is 21.09.83.

    Thank you so much !

    • 59 can be a good number. This number is about balancing energies and making choices. Living in this house you’ll have opportunities and from that, decisions will need to be made. This can be new job or choices related to the family. This is also a creative and social number. It’s good to have people over, have parties, and to do creative things. Over time, as you make better and better choices, your prosperity and health will improve. This is a good choice for people who own a business or who do something creative for a living. Let me know how things go for you in this new home.

  247. Natasha says:

    Hi Donna,
    I’ve bought a flat on 8th floor, number is 31, where I’m going to live alone. My date of birth is 31.03.1990.
    Could you please advise?
    Thank you very much!

    • Hi Natasha, 31 is about bringing together different skills and ideas to have one unified goal. This can be a place where you have friends over and have wonderful discussions. The challenge with this number is it adds up to a 4. So hard work is necessary to achieve your goals. To avoid losses, willingly let go of stuff, keep the house as clutter-free as possible. Also, it’s beneficial to have a business at home, even a side business. This will use up some of the 4 energy and bring you prosperity sooner.

  248. mishav01Mel says:

    Hi! I have found a home with number 640. Is it considered a bad karmic number? Should I avoid moving there? Also, this house is in a cul de sac.

    Best Wishes!

    • Hi, 640 can be a good money number though it says that work may be more important to people who live in the house than family. It would be good to have a business in the home and to work on it together as a family. In fact, as this number adds up to 1, it would be good to be unified as a family for all your goals. It’s also important to willingly let go of things in your life or else this number can create some losses. Letting go of excess clutter and things you don’t need will help with this energy. Focus on making money together as a family and you’ll be find in this home.

  249. Bernie says:

    Hi Donna.
    Please could you advise on house number 6338. My Dob is 8.29.83. it in lot 67.thank you

    • HI Bernie, 6338 is about nurturing ideas and creative opportunities that potentially can bring success and money. This house will be good for writers, publishers, creatives, designers, and anyone who wants to build a business. This house will also help a couple have a stronger bond together if they share in creative interests. This is a good number for a home.

  250. Kayla Lam says:

    our house number is 4422 . After reading I feel like I should move ? What can I do to remedy anything ?

    We have lost lots of money n hard work with relationships

    • Hi Kayla, Yes, this is a tough number. To shift this energy (if you want to stay in this home) have decor be modern with sharp angles and very clean surfaces. Have no clutter. Willingly let go of many things you no longer need. The more you let go of, the less the Universe will take. Choose colors that are dark like grey and charcoal. Have a business in the home, where parts of the home like the living room or kitchen have signs of the business. Add Feng Shui remedies to bring money such as coins and strings of coins. Let me know if you want to do a session about your home. Sessions start at $135.

  251. Orla Haberlin says:

    Hi Donna,
    I’m excited to have just found your website, you have a wonderful blog😊. We have been looking at a choice of two houses, the first number 67, a beautiful, airy and open rural space. The second is a number 191, not as beautiful as number 67 but a more convenient location. If you get a minute to comment, which house would be the wisest longterm for a family of four chidren/teenagers? With gratitude, Orla

    • Hi Orla, 67 is about a family with strong spiritual values working hard to help each other. In this house, there may be losses. At first, this will probably be children moving out. Later you would need to find what you want to let go of so the Universe doesn’t decide for you. 191 is about a family who has a very strong unified goal and strong relationships with each other. In this house, you may at first collect a lot of stuff. But over time you will release what you don’t need (not just stuff but also attitudes and connections outside the family). You may stay in this house for a long time so it would be good if you like it

  252. Sigrid Ranze says:

    Hi Donna
    Please help…i have lived in my number 14 house for years and over time have become surrounded and isolated by clutter …(also some struggle with wine)…i have no relationship or children..suddenly I have had to move back to my childhood home to care for 92yr Mother which is a number 5…I am having to swing between these 2 houses and feel totally adrift with everything… I’m curious that I have attracted number ‘5’ homes most of my life and when the opportunity comes to someday sell and move, would like to know the best possible number to consider to break this cycle and help me function much better.. my birthdate is 2 Dec 1963.. I am a practising artist (which seems to be stuck for some time too in part due to circumstance)…any suggestions would be much appreciated
    Thanks Sigrid

    • HI Sigrid, 5 and the energy of 5 is about choices. It’s like being at a crossroads, not knowing where the roads lead. The interesting part about being at a crossroads is you can set out on any of the paths and if you find you don’t like it you can turn and go back to the crossroads to choose again. The problem is many just stay at the crossroads waiting for a sign to tell them which road to take, and they wait and wait. For you, good numbers would be 6 (where you would feel at home and love would come), 3 (where you would have a lot of creative inspiration from friends) or 9 (where you would stay a long time and learn what’s valuable in your life and what needs to be released). Let me know if you would like a session some time to talk about your future. Astrology sessions start at $135 and I would love to tell you more about your chart.

  253. Sigrid says:

    Hi Donna I wrote you an email a couple of days age (June 15 or 16) and it seems to have disappeared is it still being processed? …