When an Eclipse Falls on Your Birthday (or really close to it).

About every six months we get the astrological big event – eclipses. Eclipses signal a time of change. What that change will be is based on where the eclipse falls in your chart. It can be anywhere from a small shift (like having an amazing realization) to complete upheaval in your life (loss of job, loss of relationship, loss of home, etc.). By far the biggest change comes when the eclipse hits your Sun.

How would you know if this eclipse (or any eclipse) is hitting your sun? It’s easy. If your birthday is five days before the eclipse or less or if your birthday is five days after the eclipse or less then you’ve been hit.

For example if the eclipse is on January 10 and you and all your friends birthdays fall between January 5 and January 15 you’re all getting hit. January 4 and January 16 birthdays – you’ve just been grazed.

Here’s a link to the dates of eclipses, scroll down to see the next set of eclipses: https://cafeastrology.com/eclipsessolarlunar.html

So you’re getting hit. Now what?

Within the next few months (or less) your life will dramatically change. The possibilities are:

  • a shift in a love relationship
  • a change in your finances
  • the loss of a vehicle
  • changing residences
  • having someone move in or move out
  • a change in relationship with an adult child
  • a change in your health
  • a divorce
  • starting a new relationship
  • credit card fraud
  • lawsuit
  • failing an important test
  • loss of job
  • fight with a close friend
  • resuming a bad habit or addiction

But eclipses, while bringing this dramatic change, also bring a gift. Most people look back a few months later and find they are much better off for having gone through the change.

You find:

  • your relationship is now stronger or you are now free to find a better relationship
  • you find new sources of income and support
  • you get a new vehicle or find they don’t need a vehicle at all
  • you move to a better place
  • the home is better for all when the person moved in or out
  • your relationship with your adult child is stronger
  • you start to really take care of your health
  • you complete the divorce and are now ready for a real love relationship
  • you now guard and protect your credit
  • you find you can fight a lawsuit
  • you learn how to study for tests
  • you find a better job
  • you either get a stronger relationship with your friend or you find a new friend
  • after the relapse back into addiction you emerge more determined and stronger

Yes, it’s a growth period. The benefits are all on the back end. As you’re going through it try to remember the eclipse will make you better. It’s a storm you’ll get through and once through you’ll know you are a better sailor.

For you more advanced students of Astrology: You can expect change if the eclipse squares or opposes your Sun (with a 5 degree orb). So based on the example of a January 10 eclipse in Capricorn, it would also affect Aries (April 5 to April 15), Cancer (July 5 to July 15) and Libra (October 5 to October 15).

If you want to know more about your chart, let me know. Private sessions are available.

About Donna Stellhorn

Donna Stellhorn helps people read the map of their future, gain deep insight into who they are and helps them create personal spaces that support their goals.
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